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  1. CPRsm

    Where to buy CPR turbo kit?

    They are customizable but not the kmember. Not really. Our kmember is required unless you are going to engine plates. The kmember and motor mounts included are all custom to allow us to run the tubing the way we needed, instead of running the tubing backwards and then forwards like most others
  2. CPRsm

    CPR Turbo Install

    We've never had a 3-4 week turn around. Cars here from out of town and out of state for installs. Business is sustaining just fine as it has for over a decade. Production is not a problem. Hiring more people will not fix a parts supply issue unfortunately. We waited 4 months for maf tubing...
  3. CPRsm

    Turbo big horsepower guys high Iat's cure?

    Nah you're good to over 30psi. Your intercooler is much different.
  4. CPRsm

    2nd gear leave off Tbrake on 6R80?

    Thinking the 2-4 is better because first gear seems to be the weak link in the tranny. Tried 2.73 but customer didn't like it. Hoping to find out more info later this week when the track opens back up
  5. CPRsm

    Bump box testing for 6R80

    Don't worry. Was talking to Shaun about it today. You need to take off the training wheels first though lol
  6. CPRsm

    Bump box testing for 6R80

    Not sure yet. Going to test a couple more things. See if it will smooth out. Then test 2nd gear leave at the beginning of the month when track opens back up
  7. CPRsm

    Bump box testing for 6R80

    Custom made bump box specifically for the 6R80. Looking good so far. Some small adjustments but looking really good so far. Thanks again to Brett as always for being the guinea pig.
  8. CPRsm

    2nd gear leave off Tbrake on 6R80?

    Sticks and rocks lol. Bump box works bitches
  9. CPRsm

    2nd gear leave off Tbrake on 6R80?

    Had a custom one made a while ago. Just no time to test. Hopefully tested soon
  10. CPRsm

    2nd gear leave off Tbrake on 6R80?

    Here is a teaser of things to come for CPR customers. 2nd gear leave off Tbrake. Will not work on generic 2 relay version. Thanx to Brett LaSala for the foot work as usual. Hoping this solves breaking known 6R80 weak points. Lets get us that 7. #NoGMpartsneeded
  11. CPRsm

    2nd gear leave off Tbrake on 6R80?

    Here is a teaser of things to come for CPR customers. 2nd gear leave off Tbrake. Will not work on generic 2 relay version. Thanx to Brett LaSala for the foot work as usual. hopokg this solves breaking known 6R80 weak points. Lets get us that 7. #NoGMpartsneeded
  12. CPRsm

    CPR single turbo for S550.

    Good news. W a tweak here and there the proven S197 kit fits the chassis. In the works at the moment is making a jig and kmember to fit the kit. It will be included just like before. Our monsterous garret cored intercooler will still fit also. Pay attention to this when looking at other kits...
  13. CPRsm

    [email protected] This is what it looks like when your 76mm ACTUALLY makes 1200rwhp

    Congrats to customer Brett and Snot Rocket for bumping the 6R80 a little higher. With the Sai Li King Fu this car is getting it!! 60 is a little slower than last outing, so they are hoping to squeak out a good bit more in the coming weeks. Regular base CPR kit. Stock compressor cover even 76/87...
  14. CPRsm

    CPR + AED= another fun street car

    Customer took his car to be tuned at AED a short while ago. Ended up stopping at about 10.5psi on corn for now. Base kit, the pull was done thru full exhaust and air filter. Car drives great. Thanx to Shaun for the steak and taters. And stealing my gin lol Customer says more parts and better...
  15. CPRsm

    CPR turbo + Rev auto= Maxed triple 465's

    This is the same kit Dasan bought three years ago. As things progress so did his kit. W the new turbo, this year he's out of fuel running E80. On 35psi inlet temps went up just 6 degrees. So whether you go like this from the get go or over time, the kit can be ordered just like this, or be...
  16. CPRsm

    Another Jay Albert kit. When full retard isn't enough.

    This one belongs to Dasan @ RevAuto. Same ole turbo kit as always. Bigger turbo and can be ordered w down pipe stub out to start down pipe, customer finished how ever you want. Should make some good power
  17. CPRsm

    1365rwhp. Race kit? Nope, standard off the shelf parts.

    CPR kit, MMR 1500 shortblock, T400, AEM and some traction issues lol. Usually our customers that belt out these kind of numbers ask us to keep quiet. Thanx to Zach for letting us build and share. Thank you to MMR for the engine. We've beat the shit out of this thing and not a hiccup. Like...
  18. CPRsm

    DIY drop in E85 fuel system for ~800 bucks. Anyone interested?

    We were going to do something a little different but simply don't have the time. Figured we'd show you an easier version of how we've been doing this for a few years now. Basically it drops in, and takes a bit of wiring. It's a OEM quality dual pump setup that uses the stock lines and rails...
  19. CPRsm

    Unicorn numbers from Mt Olympus

    Customer dynoed his car on Mt. Olympus the other day. We figured it was time to show a comparison of our kit and raise the bullshit flag when companies tell you it's "normal" a car drops power, and uses DA as an excuse. So here is our kit Dynoed in Colorado, using the same ridiculous correction...
  20. CPRsm

    Another CPR customer in the 8's

    Here is BJ dipping into the 8's w his off the shelf CPR kit. Full weight street car w the 6R80. He had run an 8.9x earlier in the day. I razzed him about it and he said he was going to take it easy for a bit. A short time later we got word he ran an [email protected] Awesome first outting w the new...
  21. CPRsm

    Jeff and his CPR turbo kit

    Here is Jeff's panty dropper. BMR goodies to come out back. Arms up front w bags on the way to get it down. Stock engine w OPGs, stock auto w a 4b (I LIKE!!), and welded rear axle tubes. Pretty basic combo w a base CPR turbo kit. Tune remoted in for some AED Kung Fu Conservative...
  22. CPRsm

    Fresh 6R80 package for sale

    6r80 F/S w 0 miles Exedy stage 2 clutches w intermediate shaft. BNIB custom circle D 265mm converter. DSS carbon fiber shaft w Dyno pulls and less than 50miles on it. '13 ecu w select a shift, and harness. Willing to separate shaft from deal if we have a buyer for the trans setup. Like to get...
  23. CPRsm

    Dasan's work paying off!

    First pass was an 8.9 followed by an 8.709. 3rd pass w the new combo, and boost is ramping in a little faster now. Pretty basic combo. Ported heads, sleeved block, stock cams and ecu. Off the shelf CPR kit. 76mm w the A/W intercooler. Congrats Dasan! He expects 170 w this turbo and a small...
  24. CPRsm

    Why you eskerd of the T6?

    Because you think it spools slow? pft, think again lol. We were able to slow it down a bit. We're at a 1.1 housing and can even go down, but we'll hang out here. Just wastegate right now It's going to be bad when the controller puts in work lol
  25. CPRsm

    2008 GT500 parts

    Car is not a salvage title and has not been wrecked. Engine, tranny and engine harness are already gone. Still looking to get rid of the hood and bumper and entire interior. Including leather seats front and back, dash, cluster, stereo system w navigation and all.