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    Any good car transporting company's?

    Lmao! Yeah I already made that mistake unfortunatley hahaha! I've blocked so many callers now. Yeah it's a bit tricky trying to find a company that will pick up on short notice. I wasn't sure if anyone knew of a company that would.
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    Any good car transporting company's?

    Hey guys, I'm looking at getting a car shipped from Indiana to Massachusetts. I'd really like it for them to be able to do it this Friday... I know it's a short notice. But does anyone have any recommendations? Seems like most I contact are brokers. Or just really bad reviews lol. Thanks!
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    WTB Factory H or just stock Cats

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    FS - Kooks 1-7/8 Longtubes and 3" Off road X pipe

    Hey guys, returning my car back to stock. Selling used Kooks 1-7/8 headers with an off road x pipe. This setup sounded killer with Kooks mufflers. I used stock gaskets, and I'll be including most of the Kooks bolts. I think 2 or 3 are missing. But I used some of the stock studs. It made it...
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    FS - BMR Tubular K Member

    Selling a used BMR tubular K member in hammertone black. Was used for maybe 3k miles, it's in good condition. A little dirty is all. Sorry, not the best pictures. But all hardware is included. This comes with poly motor mounts. Since it's a big object, I'd like to get $400 shipped. Text if...
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    FS - Shaftmasters Aluminum 1 piece Driveshaft

    Selling a used Shaftmasters aluminum driveshaft. Returning my car back to stock. No issues at all, would like $500 shipped or best offer, shoot me a text for any questions, 617 827 1384 Thanks!
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    FS - SCT x4 unmarried

    Selling an unmarried SCT x4. Comes with the power supply cable and cable to hook up to a laptop. Unmarried with 4 unlocks left. I don't even know what these go for. So I'll ask $325 shipped or best offer. Shoot me a text if interested, 617 827 1384 Thanks! Shaun
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    FS - Welds RTS for 05-14 GT/Boss

    Would sell these locally for $1500 or best reasonable offer. Here's the link to my post on here
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    FS - Welds RTS 15x10 and 17x7 with tires

    Hey guys, have for sale a full set of Welds RTS in black. These were used for less than 3 months and have under 2500 miles on them. (2) 15x10 wheels (2) 17x7 wheels 12 McGuard Lugnuts (2 are missing the black Allen caps that screw on at the end of the lug, but there's still 10 lugs...
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    Roush TVS 2.3 kit + Extras!

    Hey guys, selling a very near complete Roush TVS 2.3 kit. The only thing you'll need is spark plugs. I can even include an SCT x4 (for an extra $250) if you need one. Here's the kit details Roush TVS 2.3 supercharger kit ID1000 injectors 82mm and 85mm pulleys Roush open box intake Roush...
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    FS - TVS Complete kit for 11-14 mustang

    Okay guys, unfortunately life changes and I need to free up the money. Would like to try to sell this locally before I really push it. TVS kit, kit comes with an 82 and 85mm pulley. ID1000 injectors, roush open box and closed box intakes, JLT pass. side catch can, roush boost/vacuum gauge and...
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    Any before/after going from 60mm to VMP 67 TB?

    Does anyone have a before and after dyno sheet or track results going from the twin 60mm to VMP 67mm throttle body? Preferably on a TVS gen 1? I made 621/557 with my 60mm on an 82mm pulley. Car also went 130.15 in the 1/4. Trying to decide if it's worth it. I also want to get some weight out...
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    TVS, AED, M6 Track results

    Went up to NED today to make some passes. Shaun at AED did an excellent job dialing the car in and emailing me back really quick. Big thanks to Shaun! Anyways, car is a 2014 M6, has a TVS gen 1 with an 82mm pulley, roush open CAI, Kooks 1-7/8 headers, off road X, Shaftmasters DS, tuned on 93...
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    TVS Coyote vs Cammed/Blown C6Z

    Got a chance to get a few races in with a buddy. My car is a 14 GT M6, TVS on an 82mm pulley, 93 with a can of torco (not tuned for torco just for safety) AED tune, Kooks full exhaust, and welds 17x7 and 15x10 His C6Z is edlebrock supercharged makes around 7psi, cam (not sure on specs) and...
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    Meth injection on TVS

    Got my TVS finished up. Getting some knock on 93 unfortunately, I don't have any e85 around me. I was thinking of meth injection. I had real good luck with it on a previous car. I know AED isn't a huge fan of meth injection, but I want to do it strictly for safety. I don't want to add more...
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    What plugs are you running?

    Finished up datalogging with Shaun. I have a tvs with an 82mm pulley on 93. Gas I use is usually pretty good (or so I thought lol) but was getting some knock. Curious what plugs and gap are you guys running? Right now I have Brisk RR12s gapped at 0.030. I was thinking of trying TR6 or 7s, not...
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    Why does SCT suck so bad

    I always have issues with this. It's beyond frustrating. Pay good money for this little pos handheld that you use once for 10 minutes then it's sits in the closet for months. I was able to transfer a tune onto my x4. Now I'm trying to datalog to send to AED, but live link says could not...
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    Roush tvs intercooler pump mounting?

    Hey guys, I feel retarded right now. Finishing up my blower install, for the instructions it says the intercooler pump goes between the intercooler and bumper support. I don't have anything to bolt it down to? Then I had saw a picture for the VMP kits, it's under the driver side headlight. So...
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    I done goofed

    Today I decided to start installing my tvs kit. Put the car on the lift, got the bumper off, intake etc etc... Made real good progress and time. Was hoping to be able to finish it by tomorrow night. Got the the grinding of the timing cover part. Trimmed the 2 bosses no problem. Then when I...
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    WTB Shaftmasters aluminum DS

    Looking to buy a Shaftmasters aluminum driveshaft. Not really interested in a DSS unit. Possibly dynotech, but I don't want a 4" one. If you have one, text me I'm PayPal ready! 617 827 1384
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    Need a new starter..

    Doing headers on my car, I took the starter off, laid it on my chest and it decided to roll back, hit my face then hit the ground lol. It broke the ground strap. The starter i have has a "cone" over the teeth. So I went to autozone, they bring out 2 different ones. They both are much bigger...
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    Dealers around New England at msrp?

    Was curious if anyone knew of any dealers willing to sell at sticker around or outside of New England? I'm not too concerned if the dealer is outside of NE. Just like to be able to order one for sticker and built to my liking. If anyone does, please send me a pm! Thanks a lot! Shaun
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    DIB guys, pics of wheels setup!

    I thought I saw a thread like this, but couldn't find it. So if this a double post, my apologies! Can you guys with DIB mustangs post up your wheel pics? Kind of torn on which way I want to go. I was originally planning on 15/17 welds rts (black) setup. But kind of thinking I want a full...
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    Kooks Header bolts

    I picked up a set of Kooks 1-7/8 headers. Guy didn't have the supplied head bolts. I know the 2011s used a larger diameter bolt than the 12-14s. Does anyone happen to have the part number for those bolts? I emailed kooks, a guy there sent me the part number for locking bolts but says for 11-14...
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    People with Kooks axleback

    I bought a set of used Kooks axlebacks. My old car had them too, and on the exhaust tip and muffler it was written kooks. These I got have a Kooks stamp welded on the tips and mufflers. Does anyone have those? Just want to make sure they're not a knock off set? Thanks!