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    Has anyone shipped something big lately?

    Find a buddy with a FedEx or ups business account. I sold some tires earlier this year to a guy in Indianapolis. My quote from Boston was $65 per tire ! Had my buddy ship it out thru his work, cost me $26 per tire. I gave him a $100 bill and 12 pack of Coor’s light
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    Performance Shop MA/NH line

    Cobra Dan on Facebook. great guy, does good work from I’ve seen. Many NH Mustang club members have used him over the years, then sent the car over to Pete’s for tuning.
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    The new Cobra R for sale and want to buy thread

    Still, does not make it a scam
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    The new Cobra R for sale and want to buy thread

    Also BaT does have reserves, maybe reserve wasn’t met, and now trying a different platform to sell it ?
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    The new Cobra R for sale and want to buy thread

    How do you know it’s a scam ? Could be trying for the quick flip ?
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    Vegas Trip

    If you end up renting a car do everything in the one day you have it go to the Hoover dam and then get back into town and stop at the Shelby museum and then that night go downtown old Las Vegas
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    Vegas Trip

    +1 for breakfast at Peppermills I usually go there twice while I’m in Vegas. If you’ve never been, go to In N Out burger, at least you can say you tried it Shelby Las Vegas museum and tour. Any of the cirque du soleil shows is good, as mentioned above O is a good one, so is the Beatles Love...
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    Rear seat delete

    Ford is offering the rear seat delete on the 2021-22 MACH 1 as an option, so you should be able to get one from the parts department at your local Ford dealer.
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    I hate thieves

    @13 Cobra i hope that’s full retail, plus a restocking fee!
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    Prayers Needed

    Prayers sent and In our thoughts
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    2000 R on BAT 886 Miles. First one to break $100K??

    I replaced mine with one from HO Fibertrends and unless you know what you’re looking for, you would never know it was a replacement
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    Sold the Porsche and bought a . . . . .Italian

    Take it up to Euro Design in Leominster, they are doing some great work on cars like yours.
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    Opinions on driveway/landscaping

    How friendly are you with the neighbor? Would regrading the slope be a possibility? Then you could eliminate the need for a wall altogether
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    I am looking for a 1995 Cobra R in good condition

    More details please ? mileage ? How many owners? Modifications? And if so, original parts included ? clean car fax ? Original fuel cell or not ?
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    I was thinking the same thing ! Nick, just get a truckload of 20 yards delivered and dump it in the driveway. you have a small tractor don’t you ?
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    Any TrackHawk Owner In here?

    So did @GOTSVT?
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    Obviously I'm a jerk

    @13COBRA I learned years ago from a friend in retail, “sometimes the best deal is no deal” applies even to my business, commercial real estate. Tried to do a deal with Panera bread, franchisee was a total ass, pissed me off right from the start. Told him deal is off, go pound sand. Ended up...
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    RIP Dusty from ZZ Top

    Seen ZZ Top about a dozen times over the years, one of my favorite bands growing up. so sad
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    2000 cobra r under a 1000 miles

    nick, it’s an old indoor shopping mall turned into a car dealership.
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    Removing Side Baffles question

    Baffles came out of mine 1 hour after I picked up the car in October 2011, haven’t been in since. just bolt the two pipes back together, no gasket.
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    What is this sorcery?

    I think that’s gingerman !?
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    Who remembers FFW

    Went to the one at Maple Grove Pa years ago. I remember doing both maple grove and Carlisle in the same year. Prob mid 90’s ?
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    Judge approves class action lawsuit against Ford Mustang

    I thought is was 2017 that track pack became standard equipment?
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    Toot my own horn

    Take credit where credit is due, you deserve it, especially after the challenges of the past year. congratulations sir !!!