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    New 2021 GT500 Orders

    very nice! i normally dont like silver but for whatever reason it looks awesome on this gar. maybe all of the black accents?
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    Current 2020-2021+ owner question

    where are you located in michigan? i know of a few places to get PPF if youre interested. Motor city auto spa, and newlayer customs do PPF. ive heard newlayer is a better place but i have not used either of them myself. its just what ive heard from a few people that have had work in the area...
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    So I found a car but...

    dang. i live about 5 minutes from there, and would be nice to buy a car from someone that close to me, but ive always heard that they get you for over sticker on all the vehicles i want! ie Raptor and GT500. i have to go down the road to buy the cars unfortunately.
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    Kona Blue leftovers?

    decent pics someone had sent to me of antimatter. Not super bright in that space
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    So I found a car but...

    there is a dealer in michigan, Russ Milne ford who has 3-4 gt500s in stock that appear to be base models. im not sure what hes asking for them but it cant hurt to make a phone call.
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    New 2021 GT500 Orders

    here is an antimatter blue, didnt see it in person. I wish they kept the KONA as i think that with the white stripe is a killer unique look.