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  1. KingBlack

    Great Bostonian, Dick Hoyt, passes away at 80

    Rest in peace Dick Hoyt, a beloved icon of the Boston Marathon, has died at the age of 80 |
  2. KingBlack

    we need 10 new Premium Members TODAY and I'll leave for 1 week

    I'm a man of my word. Do a snapshot of today's date (11Jan21) showing you're a none premium and another after showing you are premium. I'll leave for a full week, up to the minute. After @SID297 confirms, I will take a hike. no post. I'll log off from my devices. Now, I know you all will...
  3. KingBlack

    From me to SVTP

    Hello guys I want to wish you all good health, wealth and good times with your family and friends. We may not always see eye to eye, but we are all in this together. Lets keep things light and keep in mind that we don't know what others are going thru. stay safe. KB
  4. KingBlack

    xmas turkey

    Figured I'd share this with you guys, and I'll eat one for the SVTP family. And yes, this is on the Weber Summit Kamado grill
  5. KingBlack

    New toy (Kamado grill)

    I've been waiting some time to get this bad boy and do some grilling. I'll add some content from my cooks on it. I plan on doing a 20 hour cook on a 10 pound brisket during Christmas.
  6. KingBlack

    Do you Daily Drive your Mustang?

    Just curious. I'm sure a lot of the members here has a Mustang as a 2nd or 3rd car, but I'd like to see how many people DD their pony.
  7. KingBlack

    Smokeless fire pits

    I'm seeing companies advertising fire pits with virtually no smoke. I always thought the quality of the wood and how seasoned it is play the largest part in the smoke that's given off from your pit fire. Does anyone have experience with the solo stove or similar, that claims to not give off...
  8. KingBlack

    Chilton vs Haynes repair manuals

    which do you prefer and why?
  9. KingBlack

    1995 Ranger XLT - Lift it?

    Just got a 2wd 4.0 Ranger, in good shape but the factory 225 70 14 are...lets say there's lots of room for improvement. would like to get some '01 15 inch Explorer "swirlies" and go with a small lift and 235 70 15. Factory 3:55 on a 4 speed auto. Likely go up to 4:10 and adjust the vss for...
  10. KingBlack

    Happy Tuesday

    Good morning SVTP family. Hope you all have a blessed day KB
  11. KingBlack

    VA C&P Exam tips

    Getting a compensation and pension exam, or had one? Check out these items to improve your chances for a fair decision. 1 - The rater is NOT your friend. Try to avoid small talk or conversations not related to your condition. Kindly ask the rater to stick with the task at hand if needed...
  12. KingBlack

    Men/Women of SVTP, look in a mirror

    You tell that person in the mirror that they are good enough, strong enough, smart enough and they didn't get to this point without proving it everyday. You tell that person in the mirror to never forget the struggles they endured to get to where they are. That person knows that reaching the...
  13. KingBlack

    The holidays are upon us...

    ... and I hope that all of you have a great one. This time of the year means a lot to me and as you all are part of my extended family I hope nothing but Goodwill and prosperity for you all. Remember, we may have differences but that's no excuse to not treat your fellow man or woman like a human...
  14. KingBlack

    The KING is super and well

    I know you guy have been concerned about my whereabouts. Thanks, but no need to worry. I'm back at the castle and in good hands tonight. The surgery was a success, and the recovery begins now. My new lady is a 10, caring, funny and has more curves than a racetrack. she's taking care of me...
  15. KingBlack

    Gen 2 (93-97) Ford Ranger 4.0 ohv

    Any of you guys have experience with one? Everyone says they are durable and I'm seeing a ton with 200k miles on the road.
  16. KingBlack

    Trump: vets are "losers" and "suckers"

    I'm proud to be one... if serving my country makes me a loser then I'll proudly wear that title. Fox News confirms Trump mocked US troops as ‘suckers’; Biden calls him a disgrace
  17. KingBlack

    WTF? Used Toyota Tacoma prices!

    Looking for a small truck to haul furniture between my homes and wood for the fire pit and outdoor kitchen...and damn those (high mileage) taco's aint cheap. 2005, 200k plus for $10k or there something special about these things?
  18. KingBlack

    Lots of internet warriors on SVTP

    I have to admit I truly enjoy this site. Not because of the car stuff but the characters here. don't take that as a bad thing because we all have different personalities and that's what makes it fun. But I figured the one thing that we would all agree on is the concept of America and what she...
  19. KingBlack

    Some of you guys are truly sad

    It's like you got piss running through your veins ... and your anger is truly venomous. I understand that we all have things around us that we don't like. For instance, I don't like paying as much taxes as I do. I know people that declare bankruptcy often and as soon as they do they're driving a...
  20. KingBlack

    Mississippi Has a new flag

    They just voted to remove the confederate flag. hmmm Correction: It should say the senate voted to remove the confederate emblem
  21. KingBlack

    7.3 Godzilla create engine

    Good job ford for getting it to market so fast!!
  22. KingBlack

    Trivia Time: Oldest rapper on the Billboards Top 100

    Ok guys...this one will blow your minds...any guesses? Spoiler Alert: Answer Below! Rodney Dangerfield. 62 years of age
  23. KingBlack

    NASCAR Bans Confederate Flag

    NASCAR bans fans from displaying Confederate flag at racetracks
  24. KingBlack

    No more cops

    Looks like Paramount Studio has canceled the show after more than 30 seasons. Goes to show you how companies only care about profits and PR