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  1. HPLouis

    How much boost are you guys seeing with a 2.7/2.76 pulley?

    I'm trying to see how much boost I'll push with a 2.70 pulley and I see 3 different estimations: Stock is estimated at 8.6lbs. Metco says 5-6 (13.6 to 14.6): Supercharger Pulley, : Metco Motorsports Billetflow says 6-7 (14.6-15.6): Supercharger Pulleys The chart on Bob's site shows 14.4 (about...
  2. HPLouis

    Can the supercharger snout be removed without removing the blower?

    It looks easy enough. I see the 8 bolts but there is one bolt behind the intercooler manifold that looks like it'll be blocked by the manifold. Is it possible to remove?
  3. HPLouis

    What happens if a you port a stock pullied Eaton?

    I know that most people port their Eaton and put a 4-6# lower with a 2.9 or 3.1 pulley, but I've always wondered what would happen if someone got a Steigemeier or Posi ported Eaton and just threw a stock pulley on it? Would the car make less torque? Would the powerband move up? I've always...
  4. HPLouis

    What’s the longest you’ve ever let your car sit?

    I was talking to a friend of mine with a 27,000 mile Mystichrome coupe and he told me his car’s been sitting for the past 3 years now. It’s in his garage, under a cover and a battery tender. He said he just lost interest and I asked, ‘why not sell it?’ and he said that he might regain interest...
  5. HPLouis

    How can I tell if this is a Metco pulley?

    I just bought this pulley used and I can’t tell if it’s a Metco. I already have a Metco 2.7 and on the inside of that pulley, it has a 7 on it. I’m guessing Metco does that to differentiate their 2.7, 2.8 and 2.9 pulleys. On the 3 that I just got, there are no markings or anything to show the...
  6. HPLouis

    Is this battery still serviceable?

    I was wondering if this battery is still useable? Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  7. HPLouis

    Identifying exhaust Magnaflow and SLP

    I picked up this Terminator several weeks ago and the prior owner did the exhaust. It has a Magnaflow catted X pipe and he said that the catback is a mix of, a Magnaflow catback, black Magnaflow tips and SLP resonators. I didn’t think they could mix but it does. Here is a pic: Video of it...
  8. HPLouis

    Problem getting monitors to set on 2014 with a tune

    Hi, I have tunes on both my Mustangs. All switches are on (EGR, cats, O2's etc.) so the tune is emissions legal. On the Cobra, the monitors set after about a tank of gas. That car is fine with the tune. On the Shelby, I've driven almost 300 miles and the Cats and O2 sensors will not set...
  9. HPLouis

    Are you guys (or gals) passing inspection with a tune?

    Hi, I have tunes on both my Mustangs. All switches are on (EGR, cats, O2's etc.) so the tune is emissions legal. On the Cobra, the monitors set after about a tank of gas. That car is fine with the tune. On the Shelby, I've driven almost 300 miles and the Cats and O2 sensors will not set...
  10. HPLouis

    Are the hood vents blocked off?

    Something I never noticed on my 2 older Terminators was the vents looking like this: It looks like they’re blocked off. Here is the underside: I don’t recall seeing this on my other ones. They looked free and clear while this looks blocked. Is this how it’s supposed to be? Sent from my...
  11. HPLouis

    Plastic pin on supercharger snout

    Does anyone know the dimensions of the plastic pin or plug that’s at the end of the supercharger snout? The prior owner put this on the car: The Metco Billet Supercharger Snout Cover. I want to put the old one back on the car so I’m looking for it. Thanks Sent from my iPhone using the...
  12. HPLouis

    What are these?

    Sorry for the title but I can’t even guess what they are. They were in the box of stock parts for the car. The car was stock besides the following mods: JLT Ram Air Intake Metco 2.70 upper pulley Metco double BB idler and pulley kit NGK TR-6 plugs Gates K080745 belt Magnaflow Catted X Pipe...
  13. HPLouis

    What is this part/piece/cover?

    Hi, I just got this car and I noticed that a little piece is missing. It was probably removed when the Metco idler was placed on the car. I circled it: Is there a part number for this or a way I could get it? I went to the dealer this morning and they can’t find it in their system. I’m...
  14. HPLouis

    Is this a stock or Metco lower (video)

    I'm buying a Terminator and the owner sent me a video and list of mods. He said it had a Metco 4lbs lower and when I look at the video, I see a stock lower. I asked him if he was sure it had a Metco lower and he said yes. I think it's stock. Can you look at the video (sorry for the bad...
  15. HPLouis

    Ford PremiumCare warranties

    Hi, I was at the dealership getting a state inspection and the advisor offered me a PremiumCare warranty for about $2700. It was for 6 years and 60,000 miles. So, if I get it, it'll end on September 2026 or 67,129 miles (car currently has 7,129 miles). I did some shopping around and only the...
  16. HPLouis

    Where can I get the UAW stickers?

    Hi, I had the car windows tinted and the tinter removes the UAW and Sirius XM stickers from the quarter and door glass. I got a ticket for tinted windows so I have to remove them. Is there a way I can get these stickers back? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using the
  17. HPLouis

    750 HP Packages

    I've been Google'ing around and saw some of these intake, throttle body and tune kits that claim between a 75-100 horsepower increase. 2013-2014 Shelby GT500 5.8L Mustang 750HP Performance Upgrade Kit 2013-14 Shelby GT500 750+ HP Stage 1 Power Package Revan Racing Stage 13-6 for 2013 & 2014...
  18. HPLouis

    Small crack on interior rear quarter panel

    Hi, I was cleaning the rear interior quarter panel in the back seat on the driver’s side And I saw this It’s a small crack Circled Is this something I can fix or glue? Do I need to replace the whole panel or can I glue a reinforcement behind it? Thanks Sent from my iPad using the...
  19. HPLouis

    For Sale: Corsa Sport axleback for 2013-2014 GT500

    Up for sale is a set of Corsa Performance 14321 stainless steel Sport axleback mufflers. They’re packed up and ready to ship. They’re great mufflers, I just wanted something louder so I went with the FRPP mufflers. They are in great condition and have low miles. Never been driven...
  20. HPLouis

    Borla S-Type sound vs Corsa Sport

    Hi, The prior owner of my car put Corsa Sports on: 2013-2014 Ford Mustang GT500 3.0" Dual Rear Exit Axle-Back Exhaust System with Twin 4.0" Tips (14321) Sport Sound Level On my 04, I have Borla S-Types and I like the sound. I was thinking of adding them to the Shelby but I'm wondering if the...
  21. HPLouis

    2014, how many psi?

    From what I read, it looks like the 13’s-14’s make about 15 psi. I took the car out today and the car made 17. Today was a 39 degree day and I did a third gear pull only up 5,000 rpms. Does anyone know what the psi should be? Thanks Sent from my iPhone using the
  22. HPLouis

    How did the prior owner get an Optima Yellow Top to fit?

    Hi, I read that Optima batteries don’t fit our cars but the prior owner got a yellow top in my car. I don’t see where he modified the car or tray to make it fit. Does anyone know how he did it? The numbers on the battery is D34/78. I checked Optima’s site and they said they don’t make a...
  23. HPLouis

    Billetflow 2.93 and 3.1 pulley with hub for sale

    $120 shipped for all 3 or $40 each shipped. Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  24. HPLouis

    Billetflow pulley puller and installer

    I’m selling for $125 plus shipping Thanks Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app
  25. HPLouis

    For sale: Metco snub idler with 90mm and 100mm double BB pulleys

    For sale is a Metco snub idler with a 90 and 100 mm double bb pulley. $175 for all Sent from my iPhone using the mobile app