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    Ydbt tune

    I want to tune my car , someone recommend ydbt( Yolo),did anyone try his tune? I have 2013 auto 5.0 full bolts on with CJ intake . please advice me to the best one to tune my setup, some tuner refuse to set the shift point higher than 7500 which is kind of low to get the full advantage of the...
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    Is it worth?

    I'm looking for a used magnaflow catback( street) 3" but couldn't found and I want to know is it wort with my current set up?? Isn't magnaflow the beat catback in performance?? The car is 2013 5.0 auto mods: cj intake manifold mono blade throttle body JLT CAI kooks 1-3-4 headers with off road...
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    Wheels fitment

    I have 2013 auto 5.0 , want to replace the 19x8.5 ( premium wheels) with set of Bullitte 17x8 Note: the brakes is not brembo are these going to fit without any issue?? Thanks for your help and support
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    CJ intake shifiting

    I have a6 2013 GT Mods: cj intake_ monoblade throttle body_JLT cai_ off road x pipe tuned by Shaun. Could you please tell me how can I shift at 7700 or more . What do I have to get to make it done ?? I want to get the full advantage of the CJ kit. Thanks
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    CJ intake installing issue

    There is a code P0457 ( Evaporative emission system leak detected fuel cap loose/ off) and message says check fuel fill inlet After installing the CJ intake. Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks
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    need your advice

    i am thinking to buy a CJ intake kit or long tube headers, if the headers will be better option for me what is the best size 1-3-4 or 1-7-8 ? Note:i don't go to drag or dig only rolling from 20,40,60 mph up to 160 mph my car is 2013 5.0 auto. i have only JLT intake , JBA x pipe off road and...
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    Active knock

    hi I bought a used 2013 mustang Gt, I installed x pipe off road then I data log ,was there active knock +3.25. tuner in my area said maybe need to tune so he did and could not increase timing because the knock I return the stock h pipe so now the car is stock, yesterday I data log and the...