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  1. Kiohtee

    My slice of gaming/virtual racing heaven.

    I usually share my setups with the group so figured why not share this one too? I updated pretty much everything back in November when I was finally able to get my hands on everything at MSRP (outsiders of the gaming/PC world, prices are ridiculous right now - if you can even find stuff). So I...
  2. Kiohtee

    This floorplan just doesn't match this house...

    Aside from the filth and clutter (and the questionable porn room with a walk-in shower), from the looks of the outside of this, the 3D walkthrough should belong to something else completely. LOL This is a complete mind****. 8800 Blue Lick Rd, Louisville, KY 40219 - 3 beds/4 baths
  3. Kiohtee

    Thoughts and prayers for one of our own!

    I'm a member of @KyleSVT's Discord, where a little bit earlier his sister let us know of an injury he suffered while working on a jetski yesterday. Thankfully he should be OK, but just keep him in your thoughts and prayers. He's a great dude!
  4. Kiohtee

    AF helicopter, assigned to the 1st Helicopter Squadron and supports the movement of POTUS, shot at.
  5. Kiohtee

    Maxwell off of suicide watch, being moved to gen pop.

    She's a dead woman walking. Not that I care if she dies, but I feel like she's a major key piece. Lawyer: Ghislaine Maxwell Taken off Suicide Watch in New York Jail
  6. Kiohtee

    Any flight sim fans? Microsoft Flight Simulator (2020) is just around the corner!

    The graphics, scale and detail of this game seem to be awesome! Since it's Microsoft, the world is correctly scaled and detailed thanks to Bing Maps with improvisation being applied where necessary (I've heard mainly under bridges). It releases August 18th if anyone is interested that didn't...
  7. Kiohtee

    Beirut just got ROCKED!

    Supposedly a fireworks warehouse caught fire? I don't know. Explosions Rock East Beirut Livestream of the aftermath here.
  8. Kiohtee

    I'm not on here nearly as often, but my offer still stands.

    You don't have to go through your hardest, darkest times alone. And I won't talk to you like I'm reading out of a medical book or pretend that I know your situation. Our discussions are 100% confidential, you don't even have to identify yourself. But please, if you're feeling depressed...
  9. Kiohtee

    New racing simulator setup!

    Some of you undoubtedly remember my old triple screen and steering wheel on a desk setup, but I've taken it a step further this time. Still needs some work (like a mouse and keyboard tray add-on, more enclosing, a real racing seat, etc.). But I think it's a solid start and it's super comfortable...
  10. Kiohtee

    What do y'all know about the 2001-2007 Ford Escape 2.3L FWD?

    Specifically a 2007 XLT (automatic). Can it get out of its own way? Are they reliable? Major fail points? Thanks in advance!
  11. Kiohtee

    Neat WWII story. When a Bf-109 spared a stricken B-17.

    I thought some of you would find this interesting. I'm amazed at some of the stories of compassion I've heard about throughout wars. I know we're all human in the end, but still.
  12. Kiohtee

    Google Chrome and constant "Aw Snap! Something went wrong while displaying this webpage." error.

    I've tried removing the one extension I have (Adblock Plus), clearing "cookies and other site data" and "cached images and files" and also clearing my entire search history under "advanced" since the beginning of time. I've even tried uninstalling and reinstalling Chrome, to no avail. The error...
  13. Kiohtee

    So what will $2,882,700 buy you in the RV world?

    This thing is incredible! Definitely on the lottery list (with a matching stacker trailer)! The ad - 2020 Prevost Foretravel H3-45Quad Slide A video:
  14. Kiohtee

    Spend Bill Gates' money. Mind blown.

    Mindless entertainment more than anything, but this really helps put into perspective just how much $90B is. At $2.3B a piece, Gates could own all 32 NFL teams and still have $16.4B leftover. Absolutely mind blowing. Enjoy!
  15. Kiohtee

    Salute to America live stream inside!

    Enjoy comrades!
  16. Kiohtee

    Spectator Drags: Boosted C10 vs Cutlass (and GT350 wreck).

    There's a ton of videos from these events, but this is hands down the best race I've ever seen. Dude in the C10 is a driver for sure.
  17. Kiohtee

    Lee Iacocca passes at 94.

    RIP Lee. We owe everything we have to you.
  18. Kiohtee

    7th-generation (2023) Chevrolet Camaro reportedly canceled, nameplate to die (again).

    While I don't and haven't liked the Camaro since the 2002 SS, the competition is healthy and driving and this is a little sad. 7th-generation Chevrolet Camaro reportedly canceled, nameplate to die
  19. Kiohtee

    Street Car Takeover Charlotte SVTPerformance attendance?

    Anybody else going?
  20. Kiohtee

    Local accident deemed a street racing manslaughter.

    Such a senseless tragedy. Time and place, time and place. Teen, man face murder charges in deadly street racing crash that killed father, son in Elkin
  21. Kiohtee

    Now that's a true street car!

    Skip to 12:00 for the racing or watch the whole thing like I did. LOL I can't believe how effortless this car is!
  22. Kiohtee

    How much money do you estimate it taking for you to never have to work again? Think the lottery.

    And to keep it simple, think jackpot value and not cash/take home. I figured this would be interesting because we all desire to do different things and live different lives. Me? The base $40M would suit me as I'm not a traveler, wouldn't own exotics and/or multiple properties. I could even let...
  23. Kiohtee

    Now's your chance to own a replica of the Dodge Ram from the movie Twister!

    I'm not sure why you would want to or even how I ran across this, but behold: Edit: Says "page unavailable" but just click on it anyway. Autotrader - page unavailable
  24. Kiohtee

    Temecula crash. NSFW!

    Silverado driver was drunk, apparently his second DUI in less than a year, his first one ending in a police chase. How he still has a license, or was able to get another one, and a vehicle as nice as that Silverado is beyond me. The one fatality is of course the woman in the car that was...
  25. Kiohtee

    Isle of Man TT 2019. RIP Daley Mathison.

    The race has already claimed an experienced 27 year old making his 19th TT start. He leaves behind his wife. Rider dies in opening TT race crash Now someone make this thread happier with TT awesomeness!