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    1995 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1 | Retro Review

    That's because a 13.7 is anywhere from 7/10 to nearly a second slower than what they actually run. It's well known that no one that writes magazine articles actually knows how to drive.
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    Whats my chances of beating top hp cars of today.

    Against the Hellcat, pretty good. They put down similar power numbers stock but weigh like 700lbs (at least) more than your car. Unless he's on DRs, you'll be fine. Even then, you should still pull a W. The ZL1 race might be close of you mess up a launch. They dyno around 50-60whp less bit...
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    Drag Race! Tesla Model S Plaid vs. Suzuki Hayabusa vs. Kawasaki ZX-14R

    "Oh, brakes are a little soft." nine second car with family car brakes. my 2017 Q50 has the same size brakes and it only weighs 3800lbs. btw, word on the street is that Tesla removed red calipers as an option, because you cant see them from the inside.
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    4.0 whippled cammed gt500 on stock block

    I mean, it'll be fine until it's not. No one here can really say for sure. If you're running 93 and no timing is being pulled or there's no knock, E85 won't be any help. 93 won't magically stop working on the tune.
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    Terrible Name - Great Concept | The Ford Nugget

    its better than "Mach-E". :rolleyes:
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    Bad TOB or Pilot or both bearings?

    If noise goes away when clutch is depressed, it's the TOB. If it makes a similar sound all the time, regardless of clutch position, then it's the pilot bearing. Either way, swap both. They're both right there and the cost of parts isnt bad.
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    What kind of oil?

    Run the weight that's recommended. If oil temps are getting above about 240 degrees or so, it would be wise to go one extra weight class up. The engine was designed to run right clearances and use thinner oil because of it. More engine load doesn't push oil out of bearings just because oil...
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    Nissan 400Z Launch

    There are stock turbo AWD Q50s in the 10s with 340 tread wear street tires. I would imagine a rwd car with a good tire that weighs 700lbs less would be just as fast or faster.
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    Nissan 400Z Launch

    If you're talking crank hp, the VR30 puts out 420hp already if you assume 10% drivetrain loss. They dyno 375+ through the 7AT. Knowing Nissan, they won't or probably can't afford to make a higher hp version. They'll HAVE to swap out the turbos. Those poor little turbos actually plot right off...
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    Nissan 400Z Launch

    Btw, the VR30 is a little underrated in 300hp or 400hp form. The 300hp versions put down 300-320rwp/300rwtq and the 400hp versions put down 375-380rwhp/360rwtq. Again, a downpipe/exhaust and tune only will get them to ~430rwhp/500rwtq. Stock turbos are tapped out at that point. The VR30 is a...
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    Nissan 400Z Launch

    The exhaust port on the head is just one giant hole and the turbo housing is integrated as part of a manifold. Due to packaging, you can't bolt a turbo directly to the head via an adapter. You'll have to make something with a 90 degree bend down and keep it close to the block. Here's a pick...
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    Nissan 400Z Launch

    The stock turbos are super tiny. Still, a tune should see that engine make around 450rwhp and 500rwtq on a pump gas tune and exhaust. It has integrated exhaust manifolds in the head so fitting an aftermarket turbo will be very difficult. Pure and R/T turbo are the o my company to offer an...
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    Tire Selection Guide from Grassroots Motorsports 2021

    ouch. the ECS isnt a bad tire, its just not a track tire, unless its pouring buckets. its a daily driver street tire that you can occasionally run a few laps on. the ECF is SIGNIFICANTLY faster than the ECS, as it should be as its an actual 200tw tire. heres a recent comparison between the...
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    Tire Selection Guide from Grassroots Motorsports 2021

    both the PS4S and Conti ECS are great tires but neither of them belong on that chart, thats ridiculous. of the two, the PS4S is a little faster in the dry and theyre basically equal in the wet, with the ECS having better wet braking and hydroplaning resistance. the PS4S is a little better mid...
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    The Chevy Camaro Dies in 2024, Will Be Replaced by Electric Sedan

    A super Camaro was released, in 1969.
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    What do you listen to while cruising your Terminator?

    No Termi but in my Cobra, I usually listen to second, third, and fourth gear.
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    Summit racing wants a fingerprint??

    Pretty sure that's your phone requiring the print because the card has been saved to the phone.
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    New project - 1988 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

    Sure, it's a fox platform car. I just thought that an EB 2.3 would be a little more in line with the original intent of the car. Even though it's TT, and EB 3.5 would be neat in a super coupe, for example. I like this generation of t-bird. My mother drove a lowly v6 86 t-bird when I was young...
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    New project - 1988 Thunderbird Turbo Coupe

    Will an Ecoboost 2.3 fit?
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    What to look for when checking out a Mach E???

    The word, desperation, comes to mind. It's just so obvious what they're doing by using the name, that's what annoys me.
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    2014 Ruby Red on CL

    Arkansas is AR, not AK. That's Alaska. I live kinda local to that car. If someone wants an unbiased assessment of the car, I'd be willing to help.
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    Dodge Just Took The Gloves Off!

    What a stupid comparison. Biggest price you could possibly buy a Viper for with ADM was just under $200k. Pretty most people never got close to that max price. The McLaren 720 S STARTED at $284K, and sold for over $300K if you got it with any options at all. The two vehicles are completely...
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    1990 Olds Cutlass Calais Quad 4 | Retro Review

    16.6 @ 85 mph haha, what a crock of shit. I love how it shows them absolutely roasting the tires completely through first and a solid bark in to second. None of the Quad4 powered cars were allowed to show how fast they really were. Hell, the Beretta GTZ equalled the Corvette that year on some...
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    Looking to upgrade radiator/cooling system

    I don't see why they'd say that. Those two rads are virtually identical in every way. Maybe there's a quality control issue they dealt with? It's not like Moshimoto is a shady company though