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  1. chindian

    WTB: Complete 9" Rear end

    wondering if anybody has a complete 9" rear end they are selling, preferably in S.W. U.S thanks
  2. chindian

    *ahem* Safe to drive?

    Is there any ETA to these parts?
  3. chindian

    Looking to order GT350R

    No, they have not been titled as of yet
  4. chindian

    Looking to order GT350R

    i've got 2 available, both in as new condition, 2017's one white no stripes. The other is black with white stripes. both have the electronics package. Both have less than 20 miles on the odometer. Looking for $91K USD. A little negotiable on price. Text me if you want more info/pics 403-978-8201
  5. chindian

    Gt350 production and mark up?

    I've got a white 2017 R for sale $112K CAD. Only 12km on it. still has the plastic on the seats. Private deal.
  6. chindian

    Canadian Focus RS spec

    Anybody in Canada looking at purchasing an RS ???
  7. chindian

    1993 5.0 Coupe 70,000miles On3 70mm Kit $12K

    Reef Blue Notch only 70,000 miles / 114,000kms great condition original paint/ no rust original 5.0 Auto car clean carfax On3 turbo kit 70mm built C4 w/T-brake 3600stall fresh engine build car is a well sorted fast street car Will look at trades up or down, willing to travel...
  8. chindian

    FS: TR-6060 w/alum d/s

    Well I just swapped a Magnum XL into my 07' GT500, I don't need all the parts that came off. So this is what I have. TR-6060 w/ 28,000miles Steeda Shifter, Stock crossmember, Dynotech 1pc aluminum driveshaft carbon fiber blocker rings and 1-2 & 3-4 syncros. purchased from D&D performance...
  9. chindian

    WTB: emerald green 5.0 coupe

    Anybody know of a clean one?? Got 7K to spend and am willing to travel. Been looking locally forever,,,,,
  10. chindian

    M-7003-CJ still available???

    as the title says. Is this still available?? How many $$
  11. chindian

    Centerforce DFX opinions

    Looking at purchasing a new clutch, and found the DFX is relatively inexpensive, wondering if anybody has used these and has had good success with it. Or any other recommendations would be helpful,,,, I have an 07' with a KB 3.6L and daily drive it wth a monthly trip to the drag strip.. Thanks