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    got dyno tuned, 11.8 air to fuel 16 degrees of timing, 93 octane tune, with 4 lb lower, home ported blower, no cats, bassani cat back. ftvb, shorty headers, cold air, made 370 hp 450 torque, but i am only seing 10 psi, it will creep up past 10 on the stock guage at 4500-5000 it might be 11. I...
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    Will 17 degrees of timing be unsafe on a street tune. I know someone running 18 degrees on the street? What would be something to look for? pinging? spark knock? detonation? Is 17 degrees ok as long as the air to fuel is round 11.8
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    getting tuned

    4 lb lower, shorty headers, boost bypass, ftvb, home ported supercharger, cold air, upgraded maf meter. Does anyone have any tips for a mild street tune. My tuner was thinking 15-17 degrees of timing, reducing torque reduction in the tune to 10 percent instead of 20 percent. Leave shift points...
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    bassani cat back,

    4 lb lower, bbk shorties, ported and polished supercharger ( home port) cold air intake, matched fenderwell opening to cold air inlet. catless mids, i just put on a bassani catback, went from a busted flowmaster cat back to bassani catback, it is like night and day like sex for your ears. I cant...
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    the vacume that hooks up to the intake tube, the small black plastic one does it go to the intake vacume source on passenger side of plenum or does it go to the boost actuator can someon get me a good pic of the boost actuator and the vacume lines proper routing
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    porting supercharger

    when porting the supercharger. I have seen that some people go close to the nose and port into the bolt holes for the nose of the supercharger. Is this going to cause any problems?
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    it was a bad muffler i posted a day or so ago, anyways how does bassani compare to flowmaster in sound tone wise. also how does magnaflow sound compared to flowmaster 40 series. I like the tone of flowmaster, but the highway drone is annoying. I dont want anything too loud. I have catless mids...
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    i have headers, no cats, flowmaster 2 chamber 40 series exaust. The flows have been on it since 2004, well i had no issues with it until i put the catless midpipes on it. it has this rattle sound under light to medium throttle which is louder than the exaust i head from the tailpipe. also it...
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    wrong forum but oh well

    i ran an srt-4 from a dig and i won by about 3 car lengths from 0-80 , got on the highway on a 70 roll and he pulled on me before i could downshift. I stayed with him but he had about 2 cars on me 70-90. He had an aftermarket blowoff valve, intercooler and catback with no mufflers if he had any...
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    no cats

    is it true you lose tq and gain hp from catless midpipes? I do not like the sound quality with no cats, it is LOUD. would catless midpipes into a maganflow cat back with x pipe sound better than catless mids into 2 40 series flowmasters. It is just really raspy and loud even when you drive it...
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    engine question

    how likely is it to blow an engine with 4 lb pulley, sct 3000 maf, headers, no cats, magnaflow cat back, cold air, boost bypass. I saw this video of a lightning blowing his engine, He has an a/f guage and he was running a little rich, i saw it dip down to 10.8 right before the engine went. so if...
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    Shorty headers

    For those of you who may have done shorty headers. I bought the bbk shorty headers. Installed them, a little tough to do i might add. ( in the backyard) BBk states they will go in with no mods required. Well when you go to put on your egr tube you find out another story, So i tried torching it...
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    lightning has been acting up. i scanned it no codes, i have shorty headers, no cats, o2 simulators, i noticed it said fuel trim bank 2 99% but it says fuel bank 1 closed loop, bank 2 disabled. So that is why i am guessing it says 99% on bank 2 fuel trim. so how is it my truck is running at all...
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    inspection questions

    when you put a 2.75 upper on a lightning, bbk shorties. o2 sensor simulators, catless mid pipes and an egr delete, when they delete the codes out of the pcm so they will not come back due to the mods. will the obd monitors finally set to 6 out of 8 being ready so it will pass emissions. right...
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    turn signal problem

    anyone had a problem with the tilt steering affecting the turn signal operation. my signals only work with the tilt all the way in the upper position. When i lower it one time then only one signal works and it blinks fast, if i lower it again none of them work. Is it the turn signal switch...
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    supercharger porting

    i am porting my supercharger, which bolts is it you do not reuse? intercooler bolts or the supercharger bolts? or can you reuse them all? they are 30 dollars a piece from ford.
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    egr delete

    when you do the egr delete and turn off the egr in the tune. then can you remove the dpfe and egr solenoid without the light coming on? and how do you route the vacumes that are left over?
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    spark plugs

    whats your opinion on the spark plugs on the 00 lightnings, if i run a 4 lb pulley would i shoot a plug, or a 6 lb pulley? i tightened the plugs down well. but we all know the 00's have less threads.
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    6lb lower

    is it safe to run a 6 lb lower? and what are things to look out for, high mph runs? ect ect. I will be running a intake, tb, exaust, headers, cai and sct maf
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    misfire problem

    still having a misfire issue, it goes away when egr is disconnected., timing is at 40 degrees with egr hooked up, drops to 30 when it is unhooked, it misfires under light throttle with egr hooked up. i have no codes, i put a new egr valve on it, a new dpfe, and a new egr solenoid, same problem...
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    i compared pcm data readings with the egr plugged up and unplugged since the problem only occurs with the egr working. my timing is about 16 degrees at idle, cruising around 50-55 mph its about 30 degrees timing, this is with the egr off, well when i plug it up. my timing jumps up to about 40-45...
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    egr delete

    if you do the egr delete is there any way to keep the engine light off?
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    after a full tune up, plugs, wires, coil packs, ect, fuel filter, air filter. truck was misfiring. i replaced the dpfe sensor. evr solenoid ( egr vacume solenoid) and the egr valve, truck is still misfiring. I plug off the egr it runs fine. i have 1.6 in of vacume at idle on the egr which is...
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    misfire headache

    installed new plugs,new plug boots and springs. new fuel filter, did fuel injection service. scanned for injector faults, found none. Egr tube has a small leak (fabricated tube from header install) i will repair this today. I am not 100 percent sure if the header is leaking or not I will find...
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    my lightning has a weird misfire, i put in a new set of plugs, same problem, changed the fuel filter, checked for vacume leaks, no problems found. I just installed a set of headers, i have a small leak on the drivers side, but i was told by my dyno tuner that this would not cause the low rpm...