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  1. Robertt305

    Ipv4s Box Mod full kit

    New IPV4s with 4 new 18650 batteries and new D4 charger. 2 horizon artic tanks with 5 coils 1 herakles tank with 5 coils and 1 starre freemax tank. $200 shipped.
  2. Robertt305

    Radar: Passport Escort 9500ix

    Escort Passport 9500ix / blue display With heavy duty suction cup. Had it for 3 years and always worked flawless. Upgraded to new model which is the reason for this sale. $175 shipped
  3. Robertt305

    FS: OEM 2013 BOSS car cover

    $250 shipped Brand new never used 2013 BOSS 302 car cover.
  4. Robertt305

    Sct x3

    X3 $100 shipped. Forgot to return to stock when I traded in the car, so the tuner is locked.
  5. Robertt305

    Escort Passport 9500ix

    Escort Passport 9500ix With heavy duty suction cup. $200 shipped
  6. Robertt305

    2013 Original BOSS wheels and tires

    2,000 miles of use. Original Tires, excellent condition, no curbing, no nails or tire damage. Tires like new. Tpms kit in the tires and programming tool included. $1,200 prefer local pick up, South Florida area.
  7. Robertt305

    5.0 Full Peterson catch can / breather kit

  8. Robertt305

    Much better!

    My hands are too big for the tiny stock shift knob, so this is much better! Blowfish bracket, SS clutch line, whiteline bushing, DSS CF drive shaft, barton shifter and hurst pistol grip.
  9. Robertt305

    DSS CF driveshaft, MT82 insert and barton 2 post shifter

    Just got done installing the CF driveshaft, tranny insert and barton 2 post bracket and shifter today. Car drives great with no vibration and very little whining (tested up to 120mph). I have factory 3.73's in the car. I'm very happy with the parts and the car is shifting and driving great...
  10. Robertt305

    KB 2.8 3.25 pulley and plugs

    Kennebell 3.25 pulley with New TR6 plugs for sale. $75 shipped
  11. Robertt305

    07-09 GT500 FRPP Axle Back

  12. Robertt305

    05-09 FRPP stinger Axle Back

  13. Robertt305

    JLT Cold Air Intake (Plastic)

  14. Robertt305

    New guy

    Recently sold my 09 GT500 Here is the new 13 Boss Love this thing already! Def needs a twin turbo!
  15. Robertt305

    I'm out!

    Cars sold guys!! It was fun while it lasted!
  16. Robertt305

    Thinking about it....

    Need some feed back. Thinking about selling my 09 KB Gt500. I'm a little bored.
  17. Robertt305

    F/S: 09 Busa 1,335 original miles

    09 pearl white Busa with 1,335. This bike is still brand new. Only mods are HID's, rear fender eliminated and no cut sliders. $9,500 Pm me for info. I'm in south Texas.
  18. Robertt305

    When did this happen??

    First 2013 Shelby GT500 In The 9's - [email protected] - YouTube Holy crap!!:eek: :bowdown:
  19. Robertt305


    09 GT500 coolant expansion tank Thanks
  20. Robertt305

    The perfect gauge !

    Finally a set of gauges that match perfect to my dash and change colors as well!!! AEM analog boost and wideband along with my PLX monitoring IAT's, timing And water temps.. My previous wideband crapped out after 2 years and my autometer boost Gauge was on the fritz..... Def a...
  21. Robertt305

    Bling bling

    One expensive carbonfiber hood..... One drill bit.... One long afternoon with a little rum Ive never checked and rechecked things over as many times as i did on this project.... But damn it was worth the effort cause she looks sexy as hell now.
  22. Robertt305

    What wheels are these?

    Found this pic and I can't find what wheels these are.... Anyone know?
  23. Robertt305

    HPSBE Class

    The new High Performance Search Button Education class in this thread will help you to research, analyze and find the answer to your question before wasting more valuable bandwidth and time... This function will prevent repetitive threads like: Boost Exhaust Tires E85 Finding Lund New...
  24. Robertt305

    WTB stock Size blower idler pulley

    I'm currently looking for one....