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    New driver woes

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    Did you get shot for Rona or Not?

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    1995 Jeep Cherokee | Retro Review

    Had a 93 and a 98, loved them both.
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    Fuel prices near you

    $4.05 for 93 at the station in town on Sunday when I was filling up the gas can for the mower.
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    I will miss you Ellie

    Very sorry for your loss. It's never easy, they are here and gone far too quickly.
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    Any HVAC guys or multiple story home owners in here?

    Another option, while it would increase run time is get something like the Ecobee thermostats and a handful of the sensors. It's what I run in my single zone 2400sq ft 2 story. I've got the thermostat and 1 sensor on the main, then 3 upstairs and I have it heat & cool to the average across all...
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    That's the way our 3rd car is as well, unfortunately our builder had no option to make it matched depth unless springing the extra 20k for a side entry plan.
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    SVTP stock pick thread.

    I was watching xela yesterday as well... Jumped in a little early today before it bottomed so a little upside down at the moment and before I saw they were doing an offering. We'll see where it goes this afternoon.
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    The Meteor Interceptor (2500hp?)

    Looks like stock they churn 550-600 at 2500rpm so it's possible that's the top end of the rpm range.
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    Miami building collapse

    Terrible. It sounds like this building has been documented as sinking since the 90's so sounds like a ticking time bomb to me.
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    2000 Cobra R - where are the builds

    27 miles, I can't fathom buying a car just to look at. No offense of course, I'd just be too tempted to let it rip.
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    1990 Olds Cutlass Calais Quad 4 | Retro Review

    Buddy back in the day had a 94 Grand Am GT with the HO version of this motor & a 5 spd in the late 90s, it was a quick little setup for what it was back then.
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    2022 Ford Maverick Pickup | 40MPG, Can Haul 1,500 Pounds, All For Under $20,000

    I mean it's better than what I was expecting, the price is impressive. Id be in the AWD 2.0, tow & fx4 segment if I considered it, that or give it a tremor package. The 4x8 sheets going in the bed flat is impressive.
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    Slap the 2.3 in there and call it an ST, might be interesting.
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    Something like this would be perfect for projects around the house and stuff where you don't need a bigger truck... Too bad it's not a truck though.
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    Help buying a bench vise

    Not sure I trust that list. It has the Wilton listed above and in the q&a on northern tool they repond saying made in china.
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    Help buying a bench vise

    Yea, I definitely wouldn't buy a new one from china, but op was looking at vintage Craftsman so plenty of good made in the USA vintage vices out there for reasonable prices.
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    SVTP stock pick thread.

    Sounds about where my position is as well. As long as it keeps rebounding this week, next month is news for them.
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    Help buying a bench vise

    I have a hand me down Wilton Machinists vice, I think 5 1/2" or 6" width that's a really nice piece. This image is about the vintage of mine, but mine is well loved and looks no where near this nice. I have another, that come to think of it may also be a wilton but I can't remember at the...
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    Norton Internet Security- what a rip-off!!! Any alternatives??

    This, plus it's light weight and doesn't bring your PC to a crawl. Ditch that Norton for a day and see how much more snappy it is.
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    2010 V6 mustang high beam issues.

    Those look aftermarket, tried the stockers? (if you still have them)
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    Gas Prices After The Cyber Attack (by Russia?)

    ^^ PA 2nd highest tax and they still cant pave a road.
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    Real Ford Puma ST RACES Replica RC Car! Who Wins?

    Probably would have if it hadn't gone off track!
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    Perusing COVID obituaries

    Because obituaries are expensive, it's another form of supremacy....
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    Just placed an order for an Ultima RS

    Pretty sure they are in michigan