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  1. calebnumber3

    WTB: 18" Drag radial

    I'm looking for two 18" drag radials. Would prefer a Mickey but would also consider others as well. Looking for a 305/45-18 or a 305/40-18.
  2. calebnumber3


    Hey all I'm looking at picking up my first fox next week. It's and 89 GT 5speed with 71K miles. Car is in super great shape! I don't knwo all the specs of the car but it's a 347 stroker, e303 cam, GT40 heads, edelbrock IM, bigger throttle body and CAI, bbk shortie headers O/R X and...
  3. calebnumber3

    Circle D 4C FS

  4. calebnumber3


    A local dealer still has a new 2013 ST that they have had on the lot since January of 2013. It is a tangerine color, with sun roof and yellow recaros. Stickers at $28,000 I believe. I figured they would be really wanting to move a car they have had for a year and a half so I figured I'd see...
  5. calebnumber3

    New PB last night

    Well got a new PB last night. had planned to go to the track Friday night to get some more logs for Shaun, but its been raining a lot for this time of year. Anyways went to Street Machine Nationals Yesterday in Illinois and afterward me and some of biddies decided to hit the local strip there...
  6. calebnumber3

    17x4.5 Darkstars with 26x7.5R17s

    Looking to sell my front runners. Thinking of going with a more DD friendly setup. 17x4.5 Darkstars with Hoosier pro street 26x7.5R17s. Tires have a about 1500 miles on them, and are practically new. The wheels are in really good shape, but one does have a scratch about an inch long. Can't...
  7. calebnumber3

    Boss RECAROs!!!!

    I picked up some Recaros out of a Boss a few months ago and I'm thinking about selling them to put the money into something else. Seats are awesome! They are in perfect shape, and have less than 4500 miles on them. I really would like to keep them, but I'm really wanting to put the money into...
  8. calebnumber3


    Hey guys I have Borla LT headers and O/R X And Borla over axle pipes into a Roush muffler. I love the sound as the cars not my DD so I don't have to live with it everyday lol. I do want to tame it down some as when I do drive the car I get a lot of unwanted attention from the popo. I have...
  9. calebnumber3

    Injector issue

    Never mind figured it out.
  10. calebnumber3


    Hey guys im fixing to install 47# injectors to run E85. Im wondering if there is a walkthrough on how to install them. I have taken the fuel rails off before when I was putting on the Boss IM. Do the injectors just pull out of the fuel rails and then pop the new ones in?
  11. calebnumber3

    New PB

    Hey guys track opened yesterday, and I finally got to test out the new mods. My previous best was a 8.15 bone stock down to the tire spare still in the trunk lol. Over the winter I added Borla LT headers and O/R X, Roush axle backs, 3:55 gears, ported Boss IM with Steeda CAI, Race star wheels...
  12. calebnumber3

    What will it do?

    Hey guys I'm fixing to take my 14 Auto to a dyno to see what it puts down. Just waiting on the call to bring her down. Just wondering what everyone else thinks she will do. Reps to whoever guesses Right or the closest lol. Mods are Borla LTs, O/R X, ported Boss IM, Steeda CAI, 3:55 gears, and...
  13. calebnumber3

    On the front

    Hey guys I just picked up some DD darkstars 15X10 with MT 275/50-15's with about 200 miles on them, and DD Darkstars 17X4.5 but the tires for the front have to be replaced. Picked them up for 800. Iv been looking through threads on front runners and I'm not sure where to go. The car is not...
  14. calebnumber3

    BNIB BMR suspension

    Hey guys some things have come up and I need to sell some stuff Brand new BMR non adjustable lower control arms SOLD Brand new lower control arm relocation brackets SOLD Brand new BMR red on car adjustable panhard bar 130 OEM strut tower brace 4K miles 100 Prices do not include shipping and...
  15. calebnumber3

    Factory cats, H pipe, manifolds

    Hey guys some things have come up so I need to sell some stuff. Stock cats attached to the factory H pipe 300+ shipping OBO Stock exhaust manifolds 100+ shipping OBO Parts have 3K miles on them.
  16. calebnumber3

    BNIB 3500 stall and more

    Hey guys some things have come up so I need to sell some stuff. Brand new in the box PTC 3500 stall torque converter SOLD OEM CAI 4K miles 100 shipped OBO OEM 5.0 intake manifold 4K miles 150 shipped OBO I can send pictures in text or email.
  17. calebnumber3

    Long tube removal, converter install

    Hey guys I have Borla Long tube headers and O/R X. I'm fixing to install my PTC 3600 stall. Can the converter be installed with out the removal of the long tubes? Iv had some people tell me that to pull the auto transmission the headers will have to be removed.
  18. calebnumber3

    2014 GHIG Borla long tubes

    Hey guys I recently got Borla long tubes, O/R X and over axle pipes installed with Roush mufflers installed (shout out to Bob at STLMustangs for and awesome job) I don't know how I feel about the sound yet. It's ear splitting loud whitch I like, but I don't know if I like the sound lol. I'm...
  19. calebnumber3

    BNIB FRPP suspension

    I have for sale brand new in the box FRPP P springs, FRPP non adjustable shocks and struts, and GT500 mounts. I'm only selling to fund different parts lol. I have only opened the boxes to ensure the items were not damaged upon delivery. I will not split up the shocks, struts and springs. All...
  20. calebnumber3

    Boss cleanup

    I know people have been cleaning up their Boss IM and seeing ok improvements. I was wondering if someone on here who has done It would be willing to do mine for a small fee :rockon: . I have never used a dremel before and don't trust myself to do it myself lol.
  21. calebnumber3

    Boss strut brace

    Got a Boss strut brace I'd like to sell. It's slightly used. 130 shipped. I can text or email pics.
  22. calebnumber3

    PTC 3500 stall

    I found a brand new one for sale, but have never heard of anyone but circle d in regards to the new Mustang. Does anyone have any experience with PTC converters? If it's a good quality converter I can save some cash going with it instead of circle d.
  23. calebnumber3

    Rear car seat

    Hey guys first post in the lightning section. I have a 2014 Gotta have it green mustang GT. I have always wanted a lightning, and am in need for something with a bed, so Iv been thinking about picking one up as a DD. It will stay mostly stock with just exhaust, and a tune. I'm not really...
  24. calebnumber3


    Hey guys i have tried to search, but i think my computer is messed up. everytime i search it says wait 60 seconds, even if i wait 30 min soon as i hit search it say wait 60 seconds. Anyways i was wondering if someone could point me in the direction of the thread that shows how and where the...
  25. calebnumber3

    Full Borla exhaust

    Ok. I tried just selling the mufflers, but not getting much interest, so just going to try and sell the whole system. I have a full Borla exhaust. Long tube headers, with ATAK catback. System has roughly 12K miles on it. The tips are plasti dipped. PM me for pictures. Asking $1400 +...