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  1. low03tb

    NWS Pics that make you :lol: every time you see them NWS

    After the "You have a collect call from...... JOHN CENA (cue music)" I just happened to take a sip of coffee and it went everywhere on my monitors haha. Thanks a lot Treynor lol Going to have to send this to a lot of people
  2. low03tb

    Keystone Pipeline...Dead.

    Lets make this simple... Who owns the railroad (BNSF) that transports oil? Warren Buffett. Who's donate's a ton to the Obama administration? Warren Buffett. Somehow railroads and ships are much less efficient and better for the the environment than a pipeline. Not to mention the countless...
  3. low03tb

    Sony DSC-WX300 Digital Camera

    Sony DSC-WX300 - Like new, barely used and only a few months old. Voted one of the best digital handheld camera's of 2013! 18MP, 20x Optical Zoom, HUGE LCD, etc. It's still $300+ on Amazon for just the camera. I'm including: - Camera (like new, no scratches, etc) - Original box, Manual & Wall...
  4. low03tb

    Official Hellcat Thread

    Post your crap in here
  5. low03tb

    Free/Good Program For Slideshow of Pics/Videos

    delete delete
  6. low03tb

    Health Insurance -- HSA The Way To Go?

    Hey guys, I'm looking to switch my health insurance as my boss isn't going to pay as much as he used to. Thanks for the newer insurance laws, when you have a child you have to insure that child with an adult also. I'm currently under United Health Care (a branch of it named Golden Rule) and have...
  7. low03tb

    C7 Z06 Vert

    My gawd. :bowdown: :bowdown::bowdown: I don't like verts and would definitely pick up a hardtop, but these z06's look absolutely incredible!!
  8. low03tb

    How To Control Dust In Garage?

    Hey fellas, I've got a dusty garage. It's a newer home with painted walls and ceiling, but the floor is concrete. I'm thinking the dust from the concrete is what's getting all over our cars and I'm sure the Oklahoma wind isn't helping. I've been reading a little about all the different garage...
  9. low03tb

    Anyone Live Near or Have A Wedding in South Florida (Treasure Island, St. Pete, etc)

    Fiance and I are looking to have our wedding on the beach sometime next May-ish. We've looked at some of the wedding planning/event websites and think we've found a good one, but was wondering if anyone knows anything about this kind of stuff. Seems like we have a lot of Florida members on here...
  10. low03tb

    PC Sound Card Questions

    Hey fellas, I'm trying to determine an issue with my HT/Music setup and one thing in the chain is my PC. I stream from my PC to my WDTV-Live, then to my Denon and on to the speakers. I'm wondering if it's possible that my sound card is bad or in need of an update (probably wouldn't 'fix'...
  11. low03tb

    C7 Stingray (Vossen)

    How do you all feel about the C7 now that it's been out for awhile and most people have seen them in person? I've seen black, white and red in person and I've loved each one. I wasn't fond of the back at all, but I think I'm really starting to like it. Sure there are a few things that can be...
  12. low03tb

    Blue Nile....Anyone Used Them?

    Just what the title says...has anyone used them? If so, can you please share your experience and if the quality was what it says it is (if you've had it appraised from somewhere). There are a few good, small jewelry stores around here that people I know have had good luck with, but of course...
  13. low03tb

    Garage Heater

    Hey fellas, I'd like to find a good, but cheap/budget garage heater... For the garage... That works well enough to heat it up and not just one little area. I'd like to start possibly detailing cars, especially now that we have 2 new cars I'd like to keep them clean and protected while we go...
  14. low03tb

    Government Makes $41.3 Billion On Student Loans

    so ass backwards it's not even funny Government books $41.3 billion in student loan profits Give handouts to those who don't want to work, but charge me 5-7% or more interest for getting a degree and using that money within the economy. :bored:
  15. low03tb

    FS: Amps, Wiring, RF BLD, Disto Blocks, ETC

    All of these products are in good, working condition. Both amps are in their boxes (along with the MS-8, but still unsure about selling it), while the Rockford Fosgate BLD, distribution blocks and wiring will be shipped in regular boxes. I've sold/traded/purchased plenty of things at DIYMA...
  16. low03tb

    FS: Car Audio (Image Dynamics/Audison/JBL/etc)

    All of this was used in a purely SQ setup. Everything was set up with an O-scope and NEVER ran hard. It's all in perfect condition and will work great, just like new! Everything comes in it's box, with everything included like it was new. 1. Image Dynamics Q450.4 - $270 shipped 2. Audison...
  17. low03tb

    Firefox Slow Lately For Anyone Else?

    Firefox has been really slow switching tabs and opening new stuff lately. I'm starting to get the "not responding" when switching to different tabs, but a 10-15 seconds later it acts fine. Anyone else having this problem, now a good solution...or is this problem deeper than just Firefox? There...
  18. low03tb

    Help Picking Out Detailing Supplies

    We just got the wifey a '13 Civic and I just sold my '04 TL so I'll likely get a '13 Accord. I'd like to keep the paint looking nice on these and have been reading for a week or so now on detailing products, etc. Looking for quality products, but don't want to spend a ton. Here's what I'll need...
  19. low03tb

    Best Quick Detailer (or multi-use if needed)

    I've started to read up on 'the best' quick detailers and I'm becoming overwhelmed. Obviously certain people will have loyalties to certain stuff, but I figured I'd post in here and get an idea of what people are liking right now. I don't mind at all and would actually really think it's cool if...
  20. low03tb

    Accord, Fusion, Focus, etc??

    My girls '98 Taurus just had the AC compressor go out (along with the serp belt & tensioner) so we're going to sell it and pick up something new or slightly used. Looks like you can pick up an Accord/Civic or Fusion/Focus with under 30k miles for around $15-17 (and sometimes brand new) around...
  21. low03tb

    Oklahoma Tornado Donation

    I know some people might not know or care about this, but It was the worst tornado ever on Earth. Literally flattened miles and miles of homes, schools, businesses, etc. If you want to donate, please text REDCROSS to 90999. It will be taken out of your bill. Hopefully I'm allowed to post...
  22. low03tb

    New Yard Maintanence Equipment

    Just discovered this system of one motor and multiple attachments. Pretty damn I picked it up. I feel like it's a good idea for a one yard type of thing where you only have to deal with one motor, one tool to store, etc. Takes all of 15 seconds to change the attachments. 5 year...
  23. low03tb

    Walking Dead = Toy Story

    Got a good kick out of this :whine: Proof That "The Walking Dead" and "Toy Story" Have the Same Plot | Mommy Has A Potty MouthMommy Has A Potty Mouth
  24. low03tb

    Help Picking Out New Camera

    Hey fellas, I need some help deciding on a new camera for me and the wifey. We're going to a have a little girl in a few months and want to be able to take quality pictures instead of using our Galaxy S3's (not saying they're bad, but you know what I mean). I don't know much...okay..I don't know...