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  1. RI-SVT

    experience on in ground pools

    Guys where looking into a new home we have found a few we like, We live in the Northeast and I'm just not sure of the required maintenance and issues the winter can have on them whether made of concrete or vinyl liner, looking for inputs on people who have them or have work on them, that can...
  2. RI-SVT

    Truck driver

    I have been driving for 10 years now, I have a really good job now, but man I put in my time, First gig out of school was delivering beer that was back breaking, takes time to get a good job, good company and good equipment, I have 18 speed Peterbilt she's a beast LOL love this part, I'm home...
  3. RI-SVT

    What’s your monthly car payment?

    '03 Cobra (Paid off) ''17 Accord Sport (Paid off) '18 Highlander Wife's car ($450 mo)
  4. RI-SVT

    Buying at Co-Part

    Has anyone bought cars here without a dealers license? is there a way around it? I lost my contact who I used to buy cars thru him, some have told it varies by State whether or not you have to be a dealer to bid on a vehicle in a certain State? thanks for helpful information
  5. RI-SVT

    Floor Jack Question

    I have a low profile floor jack, driveway was done a couple of years ago, I just put a piece of plywood underneath the jack and I wont do it when is really beaming HOT
  6. RI-SVT

    2003 Redfire Cobra - 700whp - 69k - TN - $20K

    nice car, I love Redfire, who tuned it? out in TN
  7. RI-SVT

    WTB: Aeroforce wideband/ A pillar pod

    as the title states, looking for these in good condition, I even may settle for a steering column pod
  8. RI-SVT

    Idenfied Manifold bolts

    thanks so much perfect
  9. RI-SVT

    Idenfied Manifold bolts

    hi guys can anyone help me find the exhaust manifold part number, I need to drop the headers and replace the gaskets, but I want to put on all new bolts and nuts, cant seem to locate them on Tasca Parts, will be much appreciated.
  10. RI-SVT

    WTB: Cobra Trunk lid with spoiler

    MUST be OEM Prefer Mineral Grey, but will buy any color, located in MA 02771
  11. RI-SVT

    Looking for 03-04 cobra Sonic blue spoiler

    I'm looking for a OEM any color if anyone knows, that DAR seems like a good option
  12. RI-SVT

    CCW Black Friday Sale is on :)

    Last years black Friday sale was $400 off, now that was a SALE
  13. RI-SVT

    Anyone know this redfire?

    this car is beat, and not just appearance wise.
  14. RI-SVT

    WTB: Heat exchanger with brackets

    the brackets are very expensive.
  15. RI-SVT

    Ferrari 458 vs Turbo 03 Cobra

    I seen your dad drive the vert around, you guys still own it?
  16. RI-SVT

    10th Annual SVT Colt State Park meet ??

    We are meeting in Middleboro near the rt44 rotary, on the way down Rt24 south
  17. RI-SVT

    FS: H11 6k LED’s

    attachment error
  18. RI-SVT

    Who here doesn't have a truck?

    I have never owned one, I drive a Peterbilt 11hrs a day, last thing I want is to daily a pickup.
  19. RI-SVT

    10th Annual SVT Colt State Park meet ??

    LMK where you coming from with that group, maybe we can meet up for a small cruise, I have a guy from NB, Acushnet as well
  20. RI-SVT

    10th Annual SVT Colt State Park meet ??

    Hey man hope to see guys show up, no cruise set up this year, but we will be there
  21. RI-SVT

    10th Annual SVT Colt State Park meet ??

    This is the first year Dave is trying to organize it, so no cruise because kinda short on time for that.
  22. RI-SVT

    10th Annual SVT Colt State Park meet ??

    Its still a go Nick...
  23. RI-SVT

    buying the it home for us

    something that's on my mind, lets say someone can put 150k down, for example on a year after the purchase the house market takes a dump, wouldn't the buyer have been better off putting down 80k instead, and keeping the other 70k cash money?