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  1. 97LaserRed

    **FS:MSD DIS4 with coil adapters

    I have a MSD DIS4 box for sale with the coil adapters. Selling because I went stand alone to COP I used this for a few years no issues comes directions for easy wiring. Has 2 step, rev limit control and more. Ideal for needing hotter spark with stock coils. Asking $350 shipped. On eBay...
  2. 97LaserRed

    **fs: Hpx pmas maf**

    I have 05+ slot style maf for sale. It's from VMP tuning. I have made over 750+whp in a 3" housing. Reason for selling went with a stand alone. Nothing wrong with it. Perfect condition. $150 shipped [email protected]
  3. 97LaserRed

    **FS: 80lb injectors**

    **FS: 80lb injectors** sold! SOLD!! I have a set of 8 Siemens deka ev6 injectors 80lb low miles. Maybe 1,000miles. Reason for removing: went in a different direction with the car. Fastest response is Email [email protected] $275 shipped
  4. 97LaserRed

    Tuners in Pittsburgh area??

    Looking for a tuner close Pittsburgh who will dyno tune lightnings. Not many mods on the truck now. Just 6lb lower and supporting mods. Running JLP canned tune. Who do you recommend? Not looking to drive 5 hours away
  5. 97LaserRed

    Help! Turbo cobra coolant crossover delete problems

    I know I'm not the only one that has these issues. I deleted the bypass hose and the factory coolant crossover with just upper rad hose and t stat in it. (With 6 holes drilled in it). I have a set-up similar to a lower gt rad hose. It is modified so it will clear the downpipe. I've blew a few...
  6. 97LaserRed

    **FS: T56 magnum swap plus clutch and more!

    I'm strongly considering going auto in my car so that means all the manual parts are up for sale. The trans is fairly new maybe a few thousand miles on it along with the clutch. I have 2 clutches and 2 flywheels. I bought everything from D&D performance minus the clutch. Currently the trans...
  7. 97LaserRed

    *FS: 60lb Siemens Deka fuel injectors

    I have 8 Siemens Deka injectors 60lb ev1 connector pencil style about 3-4000 miles I bought them brand new nothing wrong with them. Made over 700whp with them. Reason I'm selling, I'm upgrading to bigger injectors. I'm asking $275 shipped.
  8. 97LaserRed

    FS: Corbeau seats CR1

    I have 2 MINT Corbeau seats for sale. They are CR1 Black and Grey Micro-Suede NOT WIDE!! Comes with 2 Corbeau harnesses 3 point and seat tracks Drivers track is power, passenger is not. They have extra foam added to them for extra comfort. Im asking $1,000 Not really looking to ship unless...
  9. 97LaserRed

    Turbo Dyno Run... New tune = New tires!

    Brian's Turbo 4 valve 4.6 - YouTube YokUOgXnmis Turbo 4v 4.6 dohc. 18 psi on 93 octane, Master power T70 turbo, custom Street Lethal Performance turbo kit and engine built by street lethal. Stock Heads, Cams, Intake, Throttle body. I have been running 275 MT/ET street radials on...
  10. 97LaserRed

    FS: vmp tuning 3"/75MM BLOW-THROUGH Slot-Style MAF Housing

    VMP Tuning - Buy Ford SCT & GM Custom Handheld Flash Tuners Performance Economy Towing: VMP 3"/75MM BLOW-THROUGH Slot-Style MAF Housing powercoated black in great shape!! Looking to get $60 shipped from VMP website... The ultimate MAF housing for blow-through applications! Great for...
  11. 97LaserRed

    WTB: Throttle body for 01 cobra

    looking for a throttle body for a 01 cobra. new, used, factory, aftermarket. whatever. let me know what you have!!!
  12. 97LaserRed

    FS: 4V on3 performance kit

    FS: 4V on3 TURBO kit I have for sale my on3 performance kit, piping and intercooler for a 4v. This kit does not come with a turbo, bov, or wastegate. Everything else comes with it. Im asking $1199 shipped. this pic is of the kit brand new. it is used now and about 3000 miles on it...
  13. 97LaserRed

