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    Freshing up Cobra

    I'm original owner of an 03 Cobra with has about 30,000 miles currently and run great. Due to other projects the car only gets driven about 1,000 miles a year. I last did upgrades about 10 years ago which were 2.3 whipple gen II, 60lb injectors, 2600 air meter and twin Focus pumps in the stock...
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    Blower pulley or Metco lower pulley

    Hey guys I was looking to add some more boost to my Whipplie 2.3 Gen II. Currently I'm running a stock 3.5 pulley and stock caged lower making about 14 psi. I just wanted to add a couple more pounds boost so should I just bolt on a 3.25 upper? My tuner is recommending adding a 2lb lower, is...
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    WTB 8.8 or 9" Rear

    Looking to buy 8.8 or 9" rear for my Cobra. I'd prefer something complete, located in NY
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    BFG Price check

    Hi I'm looking for a price on 2 BFGoodrich g-Force T/A KDW NT size 295/35/18 thanks
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    O/T events in a vert?

    One of my buddies is planning on running some O/T events and a couple of autocrosses next year in his 04 cobra, the only problem is that its a convertible. I have an 03 vert also and both our cars have FLSC, strut twr brace, and other mods but they still flex alot. I told him if he should...
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    Best Looking Wheel on Silver Metallic Cobra

    Hey guys what do you think? Finally gonna get some new wheels for the cobra. I have a silver metallic vert and i`m looking fwd to see your cars and your opinions on wheels. My favorite so are the TF Chicanes :rockon:
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    Trunk mounted intercooler tank

    Has anyone mounted there intercooler tank in the trunk of their cobra? I was at a car show last week and one of the cars had a 5 gallon tank mounted in the trunk with a small electric pump. Looked like a great idea to me. Anypics or tips to do this?
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    Wtb kb 2.8

    Hey guys looking to buy a KB 2.8H with supporting mods. Maybe from someone who is looking to move up to turbo? I`m located in NY, thanks.
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    Thinking about a turbo

    Hey guys! I`ve been lurking here for along time and love this site. I`m finally ready to start some mods on my mostly stock 03 cobra and was thinking about a turbo setup. I`m looking for something thats reliable and not too complicated to install. I was looking at the Hellion single turbo...