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    If you cant beat them, join them

    Newly added to the stable. 2015 Huracan built by Underground racing. Its their 3 package with some additional upgrades. tuned on 91 and ms109. It is truly an attention getter, which will take a bit to get use to. It is my first (but not last) exotic. - Only thing I am changing is I have some MV...
  2. J

    Added another c7z to the fleet

    2017 C7 zo6. Car was built by Tim King. I am retuning the car to my liking. Built LME 417 Precision twin 64/67bb Built trans A8 trans by TKR Car made 1174 on wastegate (8lbs)
  3. J

    2018 Mustang GT Dyno - 1xxxHP

    Car made 1374hp at 31psi, turbo's are good for another 15. I was picking up about 31.5hp/psi. This setup should max out around mid 17xxHP. Tried turning it up and loading the eddy current a little more, but traction had other plans. **forgive the compression of the video. I am a little...
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    21 GT500

    I picked up my 2021 GT500 last week from Nick @13COBRA. Elected to drive it 300 miles back home to enjoy it. Got some signature wheels with radials put on, my ported blower shows up next week then it goes on E85 and should make 1000hp
  5. J

    2020 6.7L F250 Tuned Dyno Video

    Finally got to spend a little more time with our 2020 F250 and further develop it out Its tapped with emissions on at 570hp/1360tq
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    Whats better than 1 C7Z?

    2. Picked up a couple C7Z over the last couple weeks. The blue car is a 2016, the grey is a 2019. why 2? We test prototype parts (fuel and air related). the blue car will just be a ported blower, e85/meth car. It has been consistent 6.50 in the 1/8th over the past couple weeks. the grey one is...
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    Turbo Mustang vs 1250hp Twin Turbo lamborghini VS 1000hp Audi RS3

    went to the Mexican Bakery last night for some rolls I apoligize for my shitty camera man in advance. This is the best I have right now 1250hp Twin Turbo lamborghini Huracán Performante 1000hp Audi RS3
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    Got bored. Bought and Built a C6

    I got bored. Bought and built a new daily, a 2010 grandsport. Quick rundown: Built LSA Heads/CAM/Exhaust F1A Procharger E85 Made A little over 850whp Additional plans: wheels / tires on the way ZR1 carbon front spliter, wing, and side skirts **Daily and beat the hell out of it
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    2018 Mustang "ZR1 KLLR"

    Bought the car about a year and half ago. It was purchased from @13COBRA new off the show room floor to be a fun street car. Things got a little out of control since then. Should hopefully see some high numbers and a mid 8 sec pass soon. CAR MADE 973hp/813tq on 15LBS. Spun the street tires off...
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    Enclosed Car Trailers

    I am currently in the market for a 28-32ft enclosed car trailer for single trips to the track/events. we are currently building a ATC 3 car stacker for long hauls, however that would be a bit overkill for 1 car. ATC trailers for a single car seem to kill it for me price wise. Obviously there...
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    Built GEN 3 block - MMR vs Li Tuning

    I may have tested limits on the stock block and threw a rod. Looking to pull the trigger on a built block, and I have landed on MMR or Li Tuning. Block needs to be good for 1200-1500 HP ideally. Anyone have any experience with one or the other?
  12. J

    2018 Whipple Mustang GT VS 725whp boosted vette

    He wanted to do a 40 Roll. I figured why not as my car is really untested with getting things worked out over the winter. The mustang is still on 93 octane. All the vette guy said is that he is 725whp on e-85, procharged. Excited to see what the car has in her with the most recent mods that are...
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    Out with the old, in with the new

    Recently had a shake up and decided to change out all the cars. I traded my F150 in for a new F250. We traded in my wife's edge for a new Edge St (The wheels have since been changed). Also added a toy to the stable back in may. Very Pleased with them all so far!
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    Rave round 2: 13cobra

    just picked up my second vehicle this year from nick, 2019 F250 lariat this time around, and he’s always a pleasure to do business with. Super easy transaction, no BS price the first time, gets you in and out. If you’re thinking about buying from him, stop thinking and just do it!
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    Factory torque specs

    Does anyone have a good reference / website for factory torque specs? car is a 18 PP model. Im looking specifically for the specs for the rear shocks. I cannot find them anywhere. thanks in advance
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    Drag Wheel recommendations for a noob

    I have been out of the game for a while, and i recently came out of retirement at the ripe age of 28 and picked up a new toy in may. however im looking for a decent drag wheel set up, and im not sure what people are using these days. Currently the car has the stock wheels on (posted below) and...
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    305 on 9.5" rim

    Looking for some real world experience. I currently have a 19" rim, however it is 9.5" wide. I know a 305 can fit, however I have seen some debate on whether it should be done or not. Im wanting to stick with my current wheels, so im looking for advice on whether it can perform properly at a...
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    WTB: Locked Sct x4

    Looking to buy locked sct x4's. Let me know what you have and the price. Thanks
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    Rave: 13cobra

    After spending most my day yesterday at local dealerships and not being satisfied with their service and the typical sales tactics with jerking me around, I got in touch with Nick out of the blue today to make a new purchase. We had a deal done over the phone within 2 phones calls. Super nice...
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    Need recommendations for travel in FL

    My gf and I will be visiting FL in early May for vacation and will be staying at a friends beach house in Daytona Beach. Long story short we will be there a day earlier then they will be and would like to explore FL a little bit. We fly into Orlando and will have the whole afternoon /night open...