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  1. cobra gt 07

    2007 gt500 kenne bell 3.6lc fb trans strange 9" Moser wavetrac

    I have a red with white stripe 2007 gt500 rollover car. The airbags did not deploy because there was no head on impact. Prior to the accident, it had went 9.778 seconds at 144.32 mph in the 1/4 mile. This is a highly modified gt500 that was the fastest gt500 that I was aware of in the midwest...
  2. cobra gt 07

    Kenne Bell Competition Boost-A-Pump Max RWHP Limit

    Hi all. I read on Kenne Bell's website that Jon Lund had tuned Mark Meiring's GT500 to have 945 RWHP with 15% remaining fuel. Has anyone reached 1000 RWHP with the competition boost-a-pump, or is about 950 RWHP about the limit on a stock fuel system and 80 pound injectors? Thanks for any input!
  3. cobra gt 07

    Fitting a 3.6LC Kenne Bell under a Super Snake hood

    Hey guys, Has anyone fit a 3.6LC Kenne Bell under the new versions of the Super Snake hood on a 2007-2009 GT500? I realize that the Super Snakes that Shelby offers does provide a 3.6 option, and they have to be able to get the superchargers under the hood. Having spoken to Shelby's...
  4. cobra gt 07

    What rods, rod bolts and pistons utilized in Ford GT?

    Hi Guys, I have been searching online, and I am wondering if anyone knows a credible reference point to find out what specific rods, rod bolts and pistons are utilzed in a Ford GT. From what I have read, I believe they utilize a Manley H-Beam rod and ARP 2000 bolts. Can anyone verify that...
  5. cobra gt 07

    A way to get 355's on the Shelby

    Saw this article today. For a $100,000 price tag, you can get a 2013 Super Snake with the wide-body option and put 355's on the rear. Shelby releases a Snake on the Detroit Auto Show stage - MSN Autos
  6. cobra gt 07

    Considering going to a Cowl Hood

    As I continue to attempt to get my ET down as low as possible, I am becoming more and more serious about weight savings. I am currently running a Cervinis Type IV Ram Air hood. I like the hood, but it is heavy and therefore not ideal for drag racing. A friend of mine has been encorouging...
  7. cobra gt 07

    Optimal compression on a built motor?

    I am researching the potential of doing an engine build down the road, in order to take maximmize and take full advantage of my current set-up. I noticed that it seems like quite a few people choose a compression somewhere in the 9.5:1 to 10:1 area. Stock compression is 8.45:1, which has...
  8. cobra gt 07

    The Results: Final Track Pass Of The Season

    Went to Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove one final time before the end of the season. My previous best had been a 9.955, and I had hoped to show further improvement after raising the boost on my stock motor. My friend, Kali (KG/Eleanor), came up to hang out and witness how my car...
  9. cobra gt 07

    At what ET level does a car become solely a drag car?

    Anyone have an opinion at what 1/4 mile ET level a person can expect a GT500 to no longer be street-able? To put it another way, what is the fastest (in terms of ET) you think a supercharged GT500 can go at the track, that is also driven on the street? I realize that this is a pretty...
  10. cobra gt 07

    What is the fastest Supercharged GT500 With Stock Motor?

    Does anyone know what the record is for the fastest 1/4 mile ET for a supercharged 2007-2009 GT500 with a a stock engine (stock iron block, stock 8.45:1 compression, stock heads, stock pistons, stock cams, etc.)? I have looked over the fastest 1/4 mile chart, and some of the 9 second times...
  11. cobra gt 07

    Drove to GLD on 10/29 - ran a 9 second pass - drove back home!

