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  1. rborden

    What is a good handheld shower head?

    Since you guys seem to know what the good stuff is and where to get it, what is a quality handheld shower head? No need to break the bank but a budget of $150 - $250 should suffice. Brushed nickel finish please. Pic to show what I’m looking for.
  2. rborden

    5 Aurora, Colorado Officers Charged in the Death of Elijah McCain

    The District Attorney looked into the case and decided no charges would be filed. After a public outcry and an investigation by Democrat Attorney General of Colorado Phil Weiser, a grand jury was convened that has miraculously decided there was sufficient evidence to charge the officers and the...
  3. rborden

    Outdoor Bluetooth Speakers

    Can you guys recommend a pair of high quality bluetooth speakers for a front porch and back patio? Budget $500 and under. Is there something with removable batteries that can be taken inside to charge as there isn’t a continuous power source available? It’s an older farm style house in the...
  4. rborden

    What is the purpose of humanity?

    What is the purpose of our existence? What is the end game in life and for our species as humans on this planet? Are we God’s failed experiment? There has to be something bigger than just trying to be better versions of ourselves. I’m not the deeply religious type. I believe and all, but I...
  5. rborden

    Dogs and the 4th of July

    This is not a “I hate dogs” thread. I have nothing against dogs in general, but I grow sick and tired of hearing all these whiny little bastard dog owners whining about how scared their dog is over the 4th of July and how we shouldn’t be shooting fireworks off anymore. Dogs were around during...
  6. rborden

    Chevy to kill the Camaro

    Lots of broken hearts in trailer parks nationwide with this announcement. 7th-generation Chevrolet Camaro reportedly canceled, nameplate to die
  7. rborden

    Bloomberg: What’s Happened to Pickup Trucks?

    Here’s a real winner of an article on why pickup trucks have gotten bigger and more intimidating. Petro-masculinity? Belligerently operated? Militarized grilles? Do these beta cucks actually believe the garbage that they write? What Happened to Pickup Trucks?
  8. rborden

    Judge overturns ruling in child’s transition

    You all may remember this thread from February. Some whacko Judge has overturned Judge Kim Clarks ruling. This young boy is being abused by the court by awarding the mother, then...
  9. rborden

    Well paying Independent Contractor Gigs?

    I am a safety manager for a Transportation Company. The job security is above average, the pay is average, the hours are ridiculous, benefits are below average but that’s not much of a concern. Been here for 12 years. Seems like I all I ever do is work, work, work. Even on my days off I...
  10. rborden

    Texas Dad wins custody from mom trying transition 7 year old son

    An update to a previous thread. Original thread: Texas dad loses battle to save son from gender transition...
  11. rborden

    GM Employees caught street racing C8 Vettes

    A pair of GM employees were caught street racing the new C8 Corvettes on the streets of Bowling Green. The brass at GM is more than likely, not amused. GM Employees Jailed for Racing C8 Corvettes on the Street - Automobile
  12. rborden


    I’m looking for a Dremel kit for multiple projects around my place. Cutting, sanding, polishing, stripping wood and wood working. What would you fellas recommend? I’d like a corded Dremel with the flex kit and as many accessory pieces as I can get for under $150. However, I don’t know...
  13. rborden

    Texas dad loses battle to save son from gender transition

    What in the ever-loving hell is going on in this country? How is this not child abuse? State-sponsored child abuse and in Texas of all places. I feel so bad for this father. His ex-wife has gone completely mad. The Judge and members of the jury who voted in favor of this should be shot for...
  14. rborden

    Ft. Worth Officer Charged with Murder

    I’m kind of surprised no one is talking about this here. It’s a bit disgusting the Police Chief is throwing his own officer under the bus. How does that encourage people who want to become LEO’s in the future? Fort Worth Officer Charged With Murder for Shooting Woman in Her Home
  15. rborden

    Yellowstone tv show

    Didn’t see this posted anywhere in the forum. Is anyone watching this show Yellowstone with Kevin Costner? Season 2 is a little over half done and it’s a cross between Sons of Anarchy, Justified and the old Dallas sitcom but much darker. Very deep, analytical, provocative and gradually...
  16. rborden

    Dayton, Oregon mass shooting

    Within less than 24 hours of El Paso, another mass shooting happened in Dayton, OR early this morning. Dayton, Ohio shooting: 9 dead and 16 injured in shooting in city's Oregon District - CNN Takes some seriously low T-having, beta male cowardice to do this.
  17. rborden

    Truck or SUV recommendations

    In need of a truck or suv w/ 4WD, 20 mpg or better, that can pull a 17' boat (It's a multi-purpose boat. You can fish or ski from it). I have a 60 mile commute to work one way. No kids and not married. Budget is about $20K +/- $3K. What would you guys recommend?
  18. rborden

    House Bubble 2.0?

    By all appearances we may be in the brink of yet another major housing market collapse. The telltale signs all appear to be there. Not much a financial guru so to speak, most of the jargon is beyond my comprehension but this is just a few of the articles that I subscribe to that come into my...
  19. rborden

    Login issues with tapatalk standard

    Tapatalk standard is not allowing me to login. A message that states login failed followed by a ton of html code and a scrolling bar in the side. No issues logging in from the phone's browser. Anyone else having these issues? No other recent threads on this subject since January.
  20. rborden

    Let's see those finished basements

    Looking to finish a 1300 sq. ft unfinished basement and I need some ideas of what is possible with this area. Search revealed a few threads but not what I was looking for. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  21. rborden

    android phone recommendation

    looking for a 4g/lte android phone with a mini-dmi out port. something newer/newly released.
  22. rborden

    been lurking awhile

    My name is Robert and I have been lurking a while, but havent posted till now. Looking into getting a mustang soon. Been browsing the market for the right one but still havent found what im looking for. a little undecided on an 03/04 cobra or buying a gt and doing a custom build. what do...