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  1. Black Talon

    6.0 Quake shakes east coast

    I just saw on Fox news, they felt it in Washington DC. They evacuated the capital and pentagon. I can't find a news link yet.
  2. Black Talon

    Dave Mustain = Prophet

    I think Dave Mustain is a Prophet. I haven't listened to this song in a while and found my old Countdown CD and popped it in. Released in October 1992. I can't get it to embed. Megadeth FTW.
  3. Black Talon

    Anarchy In The U.K

    Sign of things to come here? The battle of Trafalgar Square: Police struggle to control rioters after 500,000-strong London march against cuts ends in violence | Mail Online
  4. Black Talon

    US Military action against Libya

    Allied Powers Declare Military Action Against Libya -
  5. Black Talon

    Too many whites and men in military

    Here is the link. Report says too many whites, men leading military - My opinion, The first barrier that keeps Minorities and women from gaining higher rank is the liberal thing. 95% of them that gain an education are not and never will be military minded. Its...
  6. Black Talon

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    Looks like a ass clown.
  7. Black Talon

    Knife Porn Thread (pics)

    Since the GPT is so popular I thought I would try a KPT. I will start things off.
  8. Black Talon

    What is Your Best Defense Survival?

    How many of you guys have a Bug Out Bag prepped and ready? What is in it? Everyone should have a survival plan in place. Stock food and water in your home. Just build up supplies over time. I have a personal bag ready as well as one for my family and animals. Personal Bag: Woodland...
  9. Black Talon

    Got a new truck

    Picked up this 03 F-150 couple days ago. Got a great deal on it, super clean inside and out. It is nice to have something newer again. Driving the Turbo Coupe was getting old. I like this truck, you don't see many regular cab flare side FX4's.
  10. Black Talon

    What's in your pockets SVTP?

    Lets see what kind of gear and gadgets the SVTP faithful carry from day to day. Here is mine as of yesterday. You do not have to post pics, that is why I posted this in roadside.
  11. Black Talon

    SilverSnake is Gone :(

    Sold her tonight, new owner picking it up Thursday morning. I got what I wanted for $, that is nice. SS will be missed.
  12. Black Talon

    2003 Cobra --- SilverSnake ----

    I am selling my baby, need to get a truck. She has been a great car and I would like to see it go to a SVTP member. 35k on the odometer. $23K Custom Lowered AFS 18" Cobra BFG KDW 2's with 335's out back on 10.5" 2.93 Upper pulley Metco #4 Lower Billetflow pulleys Diablosport...
  13. Black Talon

    Takin a Ride on Heavy Metal

    I love this Heavy Metal Movie clip with Don Felder. Great animation. YouTube- Don Felder Heavy Metal Takin' A Ride I am into Don Felder right now. The guy was a Genius, him with Joe Walsh was golden. The Eagles just played Busch stadium but without Don it isn't the Eagles. I would...
  14. Black Talon

    Happy Independence Day

    Have a safe and fun time my fellow Terminator owners. Keep it on all fours. J.W.
  15. Black Talon

    T-Bird needs a little TLC

    I would give it a tune up. YouTube- Upgrade Cranking a 1986 Ford Thunderbird Pedal Pumping & Engine Fire
  16. Black Talon

    SilverSnake And ThunderCoupe (Pics)

    I was messing around earlier and snapped a few pics.
  17. Black Talon

    R.I.P. Dennis Hopper

    He was one of the Greats. RIP. Dennis Hopper, creator of hit 'Easy Rider,' dies - MSN Movies News
  18. Black Talon

    Slammed The TurboCoupe (Pics)

    I slammed the T-Coupe. Before _____________________________________________________________ After.
  19. Black Talon

    Out Of The Ordinary

    I want to see some pics of Ford cars that you guys own currently that are out of the ordinary. Cars you don't see very often anymore. Capri's, Mustang 2's, early Fox body's, Turbo Cougars, and Thunderbirds.- SVO- Mustang Here is my 88 TurboCoupe
  20. Black Talon

    -New Vid- (SilverSnake)

    Does this sound stock to you? P.S. I know I need the pprv delete. :bash: YouTube- SilverSnake- The Revenge
  21. Black Talon

    SilverSnake Vid (Super 44 Content)

    I shot this video earlier on a highway out in the country. I have some sort of feedback in the audio. Not sure why, strange. Anyway. Skip to 30 seconds in. YouTube- SilverSnake Off The Chain........... YouTube- SilverSnake- The Revenge