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  1. Vert

    VMP gen 1 stage 2 SC package

    Im selling my VMP kit that has around 18K miles. It is a stage 2 kit with 2.3L SC, afco 3 core dual fan HE, 123mm JLT intake, 47lb injectors and 82mm pulley. Kit is complete with all hoses, bolts and harnesses. Only item you will need is a JLT catch can or a similar one. If interested, I can...
  2. Vert

    Ford racing gauge pod with gauges

    Up for grabs is my Ford racing 3 gauge pod with an aeroforce, cobalt boost and cobalt oil pressure gauges. Gauges comes with all wiring, boost line and sending unit to hook them up for a clean install. $375 shipped
  3. Vert

    2011-2014 GT Roush Mufflers

    Ive ran these mufflers for the last 2 summers or ruffly 8-9K miles. They are in great shape as one can see from the pictures. Im starting the demod process, so I will be placing my VMP kit up for sale along with gauges and SGM stock spoiler. Anyways, Im asking 320 shipped.
  4. Vert

    Red BMR TCA019 lower control arms

    I selling a slightly used set of BMR NON Adj lower control arms, TCA019. I had them on my car for max of 3,000 miles this summer and the Ford Racing is just a decal that can be easily removed. $90 shipped
  5. Vert

    VMP/roush auto cars, whats your 3rd gear WOT MPH

    I'm curious on what your 3rd gear WOT mph is when you did your datalogs. Seems my 14 is low on mph and 7k rpms it's at 97mph. On my 13 I had the same exact set up including wheels and gears and at 7k rpms I was 110mph. Only difference in the 14 is I'm running the passenger and drivers side...
  6. Vert

    LED fogs off 14 GT

    I installed a CDC upper grille so I no longer need these and car had 16K miles on it when I took them off. Looking for $130 shipped
  7. Vert

    JLT oil separator for SC applications

    Selling my passenger side JLT that came off my VMP TVS that was on my 13 GT. Can includes all lines that connect to SC and the head along with the line that connects to the lower manifold with a PCV valve attached. $80 shipped
  8. Vert

    MT ET street drag radials

    Would you PM me a price on the ET streets radials in 275/50/15, they are going on a 15x10 dark stars. Thanks
  9. Vert

    $ WTB 13-14 grille surround

    Just like the title says, looking for a 13-14 gt grille surround. Send me a PM if you have one.
  10. Vert

    Anyone install a 11-14 TVS into a 15

    I'm thinking of demodding and trading my 13 for a 15-16 GT. I currently have a VMP pkg and I am wanting to put it on the new stang. I have read that the hood clearance is an issue so a new intercooler would be needed, but other than that I wonder if the rest of the kit is a direct fit. I...
  11. Vert

    Question on installing a 11-14 TVS into a 15

    I'm thinking of demodding and trading my 13 for a 15-16 GT. I currently have a VMP pkg and I am wanting to put it on the new stang. I have read that the hood clearance is an issue so a new intercooler would be needed, but other than that I wonder if the rest of the kit is a direct fit. I have...
  12. Vert

    2011-2014 winter wheel/tire set up

    Since I got a winter beater dirt cheap, Im selling what was going to be my winter set up. I have 4 OEM 19" bright machined aluminum rims with TPMS sensors and 2 of the wheels have curb rash. With the wheels come 4 Bridgestone blizzak LM60 winter tires. 2 tires are 245-40-19 and 2 are...
  13. Vert

    2011-2014 GT500 mufflers

    Up for grabs are my GT500 mufflers that have around 10K miles and no winter months on them. Part#F1-8214-L/R. Looking at $235 shipped within the US.
  14. Vert

    Pype O/R SS H Pipe

    Up for grabs is my Pypes stainless offroad H pipe that was only one car for 6 weeks, see it here and PM me your number and I will text pics. $200 shipped
  15. Vert

    Where did my WHINE go Help.

    I have a VMP stg 2 gen 1 kit with jlt and 82mm that I installed a year ago. The tvs had a good whine to it that you could even hear in the **** pit until a few months ago when I installed an OR H pipe. The free flowing H pipe caused the whine to quite down but it could still be heard, but I...
  16. Vert

    13-14 carbon fiber license plate panel

    The panel was on my car for 6 months and I switched to the rtr one. The one edge has 2 minor blemishes that was on it since new and they are hard to see since they are on the edge/lip. All metal clips are intact and straight.* Asking 130 shipped within US...
  17. Vert

    2013-14 CS Upper and Lower

    Up for sale are my California Special upper and Lower grilles off of my 2013 Stang. The grilles were removed 5/2014 and my car had 15K when they were removed. Grilles where removed with the front fascia off of the car so all tabs are in place none are broken. I have several pictures available...
  18. Vert

    WTT 2013 CS trunk lid w pedestal spoiler Blacl (UA)

    Looking at trading my stock trunk lid with the CS pedestal spoiler for another black deck lid w no spoiler or the stock GT spoiler. No dings, dents nor scratches on my spoiler/trunk lid with very minor swirl marks that can be waxed out. I expect the trade to be in the same condition. I'm in...
  19. Vert

    HP gains from OR X/H pipe with VMP stage 2

    I am planning or should I say wanting a little more power and sound from my GT. I already have the VMP stage 2 running 10 lbs, but with all of the stock exhaust . I know I am going to add an offroad cat delete H pipe, but what kind of gains should I expect. I know in NA form around 18, but...
  20. Vert

    VMP dual fan HE help

    I am finishing up my install, but I am a little confused on the HE hoses. Instructions states to connect the long straight hose to the pump outlet, across the frame rail to the top of the HE angled inlet. Only long straight hose I have is 14". The only place it will connect to is the lower HE...
  21. Vert

    Roush Lower grille delete and VMP/AFO heat exchanger

    Curious if anyone is running the VMP/Afco dual fan heat exchanger with a roush lower grille delete. Did you use the 2 support brackets? Since I am in the process of installing my VMP pkg and my bumper is off, I ordered the roush lower delete. Curious if I am going to run into with the install...
  22. Vert

    Anyone remove the mesh from the back of CDC grille

    Im not really digging the one side only having half of the open covered compared to the other side. Curious if anyone removed the mesh and i might fab up some new ones to cover the right opening entirely.
  23. Vert

    Help with WTH button indentification

    I finally located a Mustang, but at the headlight switch it has a button and what looks like an led light. I can't figure out what it is for nor does the dealer have a clue. I thought aftermarket alarm or ???? Any ideas.
  24. Vert

    2008 MGM Pontiac G8 GT

    Hard decision, but its time. For sale is my 2008 Magnetic Gray Metallic Pontiac G8 GT 6.0L LS motor with 57K miles. This is a very special car and will be a collector’s piece. Only 3,200 MGM GT’s were made and the production number is less with the interior color combo of red/black. Car is a...