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    Relocation Brackets with stock height car?

    Finally got 10's. So my setup/costs to run 10's was. Base GT with auto as only option Free stuff------- Removed spare/jack/trunk carpet Homemade rear seat delete (cardboard and some black fabric) Removed mats Mods 305/35-18 MT STREET S/S DR--$629.90 AMR -18X10 and 18X8 RIMS ---$559.96...
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    Tire pressure placard value

    Anyone change it running drag radials? Getting tired of re-setting TPMS warning every time I turn on ign. Looks like this thing is cheap enough, if it does mustangs...
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    MM & FF orig test

    Thought you guys might like a couple pics from that day, I stumbled on in my archives recently. My HS buddy was art director for several of those mags back then. IIRC, it ran high 12's with just big/littles that day.
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    2014 Roush supercharger fit a 2015?

    As in bolt to the engine and line up with the pulleys. I realize a lot of the ancillary pieces are different.
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    Name Change - Mustang Mach E

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    Four AMR Charcoal Wheel - 18x10 and Two NITTO NT01 305/35R18 (mounted/balanced)

    4 rims and 2 tires. Bought as I was going to try Stang on roadcourse. Decided not to. Rims/tires mounted on car to verify fit and driven maybe 25 miles on street to make sure no vibrations, etc... They do fit with stock front Brembos. 305 fits front, but 5mm spacer helps to keep tire from...
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    235-50R18 PIRELLI P ZERO NERO on 14 GT Stock Wheels

    1800 Miles. Rims/tires near new condition. Good upgrade for S197 V-6 cars. No center caps or TPMS. $575 I am in Jackson NJ, 08527 SALE/PIRELLI P ZERO NERO 235-50R18/20180915_081203.jpg SALE/PIRELLI P ZERO NERO...
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    Procedure for self induced ABS bleed?

    Still trying to get Autoingenuity to actuate my ABS. But once I figure that out. Do you cycle ABS while you are bleeding? Cycle ABS, then bleed, cycle ABS again, bleed again?? It sounds like some go out on road and actuate ABS, then re-bleed when they get back home. Repeat as needed. I'm...
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    Adjustable Struts/Shocks close to stock, on softest setting?

    Thinking of trying the stang on a road course. Stock GT suspension, except for whiteline adj sway bars and Rousch upper/lower rear control arms. Are any of the adj strut/shocks close to stock at full soft? (not lowering, replacing springs, or going to substantially stiffer strut/shock, street...
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    TVS, vac @ idle

    I got my Roush Phs 3 and VMP tune in. Thinking I might have a problem with the bypass valve. Upon startup, vac will be 10 in HG (and not waver even slightly). After blipping the throttle, it goes to what I consider normal, 18-20 in HG (depending upon exact idle RPM, which settles a bit after...
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    Need second catch can for TVS?

    Got this one for my Roush TVS Do I really need one for the drivers side too?
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    Roush TVS Wire Connector De/Re-Pinning

    Used this thread here, which was excellent. But one thing I could not find anywhere was really detailed explanation/pics about getting electrical connectors apart and de/re-pinning. Not rocket...
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    Adding on to old/closed "how to's"

    I took a bunch of pics of how to get connectors apart, what tool to use, and exactly where to put tool to get pins out for de-pinning. I could not find really specific info on this anywhere. Would like to add to this thread. I could write it up and admin could add it, would be cool to keep...
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    4 piston calipers and 18 inch wheels

    Got 2015 rotors caliper take-offs a while back. Ordered correct 2014 rotors today and wondering if any factory 2015+ rim might fit with the 4 piston calipers and the shorter rotor "hat" height of 14 rotors. Like maybe this rim...
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    Scale @ ATCO

    Hit ATCO for my first runs ever in my 14 auto (base model with auto as only option), best of 12.74 @ 111.7 Stock except, chinese bullitt knockoffs, 18x10 and 18x9, 295/40/18 NT05 (not drag radial) out back and 255/45/18 555 in front (did not weigh rears, but fronts were only 2 lbs heavier...