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  1. CashMoneyKC

    My first terminator

    Hi all I’ve had 4 other mustangs and this is my 5th. My first terminator and vert. I’ve been a part of the group since 2012 from my 12 gt500. I picked up a 23k mile SB vert from NY. It’s a nice car I just hope I made the right decision there’s so many cobras and other cars out there. I want mine...
  2. CashMoneyKC

    Roll fenders, new springs, or tire size?

    Hi everyone so my first cobra is finally here and I’m so excited. I’m having a small issue with the springs being low which makes it scrape top of the tire, the exhaust pipes underneath or trans cover plate not sure which. It rarely happens but it happens lol. On a 3 hour highway ride home from...
  3. CashMoneyKC

    CAMS..back to oem?

    I’m trying to get more info because I’m thinking about buying a cobra with upgraded cams. I’m concerned because I’ve read many negatives and don’t really see much benefit besides sound. Yes it increases power in the upper powerband but I’d rather have drivability and less chance of issues...
  4. CashMoneyKC

    Dealer cant replicate 1-2 grind

    I took the shelby in today and they told me they took it up to redline and shifted and it did not have one problem. They said I need to make sure that I put clutch in all the way ..(well duh I always do)....I told them all my cars have been high performance and that none of them have ever done...
  5. CashMoneyKC

    AXLE-back or CAT-back

    Will they have any difference in sound? I want to know if its worth paying about double to get the catback versions of some of the exhaust im looking at. Is either one better or about the same in performance gains. The axle back is probably just sound and no hp gains. Thanks again...
  6. CashMoneyKC

    MODS? swap between original ECU and NEW

    I am considering some the basics that I see most of you have in some brand or another: Oil seperator- JLT Heat Exchanger- C&R Exhaust- Roush or Corsa Im pretty sure that Ford wont be able to claim that these parts affected another part thats why Im starting with these first BUT......I...
  7. CashMoneyKC

    Want headers but no tune-that possible?

    I want the sound of the AR headers but I've read that it requires a tune . I dont want to void power train because of tune on a month old car. I was thinking an x pipe instead ....idk what are my options to get the best sound ? Without voiding warranty or should I just screw it and go for...
  8. CashMoneyKC

    Resonator delete INSTALL for 2012

    Can someone please walk me through this install or show some pics with explanations. I just got the Resonator delete kit from ford racing. I know it is easy to put it in But I dont want to mess anything up thats all
  9. CashMoneyKC

    MUST HAVE MODS= You can only pick 5 !

    If you could ONLY do 5 mods of any kind on your car what would they be?
  10. CashMoneyKC

    Got my 2012 FINALLY

    Ive been a member for awhile now but didnt have the car yet ....I knew after having 3 other mustangs that this was what I wanted. Couldnt stay away from it. Im so impressed with car ...its amazing . I already used two tanks of gas in 2 days...CRAZY. Thanks to u guys for ur advice n help with...
  11. CashMoneyKC

    BEST TIRES= Wet/Dry Traction+Cold Weather

    CHOICES: non svt 19's all around Nitto INVO Michelin Pilot Sport 2 Goodyear F1 All Season Pirelli Corsa or Rosso Continental DWS's What you think? Anyone have or know about them? I need it for daily driving and def. needs to do good in wet weather, be able to take cold, and get...
  12. CashMoneyKC

    PROS/CONS with your GT500? Any regrets

    Wanted you guys to give me some feedback on your cars. Since we all spend alot of $$$ on our cars I just want to make sure that this is the best choice for me and Im not missing something. I drove a 2012 svt and non svt but only for about 5 miles each and was not able to WOT so I need more...
  13. CashMoneyKC

    Apologize for my Stupidity- Aftermarket Parts

    I wanted to know a few things about these aftermarket parts that I don't know much about. 1: What does a panhard bar do? How beneficial is it? I read someone say they will never get one again not sure why? 2: Differences between UCA and LCA and what they they affect ride...
  14. CashMoneyKC

    Changing Non-SVT Stripe Color

    I am in the market for a 2012 GT500 non svtpp.... and I found a dealer willing to give me x-plan on a kona blue with white stripe.....I want to take the deal in a few weeks but before I finalize it..I was thinking if I should look around for other color combos or I could just change it myself...