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  1. scotmach

    Rear o2 sensor ODBII readiness for passing emissions

    Those spacers may never allow your monitors to set.
  2. scotmach

    Running like crap after tuner update!

    Stop screwing around with this local tuner and get a tune from one of the big name tuners.
  3. scotmach


    This thread would have been better off going in the "wheels" section.
  4. scotmach

    OEM Oil Drain Plug??

    But it's not a problem. Only guys like you that think so.
  5. scotmach

    2014 A6 drag slip.. Awful 60 ft

    As was stated earlier on the stock converter you're not going to get much better than what you've done. My car picked up half a second in the quarter mile after my Circle D converter went in. Oh and with 3.15's.
  6. scotmach

    12 years old coolant and 5K miles?

    You'd have more luck with responses if this were posted in the correct forum. You are asking about a 4.6 in the 2015+ 5.0 section.
  7. scotmach

    Best custom tune for 2012 GT with Auto Trans!

    Skip the intake and get a drop in filter. Waste of money. Doesn't mean anything though now does it?
  8. scotmach

    Intake Cam change only Dyno Results:

    Fived it for you.
  9. scotmach

    Looking for no-drone quad tip

    GT500's And 4.10's will be way to much gear. Some say 3.73's are a lot.
  10. scotmach

    Proper break-in for MMR short block

    6000 miles is excessive to run regular oil. But if that's what they want so be it.
  11. scotmach

    Tune question

    Yes your car is tuned.
  12. scotmach

    Mustang/Charger comparison

    I had many Mustangs over the course of 30 years and I'm on my second Challenger with the 392. The Challenger is more roomy and better looking in my opinion over the current Mustang. The 392 puts out a lot of torque but won't be as fast. But it's a better overall cruiser in my opinion.
  13. scotmach

    Airaid Cold Air Intake Cover Discoloration

    Should have just kept the stock "true" CAI setup. No issues and it was free......
  14. scotmach


    CAI are a waste of money especially on a stock car. Focus on a tune instead with the stock airbox.
  15. scotmach

    I bought some Welds, the ones I've always wanted...

    Those wheels were worth every penny.
  16. scotmach

    Sct x4 question

    Changes for taller tires are no longer made through tuning devices. Haven't seen 2015.
  17. scotmach

    Drag Radials for TVS Mustang (15" or 17")

    15" wheel gets my vote. I had that size with Weld wheels and loved them. I ran a 295/55-15.
  18. scotmach

    2019 have the same engine tick as 2018?

    Yes, same tick as 2018 cars and no Ford hasn't changed anything.
  19. scotmach

    What do I need after installing cat deletes?

    The gains from to ditching the cats really aren't worth it in my opinion. Not with emission testing getting harder and harder.
  20. scotmach

    Whats my car worth?

    $12,000 would be generous. I wouldn't pay that much for a car with 91,000 miles and has the crappy MT82.
  21. scotmach

    How will I stack up?

    Probably a drivers race.
  22. scotmach

    HP/TQ ?

    You won't gain any power by replacing the mufflers and my car was slower with the JLT Intake due to the heat soak. A good tune with E85 is a real difference maker.
  23. scotmach

    Mods on 15-17 vs 13-14

    Impossible. JLT only sells tune required CAI. Also the longtubes need to be addressed in a tune due to the cats moving further downstream. Your car had to have been tuned before you bought it.
  24. scotmach

    2018 intake & tune

    Correct my bad. I thought he had a 2018.
  25. scotmach

    2018 intake & tune

    Wrong place to post this question.