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    SCT X4 Tuner Un-locked

    SCT X4 Unlock and Unmarried. $325 Shipped
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    WTB: Cobra Jet Springs

    Looking to buy a set of Cobra Jet Springs.
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    I'm Back!!!

    So I sold my SB Cobra about 4 months ago and have been looking for a Z06. Well yesterday ended my search when I found my newest ride which is a 2008 Grabber Orange GT500. I'll post better pictures up after I detail her.
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    FS: 03 Sonic Blue

    FS: 03 Sonic Blue price lowered Thinking about selling my 03 SB and building a fox. 57,000 miles Stage IV ported Eaton 2.76 upper 2lb lower KB BAP 80lb Injectors Kooks Lt's Kooks O/R X RXT Twin Disk and Flywheel (Less then 100 miles) MGW Shifter Fluidyne Heat Exchanger Fully...
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    WTB: 4lb lower ring

    Looking for a 4lb ring and a 3.20 alternator pulley. Ready to buy today.
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    Comp 106400 Cams

    I have a set of 4V Comp 106400 Cams. They have zero miles on them. A shop installed them in my buddies Mach and on start up a spring snap. My buddy then order a full MMR long block with the same cams. I'm looking to get $875 shipped. I can post pictures upon request. I will also consider trade...
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    Has anyone who E85 to a ported Eaton?

    Has anyone used E85 with a ported Eaton? I'm thinking about switching over to E85 this year. Has anyone run E85 with a ported Eaton? If so what power were you making?
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    WTB: Built SRA

    I'm looking for a built SRA let me know what you may have.
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    CCW SP500's for sale

    18x9.5 and 18x11 CCW SP500's with almost new tires. Front tires are 275/35/18 and Rears are 335/30/18's. Tires has less than 2000 miles on them. One of the rear ones has two small chips but that's the only damage to the set. Asking $2300 or trade for fully built SRA with cash on your end.
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    16x9 Draglite XP's with 15x3.5

    I have a set of 16x9 Draglite XP's and a set of 15x3.5 with new skinny radials. The fronts are also 26" tall. The Et Streets needs to be replaced. One of the back wheels has a slight bend but it has never effected the car on the track. I have run these XP's down the track around 300 times or so...
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    WTB Spring

    Looking for Steeda Spring. I love the stance of my 03 with cut factory spring but the roads here are just to rough.
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    Has anyone used DSS Half Shafts?

    I'm new to the IRS world and I have heard nightmare stories about people snapping half shafts at the track. I'm used to cutting 1.6 60ft's in my old Mach. I took the Cobra to the track this past weekend and had wheels hop at the ass.
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    Will my cams work??

    As some of you know I just picked up an 03 SB Cobra and sold my Mach 1. I have a brand new set of Comp 106400 cams that I was planning to put in the Mach. Here are the specs Cam Style Hydraulic roller follower Basic Operating RPM Range 1,800-6,200 Intake Duration at 050 inch Lift 234...
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    Finally got a Terminator!!!!!!!!

    After many years of dreaming I finally got one. I picked up an 03 Sonic Blue with 51,000 miles. It cam with a stage V ported blower, kook's LT's, JLT intake, and the best of all CCW SP500's. Here are a couple of phone pictures. I will post more after I get it cleaned up
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    2004 TR Mach 1 LT's, N02, AFS Wheels etc

    2004 TR Mach 1 Price reduced!!!!!! $14000 The time has come to sell my 04 Mach. I just picked up an 03 SB cobra and the wife said the Mach has to go. The car just hit 54,000 miles it has LT's,C&L intake, 430's, SCT 4 bank chip, FR aluminum drive shaft, drive shaft loop, 1/2 intake spacer, msd 2...
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    More pictures from German photo shoot. Picture heavy!!!!

    Hope everyone enjoys the pictures. The car has been a blast here in Germany now its time to head back home.
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    Last pics of the Mach before it leave Germany

    Here a sneak peek of the Mach from a photo shoot today. I'm shipping the car back to the states on Monday. I will post more of the pictures after I get them back.
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    WTB: 3 Switch nitrous control panel cup holder

    Here is the link to the one I'm looking for. 3 Switch Nitrous Control Panel (99-04 All) at - Discontinued
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    Ft. Carson

    Well I just find out that the Army in cutting my tour of Germany short by 16 months. I will be heading to Ft Carson in Aug of this year. I was wanting to see how many SVT guys we have there.
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    04 Mach N/A vs 05 Roush Stage 3

    Thought i would share a little racing video from Germany. This was at German Racewars in May of this year. The track is an up hill runway with no type of vht are anything. This is why the ET's are so slow. YouTube - ‪hurststang & redfire @ GRW May 2011‬‏
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    Dyno and Car Show

    For all the guys stationed in Germany USAG Bamberg will be hosting a huge 4th of July Car show. This is the biggest show since 2007 so Ihope to see a few of the SVT guys around. Attached is the flyer with the info. If anyone would like to come just let me know and we could do a meet and greet...