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    One-Piece Carpet (for stock seat configuration only)

    One-piece carpet for non center console trucks. $150 shipped Carpet is heavy so will be expensive to ship. Offers welcome.
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    PowerSlot Cyro Front/Back Rotors and Hawk HPS Pads (NEW)

    These are stock size premium replacement rotors. I have a new set of Hawk HPS pads that are recommended to run with these rotors. Front rotors have 12mm studs installed. POWERSLOT - Faster Stops Made Easier - Front Left/Right cost $235 ea/$470 - Rear Left/Right cost $154 ea/$308 - Hawk HPS...
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    Custom OEM Center Console Lid

    $200 shipped OEM stock center console lid wrapped in matching vinyl seat weave material. This material is gone and hard to find. I paid an expensive price to get a piece large enough to wrap my lid. I am only selling this because I recently installed a Expedition center console. Will sell...
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    BA Billet Engine Shroud Plate

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    Expy Vinyl Wrapped Parts

    $250 The vinyl these parts is wrapped in matches the vinyl on the back of our seats exactly. Looks very nice installed! The lid is minus the mounting hinge and the back section has one tab broken, the reason for the broken tab is because of the tight fit. The part needs to be forced into place...
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    Billet, OBDII Gauges...

    Black/Green Dual Interceptors $375 shipped Barely used, I mainly got them to mock-up my Instrument Pods. Gauges are V2.5. A/C Control panel with 3 Knobs $70 ($79 new) SOLD Lightning Bolt Fan Shroud $90 shipped ($99 new) $50 (shipped) - NEW Stage 8 Header Bolts (#8906 4.6L/5.4L...
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    G-Tech Pro and Stage 8 Header Bolts

    $50 (shipped) - NEW Stage 8 Header Bolts (#8906 4.6L/5.4L Ford) - 4.6 & 5.4 Liter Modular 8906 $64.80 (16) 8mm-1.25x25mm bolts 6pt DHH $110 (shipped) - G-Tech Pro Performance Meter w/2 spare mounting A frames. This is $299 new. I just ordered 2 extra A...
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    Trade Boyd Smoothie's for Weld Prostar XP's

    $1,700 for wheels outright (includes 1 set of center caps) (2nd set of center caps is $140, 12mm lugs are $130) I just recently completed redoing these wheels. I have around 50hrs in sanding and polishing them back to perfection. Trade includes 4 Boyd Smoothie's and either set of center caps...
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    New Condition G-Tech Pro Gauge

    $140 plus shipping. I just ordered 2 extra A frames for this gauge. Each cost me $9 + $11 for shipping. ($31 total) The A-Frame is the part that looks like a A. Gauge will include 3 A Frames, one will have a crack but still can be used/fixed easily. This gauge is the $299 versions.
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    Truk Track Slapper Bars

    $150 plus shipping Truk Track bars are much thicker than Lakewood bars. (Lakwood bars below)
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    Header Bolts/Reichard Blower Spacer

    NEW Stage 8 Header Bolts $50 (shipped) - NEW Stage 8 Header Bolts (#8906 4.6L/5.4L Ford) - 4.6 & 5.4 Liter Modular 8906 $64.80 (16) 8mm-1.25x25mm bolts 6pt DHH SOLD - Reichard Racing Blower Spacer (fits 2001-2004)
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    WTB Broken/Cheap Lower Manifold

    Need one for mock-up only, year don't matter. Thanks
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    PLX DM200 OLED OBDII Gauge (60mm)

    PLX DM200 OLED OBDII Gauge (60mm) and Pod Selling for $450 with custom pod. Pod is fully prepped and just needs to be installed. Purchase will require a core exchange for the steering column cover. $399 from PLX PLX Devices Inc. - Multi Gauges, Single Gauges, Sensor Modules, Wideband Air...
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    Western Chassis 3"-5" Complete Rear Drop

    WILL SHIP Complete Adjustable 3"-5" Rear Western Chassis Drop - This is everything needed to drop the rear of your truck 3"-5". - Kit is adjustable, 2/3 on the hangers and 1/2 on the shackles. PARTS INCLUDED - Western Chassis 2"/3" Drop Hangers - Western Chassis C-Notch - 6 Degree Shims - New...
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    Rf-2l1e-8090-620c ????

    Anyone know what this number is? There on a set of PI heads, both heads have the same number. There 8 thread heads but not what I thought the correct numbers would be which are 2L3Z-6049-DA/BA.
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    Custom AutoMeter Steering Pod

    Black Smooth/Professionally painted Autometer Column Pod ($80 + shipping) (would prefer selling this to someone with a Innovate D-16 gauge. I had to modify the black bezel to get mine to site flush with this pod. Would like to switch bezels with the buyer)
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    Western Chassis Rear Drop Uses (FL ONLY)

    Will bring kit to Old Town if it's still around then. - Complete 4" Rear Western Chassis Drop (hangers 3/4, shackles 1/2, c-notch, shocks, shims) PARTS NEW PRICE/SELL PRICE - Western Chassis 2"/3" Drop Hangers $100/$60 - Western Chassis C-Notch $100/$60 - 6 Degree Shims...
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    Finally got the 4-link installed

    Got a real good alignment shop to spend a full day getting it aligned correctly. Truck's ride is 1000x better than the 3/4 drop I had. It's like a Cadillac now but minus the rolling bouncey crap. Very Happy. Had to remove roughly 2" of the Bell-Tech C-Notch on the left side to make room for the...
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    What does a shop charge for installing a 3/4 drop?

    Just curious. Would be installing: - WC Hangers - Shackles - WC C-Notch - WC Lower Control Arms - Springs - 4 Lowering Shocks
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    Finally got it to work

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    WTB Thermostat Housing/Throttle Bracket

    Any condition is fine as they will be powder coated or polished. Thanks
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    Installing a Fuel Pressure Sensor and keeping the service port

    Finally got all the parts to make this work. Really wanted to have easy access to the service port to check my AutoMeter sensor reading. Cost was around $120 for all the fittings, sleeve and braided hose. Thanks Eric for the spare shrader valve! :beer:
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    Got my PLX OBDII Gauge installed

    Finally got a pod built for this thing. Here are some pics along with what sensors the gauge reads. Here are the 5 Sensor Data screens, each shows 6 sensors at once. Throttle % RPM MPH Engine Load Timing Intake Pressure (NA) Air Flow Fuel System (open/closed)...
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    Long weekend, lots of beer....

    ... new gauge location. :banana: Will take some figuring out still, single din headunit will need new mounting brackets to drop it as much as possible. I will also need to reinforce the dash as you can see in the first image, a support is right in the way of inserting a gauge. Will also...