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    KC Gen2 / & misc 4 sale

    removed insulation from LFP inter cooler tank, to show tank condition.
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    KC Gen2 / & misc 4 sale

    TTT, pm replied
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    KC Gen2 / & misc 4 sale

    forgot pic of Freon
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    KC Gen2 / & misc 4 sale

    Up for sale: all items in excellent working condition. Morosso 14410 ( battery location ) insulated intercooler tank $150 OBO Stainless steel T-port 3 way Ball Valve ( 3/4" outlets ) $35 LFP intercooler tank SOLD Jabsco Low Pressure SS Cyclone Pump SOLD KC gen 2 kit, with foam bumper...
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    Terminator Project Parts For Sale

    hoping the package deal helps move them, since 80lb injectors aren't going for much anymore. but feel free to send a pm on an offer. thx
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    Terminator Project Parts For Sale

    Both items SOLD For Sale: Parts never installed, Lethal Performance Budget return kit included with Budget return kit is FMS 80lb injectors w/several thousand miles on them. The LP Budget return kit has the non PFTE Fragola fuel hose, the fuel pumps included are Aeromotive Stryker...
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    Spohn performance adjustable upper control arms

    Rear upper control arms - adjustable with Del-Sphere Pivot Joints - fits 1979-2004 Ford Mustang & Fox body. Setting pinion angle is easy via on-car adjustment, no need to remove the control arm to make adjustments. These upper control arms are basically new, they were intended for a...
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    SVT Badge Logo Label?

    I recommend the Anchor room, I bought several of his inserts, very nice quality! I have the silver insert on mine it replace the grey vinyl I use to make for the badges. The main issue for me to stop making these was fading, in regards to durability wise.
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    ideas for side of Whipple

    thinking about putting something on the sides of the Whipple, the Ford Racing badges fell off a while back, either due to heat or poor adhesion, anyways really didn't care for the Ford Racing ones anyways.... was browsing and found a badge I had not seen before. sold by Yates Performance and...
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    dog tag / key ring

    Purchasing custom dog tags for the cobra. Plan to use on the key ring. Pretty cheap 2 for $8, with many options available. Here is what I came up with for mine.
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    Rear coolant leak ?

    after my IC & Engine coolant tank relocate, I started the burp process. I found a small amount of coolant leaking near the rear of engine. I had this happen once before a couple years ago, but attributed the issue to coolant overspill running to the rear while filling at the cross over...
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    IC coolant

    was thinking about filling my inter-cooler system with the red RV antifreeze that is environmentally friendly, since I had a couple gallons left after being conned into winterizing the in-laws northern bug-out lodge. It would make it easy when adding ice to the system and having to remove...
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    northern climate owners - reminder make sure your IC coolant has some antifreeze

    while relocating my tank, I've been testing the system with just water.....but the temps are dipping already. I had to shotgun some antifreeze just in case. better than replacing a inter-cooler :uh oh:
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    IC tank insulation

    any recommended sources for Neoprene insulation sheeting to wrap tank? also it seems many go with the 1/4" thick sheeting, I was looking for 1/2"
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    making some changes

    been neglecting the cobra for over a year. I found my small IRS leak, had finally accumulated enough on the trash can lid that was under neath it during storage that driving it was not an option.... Swapped out the leaking OEM IRS cover for the FMS unit. Since I had the car up a...