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  1. ford fanatic

    Vegas Trip

    Been to Vegas 20+ times, be there in three weeks actually. Always Uber/cab everywhere.
  2. ford fanatic

    Any HVAC guys or multiple story home owners in here?

    Dual zone. I've had the same issue as you since I built my house in 2006, a dual zone is in my future when my AC/heat pump shits the bed.
  3. ford fanatic

    Dominican Republic, Who's been?

    It is a great vacation, we've been 3 times. Will definitely go back but trying to check some other places off the bucket list first.
  4. ford fanatic


    It's definitely nice, but I would never give up my 40 acres to have neighbors again....
  5. ford fanatic

    Dominican Republic, Who's been?

    We traveled to DR February 2010, one month after the last big earthquake in Haiti. As far as the Dominican goes, if you didn't hear about it before you went, you'd never even know there was one.
  6. ford fanatic

    Dominican Republic, Who's been?

    Been traveling abroad with a passport for years and have never heard of this, I guess just lucky it never effected us at the airport lol. I'm glad we know better now. We looked into expediting and there is nothing guaranteed to get it any earlier than 6 weeks, we travel in 7. Trip is now...
  7. ford fanatic

    Dominican Republic, Who's been?

    Been to DR a couple times and would return. Check your passport status though, we have a trip booked for Jamaica on Oct 9th. Found out yesterday that they will not allow anyone in that has a passport that expires within 6 months. Of course my daughters expires in January and can't be "renewed"...
  8. ford fanatic

    Tips? Anyone Log/Harvest Timber on Their Property?

    I'm on 40 acres and under the Forest Preservation and Management Program. My three year walkthrough by my forestry guy was last winter. He said at my next check in a little over 2 years he recommended I harvest if interested. My only piece of advice from the research i've done is to not lock in...
  9. ford fanatic

    RIP Dusty from ZZ Top

    ZZ Top Bassist Dusty Hill Dead at 72
  10. ford fanatic

    Getting Lost, West Virginia Peeps

    We have too many PA drivers tainting our streets anyway, good choice crossing at Berkley, you'll get through quick.
  11. ford fanatic

    New to SVTP

    Nice, what number? I have 86-0177.
  12. ford fanatic

    Original-Owner 13k-Mile 1988 Ford Mustang GT on BAT

    Crazy. At this point I could almost double my money on 86-0177, in less than 2 years.
  13. ford fanatic

    My new 2021 F-150 quality issues...

    My 06' F150 with 156K miles has body lines that still line up way better than that lol. Sad...
  14. ford fanatic

    Original-Owner 13k-Mile 1988 Ford Mustang GT on BAT

    I heard it was legit, but who knows.
  15. ford fanatic

    Zero Turn Mowers

    Since we're posting 2010 Bobcat Procat 52" 19HP Kawasaki. Bought it new and have only had one coil failure in 11 years.
  16. ford fanatic

    Zero Turn Mowers

    I have a 52" Bobcat ProCat. Can't go wrong with any of the mowers you listed, be sure it a commercial grade mower powered by Kawasaki and you'll be fine.
  17. ford fanatic

    Who remembers FFW

    That would probably be the equivalent of these for us guys in the Mid Atlantic region. I had these from many years of showing at the nationals and used to chuck them in the trash after getting a new one the next year. Guys are now paying big bucks now for them...
  18. ford fanatic

    Our Beagle chewed through our fiber optic line outside today!

    I've spliced fiber before, it's easy but the machine is expensive lol, hopefully they can just replace the whole line. Good luck.
  19. ford fanatic

    Post one newer pic of your ride (EVERYONE!!)

    I’ve had my lift for a couple months, finally got a couple buddies over to help get it together...
  20. ford fanatic

    Need help….car doesn’t run like it did prior to washing

    I learned my lesson back in 89' when I pressure washed the engine bay of my 86' 5.0 coupe. It dried up in a day and the miss I created went away. 2 months sounds excessive for water to dry up, but anything is possible. I wish I could point you in a direction...Good luck.
  21. ford fanatic

    Random Shit Thread

    I must be the only one that was scheduled to work tonight....
  22. ford fanatic

    Pretty cool mew Arron Lewis Song. "Am i the the only one"

    It's alright. I do have a few of his country songs on my playlist.
  23. ford fanatic

    What did you do to your foxbody mustang today?

    Looks awesome Brady, lifts are definitely a game changer. I can put my car all the way up as is, but I still need to do high lift tracks and a wall mounted opener. Baby steps though lol.
  24. ford fanatic

    What did you do to your foxbody mustang today?

    Finally got my lift put up, now to get something to park under it.