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  1. 2002stang

    96 Cobra with possible blown head gasket

    Hey did you look at the cobra in Poughkeepsie? Where did you find one?
  2. 2002stang

    96 Cobra with possible blown head gasket

    Yeah I didn't mind. Def was not as described but that's the gamble with Craigslist
  3. 2002stang

    96 Cobra with possible blown head gasket

    Car was a shit box. Interior was destroyed, Pai t was destroyed, he thinks heads are bad now also. Wasted 4 hours going to see it. You would basically need to redo entire car from top to bottom
  4. 2002stang

    96 Cobra with possible blown head gasket

    That's what my thoughts are. A clean one owner never modded cobra has to be worth that. I'll post up if I get it
  5. 2002stang

    96 Cobra with possible blown head gasket

    I am looking at getting a 96 one owner Cobra. Older guy has it. Bought it new and not one single mod. Car is clean. He said over heated one day and he thinks head gasket and not moved since. 145k miles. Everything else is good. I can get for $1800. I'm new to the sn95 cobras. Is it worth it for...
  6. 2002stang

    1999 Mustang SVT Cobra. 66K Miles Very Clean!

    Tempted on trade.... I have an 08 Roush 427R bit would obviously need cash on your end. Let me know if any Interest and we can go from there
  7. 2002stang

    F/S 07-09 GT500 hood with Shelby hood pins

    Like title says. Factory Shelby hood. Painted Tungsten gray. Comes with Shelby hood pins installed. Great shape. Local pick up NJ only. $300 Obo
  8. 2002stang

    2008 Roush 427R vs...Fiat!

    This past weekend was the Ford Nationals in Carlise PA. I have an 06 GT but my dad has a couple of toys. One is a Satge 3 427 Roush. He is over 70 and the Roush literally collects dust so I usually take a few weeks of summer just so car is driven. So I'm driving it to nationals from NJ with wife...
  9. 2002stang

    Wtt anthrite 18x9 bullitts

    I have a gorgeous set of 18x9 anthrite bullitts. 255/40 hankook up front and 275/35 gforce on rear. Rears have about 70 % tread and fronts 85% left. Let me know what you have. Preference would be fr500, or SVT wheels but open.
  10. 2002stang

    My 2006 bolt on GT vs Acura integra

    Driving to store other day and 2 cars up I see a lowered integra with big muffler and the tow bracket. He is weaving around as if to be warming up tires. Umm ok. Then I see him cross double yellow to high five another ricer going other way stopped in traffic. About a mile more up road it turns...
  11. 2002stang

    For trade 07-09 SVT wheels and tires mint!!

    Looking for more of a staggered deep dish set up. Let me know what you have. These are original SVT wheels. Come with mint F1 tires with a good 90% tread left! 255/45/18 front and 285/40/18 rears. No curb rash! Wheels are gorgeous! Just looking for a different set up. Let me know what you have...
  12. 2002stang

    Wtb shelby black aluminum quarter window covers

    I am thinking there is someone that has a set of the Shelby black aluminum quarter window covers. Pm me if you do to discuss a price. Thanks!! Mike
  13. 2002stang

    Pair of 315/30/18 pirelli p zero rosso cheap!!!

    I got these in partial trade and have no use. Great shape. Prob 70-80 % tread left. Local pick up. In north jersey 200 takes them! These go for almost 500 each new. I cant post pics so if interested pm me cell or email and ill send pics
  14. 2002stang

    FS/ or Trade 2011 GTCS WHEELS

    Full set of 2011 GTCS Wheels with Pirellis all around. Both wheels and tires in amazing condition!! Tons of tread on tires. Prob 80% left Wheels are 19's wrapped in 255/40/19. Asking 900 but prefer trade. Looking for 07-09 SVT but open to others. Would like to keep local to NY/NJ I can't...
  15. 2002stang

    FS/or Trade 2011 GTCS WHEELS AND TIRES

    I have a full set of 2011 GTCS WHEELS in great shape with Pirellis in almost new shape. Wheels are 19's with 255/40/19 all around. I can't post pics on here so PM me email or cell and I can text or email pics. Open to trades as well. Prefer 07-09 SVT Wheels but open so let me know what you have...
  16. 2002stang

    WTT MY black Bullitts for stock GT500 wheels tires

    I have real nice 18 inch black Bullitts. 9.5 all around with 255 40 18 in front and 275 40 18 rears. Come with matching black 6 spline lugs. Front tires are good. Rears are decent, I would prob get new ones after summer or before next summer but really pretty good. Sumitomo tires. I am looking...