    FS:HPI RS4 nitro RC car

    Bought this last year played with it a few times and now I need cash so Its up for sale. I dont want to sell it but its got to go. needs glow plug. 350z body and Ford GT 2 sets of wheels and tires!! Im including everything fuel bottle, extra body, stand, after run oil, extra axles, batterys...
  14. 97LaserRed

    ** FS: Steeda tri-ax shifter t5 &t45***

    I have a slightly used Steeda tri ax shifter. Fits both t5 and t45 transmissions. Looking to get $120 + shipping Steeda Tri-Ax® Shifter for Tremc T5/T45 Ford Mustang
  15. 97LaserRed

    **FS: Bob hanlon t45**

    I have a BROKEN Bob Hanlon T45. Only has 4th gear. Im sure the hanlon internals are fine but the gears are broken. Just needs a new gear set. It has a 26 Spline Input shaft, upgraded shift forks, synchos, bearings and more!!! Looking to get $400 shipped.
  16. 97LaserRed

    Guess what the UPS guy brought me!

    Finally got the MAGNUM! and again Christmas came early this year! Cant wait to get this T56 into my car and see what it drives like. I went with the 2.66 gear set. All I need is oil. What would you guys recommend? Specs on the trans from D&D performance...(they claim...
  17. 97LaserRed

    **FS: 96-04 GT Procharger P1SC**

    Procharger 96-98 GT HO P-1SC Supercharger w/Intercooler Selling for a friend....for sale a procharger p1sc polished, 2 core intercooler with a 8 psi pulley. Only ran for one year. Im selling because I am going turbo. The kit has about 1,000 miles. The car is garage kept and well maintained...
  18. 97LaserRed

    T56 Magnum

    Just curious, Im about to order a t56 magnum, How much power/ torque is everyone putting threw their t56 magnum? anybody hear of any issues with it? also what gear set did everyone go with?? Im thinking 2.66 since the car is a street car.
  19. 97LaserRed

    FS: 2000 Y2k Cobra R rims 18x9.5

    I would like to sell my 2000 cobra R rims replica. Chrome 18x9.5 4 NEW tires. If I had to be 100% accurate the tread life on the tires would be 87-94% front tires are bridgestone potenza RE760 265/40/18 Bridgestone Potenza RE760 Sport Rear tires are Nitto Drags 285/35/18 (still...
  20. 97LaserRed

    **FS: lower control arms**

    I have stock lower control arms about 25k miles on them bushings in great shape. looking for $30 plus shipping
  21. 97LaserRed

    **FS:NEW Moroso Battery Disconnect**

    I have a BRAND NEW never used battery disconnect. It is open but never used. I still have both stickers. Im asking $35 shipped. Battery Disconnect Switch, Rotary, 175 Continuous Amps Rating Moroso 74101 - Moroso Battery Disconnect Switches - Overview -
  22. 97LaserRed

    **FS: v6 stock NEW!!!! clutch and flywheel**

    I have a stock clutch and flywheel I never used them but got it when I bought my t5 swap. Im asking $75 plus shippingm for clutch . Im guessing shipping average is going to be about $40-60 for both clutch and flywheel. asking 25 for flywheel. I honestly dont think there are any miles on them...
  23. 97LaserRed

    **FS: T5 transmission & swap parts**

    need to sell my T5 Im asking $500 plus shipping. It is a rebuild with about 700 miles. new bearing retainer. I have the stock shifter, bellhousing. I also have dust plate, clutch and flywheel, modified auto-manual wiring harness and more. Would be good for a t-5 swap but Im asking $500 just for...
  24. 97LaserRed

    WTB: 96-97 Cobra Gauge Cluster

    Im looking for a 96-97 cobra cluster in working condition with very little or no scratches. I can not use 98. The wiring in 98 is different than 97. Let me know what you have.
  25. 97LaserRed

    WTB: 60# injectors 8, cobra bumper, hood, wiring harness and more!!!

    Im looking for a few parts. I need 60# injectors--8 ford racing 94-98 cobra bumper 94-98 cobra R hood v8 motor mounts and starter Cobra computer and wiring harness Cobra plug wires.. not stock (performance brand) Rad hoses, coolant tank and possibly Radiator let me know what you have!!