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  1. GodStang

    Gt500 MAF difference

    Pretty sure they are the same. Rockauto has them listed as the same part. It could of been the same sensor made by two different companies so they give it a different part number.
  2. GodStang

    Storing cobra with E70-E85.

    I have run it since I think 2016. I drive about 50 miles a year if that. I do nothing. I had FRPP80s and zero issues and now running Bosch 210lbs and zero issues. It sits in our rack bay, so it does get started and moved every month or so. I am in the south east so there is a little bit of...
  3. GodStang

    4x4 Bros: Dana Trak-lok, Detroit Locker or TruTrac

    Running a Trutrac in both my 88 Wrangler (Front) and cobra and a huge fan. I the rear of my Wrangler running an Eaton Elocker.
  4. GodStang

    Tell me about Wifi Repeaters

    We are running AiMesh in two homes. One is simple home, cable internet, with multiple Asus routers and get signal for a good ways. the other is a large 1 story house in the country running off Elon’s Starlink. From the center of the house we are running 300 ft of CAT 6 to a shop in conduit to...
  5. GodStang

    VMP Intercooler, VMP high flow manifold VMP Triple Pass HX, PNR Trunk Tank, and EMP Pump

    The MS3Pro has been a blast. A learning curve for me but I love it.
  6. GodStang

    VMP Intercooler, VMP high flow manifold VMP Triple Pass HX, PNR Trunk Tank, and EMP Pump

    Both are good intercoolers. VMPs are made by PWR in Australia. J2Fab's is made in Merica by J2Fab. I think only the J2Fab has the bigger lines that can help with flow if you are going all the way that route (bigger lines, bigger pump, bigger tank). I think you will be well off with either...
  7. GodStang

    2.65 TVS question

    You have to be careful what you believe on the internet. Many many shops make their money on boosting dyno numbers to get repeat customers (super easy to do). Bigger numbers means better tuners in most peoples eyes. Do these people have a piece of paper that says they make these numbers...
  8. GodStang

    Slot style MAF wiring pigtail

    I am lazy I just run the Diablo MAFia convertor but that was like 10 years ago may be better ways.
  9. GodStang

    Fuel Rails for KenneBell Mammoth

    There are two different Fore rails. I know one fits as it's the ones I have but not sure if the older style fits.
  10. GodStang

    03/04 coolant crossover

    Depends which one you buy. Many on the market and each come with different parts and install different.
  11. GodStang

    5.8 GT500 Trinity heads on Cobra 4.6 block???

    It depends what you mean as a lot of work. The lower intake has to have the ports opened wider to match the heads and the ribs filed down. Having ported aluminum intakes before it is super easy. Plus a few shops do this for not a bad price. As far as headers the easiest way is buy 8 Kooks GT...
  12. GodStang

    Verdict on 2.3 vs 2.65 for Cobra

    If their car feels sluggish with a 2.6L/2.8L/2.9L on 93 octane then they built/tuned their car wrong and it's NOT the fault of the blower. That being said all of the blowers will put you in roughly same power levels sub 20 psi (unless you get really low in boost). Both the roots (tvs) and the...
  13. GodStang

    Used 2.3 tvs for $3500, or brand new Whipple 2.3 for $3600?

    Whipple from a technology/physics stand point is a better blower. TVS is just very heavily advertised on this and people believe what the commercials tell them to believe.
  14. GodStang

    Kooks Long Tubes, CoilOvers & headers have 1 inch clearance from ground ...

    I have 1-7/8" Kooks MM Coil overs and have no issues but I am not slammed.
  15. GodStang

    Anybody have an older version of LiveLink available?

    SCT XCal II Software - Google Drive I have not checked them but it should be the same from the link above.
  16. GodStang

    What Street Racing Video started it all?

    So I looked it up after posting and apparently they did it every year for 10 years. Each year they used a different car. I remember it from when I was in college so that was pre 2005. So it was the earlier ones.
  17. GodStang

    What Street Racing Video started it all?

    Remember the videos something like Getaway from Stockholm. Not sure if they were real or not but basically night racing from the cops. The one the OP posted is my all time favorite.
  18. GodStang

    Dang Norton Pop-ups Again

  19. GodStang

    Dyno on drag radials question

    Yes you can lose a decent amount dynoing on Drags. I know many shops wont even let you dyno if you are on drag tires. I run ET Streets and had to borrow new tires to dyno.
  20. GodStang

    tire recommendation for afs 18's

    back when I first got my 03 very few 10.5 and larger were out so many many people ran the 315s on 9” so I remember the bulge. The day they released stock 17x10.5” I picked up a pair with MT 315s. That is why I was worried about the 18x10 with 315 as I did not want a bulge.
  21. GodStang

    KB Supercharger removal

    haha just busting your balls about roots/TS. The best was to ship it is expanding foam or massive bubble wrap and then box. I prefer encasing in foam.
  22. GodStang

    tire recommendation for afs 18's

    Sorry to jump on this one also but what size fronts are yall running. I have 18x9/18x10 FR500s that I need to put tires on. Also would 315s be too wide for a 18x10?
  23. GodStang

    13.5 pound Dyna-Batt battery

    I ran a PC680 for years mounted to my intercooler tank. I liked the light weight of it. When I moved my batter to the trunk I pulled it and went to a normal battery.
  24. GodStang

    KB Supercharger removal

    KB is not a roots style blower sorry a pet peeve of mine. Also not 150lbs not even close. My 2.8LC was 56lbs and adding lower intake and intercooler maybe 65lbs total. The easiest way to pull the non-mammoth KB is remove throttle body and CAI, remove the 10 bolts from lower intake to heads...
  25. GodStang

    Kenne Bell Identification

    2.8L. I have called them many times and never had issues getting through to them. Yes it may be busy once or twice I just try it again. Remember they are a small company and get many many calls a day.