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    Guys about to pull the trigger take a look

    2003 Cobra 86,xxx miles. Bone stock. The Bad: bumpers need repaint the have spider cracks - Tail pipes are off (one sticks out father then the other) - Car was smoked in burn hole in the back seat - Suede on the seats wasn't cleaned properly and now looks like a fur coat. The Good- Bone...
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    WTB: Terminator So Cal paying up to 17k

    I just got preapproval from my credit union and am now on the hunt. Looking for coupes or verts. Mods or stock is fine. Willing to pay up to 17k for the right car. I'm in the Temecula area and work down in San Diego. Thanks for looking!
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    Looking at a high mileage Terminator need your opinion

    Been outta the game for a couple years and made the mistake of riding in a friends pullied 04 Cobra and now have the burning desire to come back to the dark side. (That supercharger whine is intoxicating :D) Not wanting to spend a ton 15,000 or less I found the car in the link below. Long...
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    Treynor and SVT on

    Google exec proves his identity on car forum in most hilarious way possible - Yahoo! Autos
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    LAWL Michelle Obama Soup Kitchen

    First Lady, Michelle Obama, showed up Thursday as a surprise and welcome volunteer at Miriam's Kitchen, a soup kitchen for homeless poor people not far from the White House. Can't afford to buy food - not when you have to pay for the new cell phone with camera...looks like the Blackberry...
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    Funny Obama Bumperstickers

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    Drivability of a modified 03-04 Cobra

    Going this week to AZ to look at and possibly purchase a KB 04 Oxford White Cobra coupe 12,000 miles "babied" 604 RWHP ect... The question I have is it will not be a DD but would like to be able to take it to Vegas once every couple months. How dependable are these things when tuned right? I...
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    McCain? Obama? Who cares lets see Danielle!

    Seems everyone is at each others throats over this election I offer a peaceful solution.....something that brings us all together...SVT I give you the infamous Danielle one more time!
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    Pumpkin Carving Pics Thread. Lets see them!

    Ill start this is about the sickest I have ever seen.
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    So I bought my wife a tazer (From 2 Years Ago)

    This classic still puts me in tears! :banana: Always Wanted a Taser Pocket Taser Stun Gun, a great gift for the wife. Last weekend I saw something at Larry's Pistol & Pawn Shop that sparked my interest. The occasion was our 15th anniversary and I was looking for a little...
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    Why you dont let your wife drive ur Shelby

    Sorry it was a repost Some still haven't seen it so here it is
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    Photoshop + Ricer = Owned Check a few pages into the post the fun starts.
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    (Fatal Crash Comp) I warned you

    A tribute to those who have lost there lives doing what they love:(
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    My gift to you all

    Back by popular demand I give you the Danielle Photo Shoot video. Yes I know its a repost but the old links are dead so I uploaded my copy to youtube for you guys. Enjoy!
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    100 Shot on a 03 Stage 2 Roush

    ? for you guys running 100 and 125 shots on your Gt's Can I run a 100 shot with stock timing safely? Right now the car is running a Zex 75 shot no problem the only thing I have done is colder plugs.
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    03 Roush vs 98 Vett

    As I was leaving my mothers house for mothers day I pull up next to older guy in a 97-98 + Vett. Of course hes gives me the old my vett is king shit I am gonna stomp your stang look. To make a long story short light goes green I put about 2 cars on him by the time we hit 120. I tried to give him...
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    Nitrous guys I need some help

    03 Roush stage 2 with a zex 75 shot is what I am running now. I just installed colder plugs do I need to do anything else besides that to run a 100 shot? Also does anyone know if the zex kit cuts off the nitrous in the case of sudden fuel loss (such as hitting the rev limter or traction...
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    03 Roush Juiced vs 01 Cobra

    Ok here it is I am running my sisters boyfriend's 01 Cobra with intake, chip and mufflers. I am running a 03 Roush Stage 2 Vert with intake, exhast and a zex 100 shot. Alot of shit talking bulit up on this so I wanted to ask your opinions on the outcome. I personaly dont think ill have a problem.
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    A Candian backing us up?

    A Candian radio personality wrote this about America Good reading, from a Toronto newspaper's editorial page! Widespread, but only partial news coverage was given recently to a remarkable editorial broadcast from Toronto by Gordon Sinclair, a Canadian television commentator. What follows is...
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    The Russian School Attack

    To all you ****ing people who dont support the war and think that terrorism isnt a threat. Go tell the mothers and fathers of those kids that were gunned down by those ****ing cowards that you dont support the war. Being the father of a 6 year old myself and seeing children who have no idea what...
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    03 Procharged Roush vs Supercharged Saleen

    Well first kill story I am posting here. Drving home from work today getting on the 78 freeway I pull up next to a S281 black Saleen Vert (yes it was supercharged). A younger guy like myself driving it I look over at him and he looks over at me and we both knew it was on. The light turns green...
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    SeX on the Roush

    Well last night I did 2 things I said I would never do. 1. Had sex with this girl I have been friends with since 2nd grade (Yes she’s hot) 2. It was on the hood of the Roush Well first off liquor was involved. I have been friends with this girl for along time and she came over...
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    Kerry Edwards in love?

    This made my day check it out G.Bush in 2004!!!:rockon:
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    Dont Drink and Drive

    I thought I would share with you this idiot
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    Need comp orange pic of Cobra

    Went to Galpin Ford last night and spoke to them about trading in my Roush for a 04 Cobra. I had my heart set on black or sonic blue but they informed me that the comp orange looks great. They will have one in next week but I would like to see if any of you svt guys have pics of one. BTW they...