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  1. 99riocobra

    WANTED: Low mile coupe/ convertible

    If you decide to change your mind, I have a 20k mile Redfire convertible.
  2. 99riocobra

    WANTED: 03/04 Terminator Vert near NJ

    2003 Redfire Vert, 19k miles, standard bolt-ons...Am in the St. Louis, MO area so I understand further than you stated. PM me if interested.
  3. 99riocobra

    WANTED: 03-04 Vert

    2003 Redfire Vert, 19k miles, standard bolt-ons, no frills, STL area...PM me if interested.
  4. 99riocobra

    WANTED: WTB: 03 Cobra

    Wow man, sorry to hear of all of your troubles. Hope it gets resolved soon, especially with nicer weather around the corner. Nice looking 03 nonetheless!
  5. 99riocobra

    WANTED: WTB: 03 Cobra

    I have what you're in search of in a vert. Let me know if you change your mind...
  6. 99riocobra

    Hellion turbo kit/headers

    Yup, as long as the outlet is in the same location as stock (I believe JBA is) then you're good to go.
  7. 99riocobra

    Question for GT500 Owners with Mods - I'm having issues

    I think the darker color blends some of the fender to tire gap, so it appears lower maybe...
  8. 99riocobra

    Left my driveway and my motor dumped all it’s oil. Suspect an oil cooler line failed.

    Glad to hear of the somewhat simple fix, but still very unfortunate for a 1900 mile car. Did they do anything about cleaning the driveway?
  9. 99riocobra

    Shark fin on Job 2 cars?

    What a let down. Can't stand little things like that. To me they nailed the car on so many levels, and then it's like meh throw this on there if it works...
  10. 99riocobra

    03 Red Cobra vert in MA

    $24k for a low mile low mod Terminator? That's a steal.
  11. 99riocobra

    My new ST! Oxford White 2015 content

    Mine stock gets about 34mpg avg per tank. With the lighter wheels it's gone up about .3 or so on average. As for tires, another option is to do what I did...Have the stock tires put on an aftermarket set of wheels, and buy some stock size winter tires (Blizzaks, etc) for the stock wheels. The...
  12. 99riocobra

    315 R888s on 17x10.5 Rub?

    Glad to hear of the success. Was just going to chime in and add that I run 315/30/18 R888's on 18x10.5 wheels. Am lowered a good bit on stock springs and no rubbing on inside, slight rub every now and then on the outside (fender). The tires do run wide like BFG, but I wouldn't have it any other way.
  13. 99riocobra

    My new ST! Oxford White 2015 content

    Been eyeing up the new Bilstein shocks as well. Not sure on springs either. I ran Swift on my WRX and they were absolutely awesome for all around dd and handling, lowered about .8" all around. Not a fan of how much they lower the FiST though unfortunately :/
  14. 99riocobra

    2003 DSG VERT- 25K MILES

    Unbelievable price for a car like this. Best of luck on the sale.
  15. 99riocobra

    2011 Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan

    You’re too kind! We’ll call it part of the learning curve ;)
  16. 99riocobra

    2011 Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan

    Well my reading comprehension sucks. Added a pic with my username but of course forgot the date. I'll get it tomorrow if it's allowed to stay up until then...
  17. 99riocobra

    2011 Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan

    Appreciate it!
  18. 99riocobra

    2011 Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan

    Crap. Thanks for the reminder. I'll add a photo with my username when I get back home tonight. Mods please give me until this evening to make that happen before deleting. Thanks
  19. 99riocobra

    2011 Subaru Impreza WRX Sedan

  20. 99riocobra

    Different Take On Cobra Oil Change Video

    I dig it. No way your hood shut that easily though :D
  21. 99riocobra

    My new ST! Oxford White 2015 content

    Awesome to hear of the stage 2 results! Noticeable difference from stage 1 i take it? This is on stock exhaust, correct?
  22. 99riocobra

    Hub centric rings for wheel install?

    Hey guys, looking at purchasing a new set of wheels here shortly. I noticed that the center bore for the hub on some wheels is 73.1mm. There are adapter rings available to shim the bore to the Mustang 70.3mm hub. All along I just assumed that as long as the center bore was larger than the hub it...
  23. 99riocobra

    WTB: SVE Series 1, anthracite, 18x10.5/18x9

    Hey guys, just looking to see if anyone out there is looking to unload a set of the SVE Series One wheels that LMR discontinued. Looking for a full set with two 18x10.5 and two 18x9 in anthracite with polished lip. Willing to travel within a reasonable distance, or possible meet with seller...
  24. 99riocobra

    FS: 07-14 GT500 grille snake emblem, Ford original part

    I have for sale an original Ford 07-14 GT500 grille emblem (7R3Z-8A224-AA). Will include emblem and bracket as shown. Emblem was used on the front of an 03 cobra for about 2k miles, and has no visible wear at all. $60 shipped to the lower 48.