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  1. Black02GT

    "Profile Messages" not Private

    So I noticed since the update that profile posts are a stream at the bottom. Are there still private messages? People should be aware of the difference. I've seen a lot of phone numbers and what not popping up. I think they were to begin with but you had to look, now there is a feed. Just a...
  2. Black02GT

    Things to Watch Thread

    I know this isn't the first of these but too lazy to find the other. Going for mostly movies but good series are welcome. Please add what service it's available on if it is and you know. Finally picked up an OLED 4k and been on a tear, true black is still trippy. Just some recent watches...
  3. Black02GT

    Ford GT Almost Guaranteed Let Down

    **** these guys for getting my hopes up (not that I'll own it). Would be absolutely amazing though. Also the idea this will be the last ICE Ford supercar is sad, but probably better than 50/50 that is true. New Ford GT Test Mule Spy Photos Point To Possible V8 Sendoff
  4. Black02GT

    What Cam for 4,000hp?

    So the Devel is back again and still not really doing much since its announcement in 2006 but new info is coming out so figured I'd share. Engine looks to be crazy and legit but curious if it'll ever be a real "production" car or just a Saudi wet dream. 5,000-horsepower Devel Sixteen surfaces...
  5. Black02GT

    Stay Class Florida

    Florida landscaper leaps into action to save man's life as homeowners berate him: 'Die somewhere else' Good for Tony, people we need.
  6. Black02GT

    Pancreatitis... fun

    Anyone ever get pancreatitis? Was in the hospital for a few days (hours in my head on the drugs I was on) and still feel like shit and in a lot of pain. Curious if anyone on here has had to deal with it and has any tips to speed up recovery. I know random topic but I'm sure others have had it.
  7. Black02GT

    "Safety" Features Will End Manuals.

    Never thought about autonomous braking as a new standard like back up cams have become and how that really won't work with a manual gearbox. Just an interesting read. Safety Tech Will Kill Manual Transmissions Before EVs Do, Says Report | Carscoops
  8. Black02GT

    Alright who is it?

    Kentucky man giving Florida man a run for the money. Anyone know this guy? Kentucky man clocked driving Mustang 143 mph in a 70 mph zone, arrested after running out of gas
  9. Black02GT

    Mattress Opinions

    Random topic but curious to get some feedback on something that is very subjective. My mattress is easily 15-20 years old and I wake up like I got my ass kicked every morning so thinking of looking for a new mattress this weekend. Have a friend who swears by their Purple mattress, not sold yet...
  10. Black02GT

    This weekends F1 crash... wow.

    F1 is pretty boring lately but this is pretty incredible. Safety factor is real. My mind just can't over walking away from that.
  11. Black02GT

    2015 F150 18" vs 20" wheels

    Just looking to get opinions. Long story short dealer messed up a one of my rims (stock) mounting a tire. They are now offering a set of (4) 20s from a Platinum. Tempted to just take them and sell them depending on how bad the damaged rim is. I don't go off-roading just a daily. Curious if...
  12. Black02GT

    I Heart Radio Hacked

    I was wondering why I couldn't get the station I wanted on my phone so I went on the site. Some weird shit...
  13. Black02GT

    Crashing, it's not just for Mustangs anymore.

    The ol Mustang almost got a taste of it's own medicine.
  14. Black02GT

    Ares S, C8 Based Super Car with Zonda Styling?

    Pretty sweet minus the wheel. Big HP claims NA too. Love to see this come to fruition. Ares S Project Debuts As 705-Horsepower Corvette C8 Supercar
  15. Black02GT

    Why You Don't Build Spaceports Inland

    Chinese almost took out a school with a hydrazine booster rocket. Another Chinese rocket falls near a school, creating toxic orange cloud
  16. Black02GT

    Whipple Tensioner vs Standard Idler/Tensioner

    So I'm having belt slip issues. Apparently 3.73 gears and 10.6:1 compression with a 2.8 upper on VMP is gaining RPM too fast for my belt to grab well. (or so my tuner is saying). Thinking of going 3.1 or 3.0 upper and a 4# lower but thinking of swapping out my standard upper idler to the...
  17. Black02GT

    De-Pin Injector Plugs?!

    Soooo I'll just to the point anyone know how to get the pins out of these? Need to un-**** my harness after so me shitty work from a shop. Dealt with larger plugs with easy to remove locks. Seeing if anyone has a trick for these?
  18. Black02GT

    Missfire makes a wide band read rich or lean??

    Like the title says. You'll have both un-burnt fuel and air so which is it?
  19. Black02GT

    Settling Accident w.o Insurance Issue

    Here's the situation. Someone I know got into a minor fender bender (she sent me a picture of the other car, dinged rear bumper cover Nissan Rogue). They agreed to exchange information and settle out of insurance. I guessed like $1500 from the pic (I'll upload later), well they person calls...
  20. Black02GT

    Flexible Wheels?

    This came up in my news feed. Thought some might like to see it. Kinda cool tech.
  21. Black02GT

    Aftermarket Steering Wheels (99-04)

    I I've falling in love with the Sparco P310 Comp Mod for my sim setup (real one doesn't have all the buttons FYI, just two for the horn) I've been thinking of getting one for my car but I don't know about a flat top for an actual "street car". Flat bottom makes sense but not sure the top would...
  22. Black02GT

    School Me on Mid-Range Used Trucks

    Looking to get rid of my 07 F150 Lariat, bought it used cheap and gave me 5 years and 65K of no problem miles. Good buy in my book. Has 140 now, in the last 3-4 months problems popping up everywhere. Not looking to dump money into a vehicle rapidly deprecating so looking to move on. Looking...
  23. Black02GT

    Oh that sweet, sweet, conspiracy nectar....

    Plandemic Movie fun to watch, kinda funny all the "doctors" are out of focus... well done though.
  24. Black02GT

    LMAO, yeah this kid is "5"

    Random ass post but I've been laughing my ass off how retarded this story is. Plus now he gets on the news and gets a ride, my parents would still be whopping my ass 3 days later. Anyway we'll see this 28 year old in the Little League World Series in a few years. Just trying to get a...
  25. Black02GT

    New Ken Block Car a Fox?!

    Cool to see the ol' Fox platform getting some love if this actually comes to fruition.