    Drove to Great Lakes Dragaway in Union Grove Wisconsin yesterday. Changed out the tires and ran 2 passes. The place was packed with trailer cars and race cars that were index racing. On the 2nd pass, I finally accomplished my goal of a 9 second pass: 60 ft: 1.515 330 ft: 4.257 1/8...
  12. cobra gt 07

    QA1 Double Adjustable Shocks Drag Racing Suspension Settings

    I am having QA1 Double Adjustable Shocks put on in the rear of the Shelby tomorrow, along with QA1 springs. This will be my first time ever having an adjustable shock, and my front suspension will remain stock for now. I searched the forum tonight, but oddly, it doesn't seem like the search...
  13. cobra gt 07

    Stopping with Strange Brakes

    From viewing the weight savings threads, it seems like you can shed some decent weight off the front of the car with Strange brakes. Does anyone have any experience with how the car stops with the Strange front brakes and skinny tires up front? Will the Strange brakes have any trouble...
  14. cobra gt 07

    The Quest for 9's - Knocking on the door to the goal!

    I have been making an effort to go to the track nearly each week since September to see if my car can get to the point where I want it: to run a 9.99 second pass at 140+ mph. With the exception of last Sunday (October 16th), I have managed to post a new personal best every time that I have...
  15. cobra gt 07

    Kali's Vapor 2008 GT500 With Some Nice Rims and a Sick Stance

    Posting these pictures up for a friend. Here are some photos of KG/Eleanor's '08 Shelby with nice looking rims. The wheels are made by Rohana.
  16. cobra gt 07

    Removing a pulley from a 3.6L Kenne Bell

    Can anyone advise regarding the process of removing a pulley from the 3.6L Kenne Bell? I would like to be able to swap the pulley out myself at home, as opposed to having it done at the shop. What specifically needs to be done to loosen the supercharger belt? Will the pulley simply pop...
  17. cobra gt 07

    8 Stock/OEM GT500 Fuel Injectors

    No longer for sale - thanks anyways :)
  18. cobra gt 07

    Project 321 Billet Aluminum Stripe Cap Set

    Placing up for sale my billet Project 321 Cap Set, which retails for $590 for GT500's. These are Red in color and are in excellent condition. My price: $480 +shipping. I accept paypal. Please PM if interested.
  19. cobra gt 07

    Eibach 07-09 Shelby GT500 Pro Kit Lowering Springs + BMR Sub-Frame Connectors

    I purchased a used Eibach Pro Kit for purposes of lowering my car, but never got around to utilizing them. SOLD Also, have BMR 2007+ Heavy Duty Boxed Subframe Connectors that were improperly welded on my car. Had a chassy shop cut the few welds that were done and remove them from my ride...
  20. cobra gt 07

    Stock supercharger + TB + Elbow(Plenum) + '08 Damper

    Up for sale are the following: Stock 2.1L Eaton supercharger w/ 2.6" pulley, plus throttle body & plenum. 3" stock supercharger will also be included. SOLD 2008 GT500 Damper (10 pounds lighter than the 2007 stock damper). My new price: SOLD
  21. cobra gt 07

    Had a good day at the track today - New Personal Best!

    For the past 3 weeks I have been going to Great Lakes Dragaway in order to see if I can't run a good time with my 2007 GT500. Prior to today, I ran a 10.818 1/4 mile with a 1.697 60 foot on 9/10/11. Added boost, changed spark plugs, and added skinny tires and bogarts on the front and went back...
  22. cobra gt 07

    Location where you put your line lock button

    Installing a line lock on my car and I have been asked where I want the button. Anyone have photos of where you installed your button?
  23. cobra gt 07

    Battery Kill/Shut Off Switch after trunk relocation

    Hey Everyone, I have been researching doing a battery relocation to the trunk out of practical necessity. Thanks to some older posts from users on SVT, I see that the primary reason that people shy away from doing this is because of the fact that you have to drill into the back of the car...
  24. cobra gt 07

    Weight of TR6060 Transmission?

    Anyone know the approximate weight of our stock 6 speed Tremec transmission?
  25. cobra gt 07

    Dynotech 07-09 GT500 3.5" 900hp Aluminum Driveshaft

    Up for sale is the Lightweight 1 Piece Dynotech driveshaft that I just had uninstalled from my car. This is a direct bolt-in for those running the stock transmission and stock 8.8" rear end. It is ready to ship out. This aluminum one piece driveshaft is a great way to improve driveshaft...