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  1. carrrnuttt

    Rimac Nevera: 8.6 on an unprepped surface

    Makes a 1000 HP Ferrari look like a Camry racing a Ferrari. Jeebus:
  2. carrrnuttt

    Matt Farah Reviews The 765LT:

    Man. This thing is properly nuts.
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    NSFW YouTube Recommendations?

    Out of nowhere, YouTube recommended this and I didn't mind that much (I've never even searched for her on YT). I watch YT mostly for cars and video game stuff or movie trailers. There are *other* parts of the internet to get jollies off properly, but this was a nice surprise.
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    Coronavirus Rhapsody

  5. carrrnuttt

    Lotus Evija (EV)

    I'm a huge fan of ICE cars, but damn.
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    C8 Corvette ZR1 Will Get 900-HP, Twin-Turbo, Hybrid V8 Engine: Report

    If true, the next ZR1 is going full-on hypercar: C8 Corvette ZR1 Will Get 900-HP, Twin-Turbo, Hybrid V8 Engine: Report Hybrid TTV8 900bhp with AWD? Sounds like a 918 without the 800K price-tag.
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    Does the GT350 have fuel line issues?

    First off I apologize for not having pics or vids of this, though I'm sure it'll show up on YouTube eventually. I was with my son at the No Fly Zone event at the Gila Bend airport today and a blue with white stripe GT350 was running today. During its second run (that I saw), it caught fire in...
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    Hellcat Miata

    Dude's kinda annoying but JFC...
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    Fairlady Z06

    This is a clean ass build:
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    Making gun owners look bad (NWS Language):

    Check out these two geniuses: WTF did they think would happen?
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    Ford GT Ordering Kit Unboxing
  12. carrrnuttt

    Craigslist find:

    I actually found what's below through an R&T online article. Seems legit.
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    A New Ultra-Limited Ferrari

    ...that might be a Japan-only car. :( (Not that I'd ever afford it.) Celebrating Ferrari's 50th anniversary in Japan, the J50 is a 488 Spider with 20 more horsepower and a very pretty targa body, limited to just ten units.
  14. carrrnuttt

    Anybody else here have a VA home loan?

    So I received a letter tonight from the VA that starts with: "Dear Sir/Madam: Your mortgage company has notified us that you have fallen behind on your home loan payments..." A few issues here: A) My mortgage automatically comes out every month. B) Every single payment has posted, as per my...
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    The World's Oldest Mustang Driver
  16. carrrnuttt

    Lambo Powered Batmobile:
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    Lightning Lap 10

    I got my copy of C&D in the mail yesterday and saw that they just published their latest LL results. The GT350R is 3 seconds faster than the Camaro SS 1LE at VIR. (2:51.8 vs 2:54.8), but...
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    Coyote-swapped...Porsche Cayman?

  19. carrrnuttt

    Tim Allen's "stock" 55 Ford vs. Jay Leno's wife's "stock" Camry:
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    Rimac Concept One (All-Electric Hypercar)

    Did a search for "Rimac" and didn't find anything, so I apologize if this is a repost.
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    First Human Head Transplant Planned for 2017

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    Do you still have your gallbladder?

    I was asked that all day today as I was tested and prodded because I had the most excruciating night of pain in my stomach last night. Turns out, I only get to say "yes" to that question for only a little time longer. They sent me to get an ultrasound, and even though the tech said that my...
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    Fastest Lap Ever (Isle of Man TT)