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    SBE LT4 Record [email protected]

    This is a SBE full weight (#3700) C7Z. It still has the factory as cast heads and TB.
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    2018 ZR1 With Minimal Camo
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    Vacation in New Orleans

    So the girlfriend is taking me to New Orleans for a week this Sunday for my 40th birthday. We are staying in the French Quarter. She was stationed there in the Navy for 6yrs and I also have a coworker who did several projects there post Katrina. We already have a decent itinerary which includes...
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    Info found in a dealer training guide that a few people were privy to recently. Ford needs to explain this. If it means what it says, it is a 475hp engine with 529 available for 8 seconds before engaging a mini limp mode. Engine Overrev Indicator • Helps increase the performance range...
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    Firehouse Subs?

    I recently found out a Firehouse opened up a few miles from me. Are the subs any good or are they similar to any other chain such as Subway for instance (cheap processed meats etc...)? I am thinking about trying them later on with my son.
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    Viper TA vs Hellcat

    This was posted in another thread but deserves its own. Someone can embed if they want. I'm too lazy on my iPad right now.
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    Best Muay Thai Fight EVER!!! Watch whole thing.

    Feel free to embed if you don't want to click link.
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    Calcio Fiorentino?

    Have any of you guys seen this shit? 27 on 27 , no rules playing for a white Veal calf. Cross btw Rugby and a gang fight.
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    KKK Leader Busted Having Sex with Black Male Prostititute :dw::lol: Oh the irony.
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    2017 Audi RS5 TDI Diesel Prototype

    For all you diesel fans, Audi has stepped up again in the diesel world. They are already pioneers in the racing world with their TDI Lemans cars. This a prototype twin turbo V6 diesel with an electric supercharger. For those to lazy to read the link it makes 385hp @ 4200rpm and 553lb of torque...
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    Jaguar F-type Project 7 Announced
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    Vengeance 1000rwhp C7
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    GM Recalls 3.2 million more over ignition fiasco
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    Ford Recalls Another 1.4 million Vehicles. GM can't have all the fun.
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    Ford Recalls 1.4 million Crossovers
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    Another merger that could affect all of us
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    Cops selling drugs for a living!

    Stumbled upon this and not sure if it has ever been posted. Interesting to say the least. :eek:,0,497004.htmlpage
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    Interesting GM Article. (Long but worth it if you have the time.)

    By Peter M. De Lorenzo Detroit. As predicted, the public flogging of CEO Mary Barra and the so-called “culture” of General Motors Corp. was ugly and relentless. Clearly unprepared to offer anything up to the U.S. Senators and members of the House of Representatives other than that she didn’t...
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    2014 Z/28 vs 2014 911 GT3

    Good article put out by Autoweek. Not enough HP to take down the 700lb lighter P-car.
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    2014 Z/28 Motortrend First Test

    2014 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 First Test - Motor Trend
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    GM Facing Criminal Investigation

    GM Faces Federal Investigation Over Recall: Source
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    2016 GT350 Spy Video

    Did not see this posted anywhere and upload date is 2/28. Sounds amazing for stock and at the end pulling away from the light it sounds like blower whine but who knows. If it's a repost bite me. ktIM-dlSTpU
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    2016 GT350 Spy Video

    Did not see this posted anywhere and upload date is 2/28/14. Car sounds amazing for stock.
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    CVS Caremark Removing Cigarettes From Shelves

    Saw this on the local news this morning. I'm sure other stores will follow in stopping sales of the number 1 killer in America right now. CVS to cut sale of tobacco products - WRGB CBS6 - Top Stories
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    2003 Sonic Blue E85 KB Cobra Feeler

    Let me start by saying I am not interested in trades and do not have to sell it so low ballers will not be responded too. If you dont have cash or financing in order please dont bother. I will not take a deposit either. Too many people back out with outlandish reasons so if car sells it will...