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    Irvine "Shankin up the street"

    I have a professionally framed, Michael Irvine print of the 03-04 Mach 1 called shaking up the streets. I sold my mustang so I am selling of the memorbilia. It is a blue frame and french blue and gray matte. The print alone sells for 150. I am asking 150 obo for it. The framing alone cost...
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    FS: 03/04 stock throttle body and plenium

    Sold!!! Sold!!
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    03 Redfire 9,400 miles / $23,000 obo

    03 Redfire 9,400 milles/ sold ****SOLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!************ I am the original owner of a 2003 Redfire Cobra with tan inserts (1 of 194). I bought it new at Pioneer Ford in AZ and moved to Detroit, MI. It has 9,400 miles on it. It has always been garaged under a cover and has...
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    valve covers

    I have a pair of black 4V valve covers that fits the 99-04 cobra and mark IV. The valve covers are stamped May 2003 on the inside. They have a sticker on them that says WORQ order Prototype Engine. I bought them here locally in Detroit when a Ford vendor moved. I have a 2003 Cobra and I...
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    Valve covers for sale / Test Engine

    I have a pair of Black valve covers for sale. I was told they were used during the development phase of the terminator engine. They have a white sticker on them that says Ford World HQ experimental engine. I bought them locally (Detroit) from a Vendor moving sale. I want to offer them to a...
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    Looking to get $100 for a G Tech. It measures Hp, 0-60, 1/4 mile, lateral g and so on. I used it twice. I used to live in the middle of nowhere with no track around. Now, I live near Milan, where I can run my car as much as I want. I paid around $250 new, looking to get $100. You pay...
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    Stieg snakebite kit

    Does any MCT member want to take my place for the new stiegemeyer snakebite eaton kit? I was selected to be one of the first and I would rather spend my money on guns (I already did). It claims 500 RWHP with the stock pulley. Let me know and I will forward you more info. I think it runs...
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    NEW 1/4 scale 03-04 cobra engines

    Just a heads up, GMP is making the 1/4 scale 03/04 cobra engines again. They are calling it the "Aluminator". It is the same as the old one but has blue ford racing valve covers, chrome FRRP coil covers, and a polished whipple. They are making 350 of them. I already ordered mine, so I can...
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    Downriver / Detroit Terminators

    Just a heads up that MCT and MCM will be parking at Dolce Vita for the Downriver Cruise (27th). Feel free to stop in and say hi and check out the cars.
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    Mod Party

    Thanks for the offers guys. I am going in a different direction. Thanks again. Matt
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    Downriver guys

    I guess that car place on Southfield by the police station is having an open house April 20-26th. I think the name is North American Auto Salon. I guess vendors will be there. Just a heads up. I will probably go just to check it out.
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    Winter is OVER!!!

    :banana: The Cobra awakes from the winter nap today. It felt good to start it up and drive it around the block. I forgot how much fun the car was. Today was a great day!!
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    Merry Christmas to MCT

    Just want to wish all MCT guys a Merry Christmas !!!
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    MCT Members

    Just a reminder that we are collecting membership dues for 2009. All the dues that are collected will be donated for a sick member. Here is the thread This is a great time to renew your membership and help out one of our...
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    FS: Stiegemeier Stage 4 w/ ported plenium and Billet Flow 2.93

    I have a Stieg Stage 4 that I bought from go-on3 on 7/30/08. I never installed it due to family and other hobbies. I am going to sell it for my first passion- GUNS!! Here is the info: 1) has 15,000 since port 2) Stage 4 ported Jan /07. The Stieg serial # is 183607 3) It is painted...
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    feeler for a Steig Stage 4 and plunium

    feeler for a Stieg Stage 4 and plenium Well, I bought a Stieg Stage 4 with ported plenium (painted black) with a BF 2.93 pulley on it this summer. It has 15,000 total miles on it and 8,000 since port. It has been sitting in my basement ever since. I am considering selling it and buying an...
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    Michigan GT500 owners

    I am just trying too gauge interest in joining up with the Motor City Terminators car club. I am Matt and have a 2003 Cobra. I belong to the Motor City terminators car club. Lately, some of us have been talking about possibly expanding the car club to include ALL FACTORY supercharged...
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    Detroit Area Terminators

    I Just wanted to invite any detroit Guys to the 3rd annual MCT Scott Brooks Fall cruise. MCT is the Motor City terminators just for info. The reason why I state this is because I realize that there are a whole new crew who own terminators (guys who are buying them used). Some of these people...
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    SHELBY GT 500 car show 9/13/ 08 @ Ford World HQ

    See link. These guys are actually the Carol Shelby club. There was talk about trying to get new membership at the Romeo plant tour. I am not sure how receptive these guys are, but the link shows the calendar of events.
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    Good window tint shop downriver?

    Can anyone recommend a good window tinting place down river. Good and cheap are not always the same. I have and will pay a little more for better tint that does not turn purple in a couple of years. I figure somebody has to know a QUALITY place :beer:.
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    OK. Who is a whiz at installing Eaton's?

    I bought a stage 4 and I will be looking for some help in the future. I am trying to find out who is good at installing Eatons (almost with eyes closed). I am waiting on new gasket set and IC bolts. I just figure I would ask.
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    Anybody know of a tuner that uses Diablosport?

    I just bought a stieg stage 4 (for a deal) and I need a (quality) tuner. I guess I should specify in the Detroit Area. I have a 2.93 on the car now. The ported blower also has a 2.93. I already have a diablosport predator and I would prefer NOT to buy another tuner. I am trying to do a...
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    June 28-Downriver Cruise

    Post up if you are going. Should we see if we can hang out at Dolce Vita again like in the past years? I am looking for ideas
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    Milan Friday.....

    I am going to Milan on Friday for the NMRA. If anybody lives downriver and wants a ride, let me know.
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    trouble finding Nitto DR's

    Anyone else having trouble buying/ finding Nitto 555 DR's (315)? I ordered some over a month ago and still nothing. WTF??:fm: