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    WTB: 1 17" Chrome Cobra R

    I'm looking for 1 17" Chrome Cobra R. Can get new for 169 shipped, so looking for less than that. Perfect if you bought a spare or have sold your ride. email me at [email protected] if you have something. Thanks.
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    Traction Control Trouble

    I took my car to Discount Tire to get new tires Saturday morning. They installed a couple of 275/40R17 Kumhos. Drove the car home with no trouble. Left the house later that afternoon. When I hit 60 MPH (in 5th gear) the traction control came on. The light lit up in the dash and the car had...
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    Need help with window motor

    Hi all.. I'm new here and I need help. Car is a '99 Cobra Vert. It has had intermittent trouble with the windows on the passenger side going up. Looks like the front passenger window finally gave up today as it's stuck down. I took the panel off and unbolted the power window motor. I...