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  1. 08snake

    2016 Shelby GT-350 For Sale

  2. 08snake

    2016 Shelby GT-350 For Sale

    If anyone could shed some light on how I can add the price to the thread title, it would be much appreciated!
  3. 08snake

    2016 Shelby GT-350 For Sale

    Ok, need this car gone so I can move on with plans. The first certified bank check from a well known bank for $38K that gets in my hand will get this car. You simply will not find a better deal. If you have any questions please ask......
  4. 08snake

    2016 Shelby GT-350 For Sale

    Kind of weird actually because I owned both my other Cobra's for 4 or more years and never got a scratch on either of them aside from the 08 GT500 being totaled as I was rear ended sitting at a stop light and the guy was doing 55mph when he hit me in the rear.
  5. 08snake

    2016 Shelby GT-350 For Sale

    Sure is.....
  6. 08snake

    2016 Shelby GT-350 For Sale

    Yeah, computer locked up as I was uploading. Here are the others
  7. 08snake

    2016 Shelby GT-350 For Sale

    I am selling my GT-350. I had posted it here before, several months ago, however life got in the way as it does sometimes so I had to put it on a back burner while attending to higher priority stuff. The car has 23,940 miles. I bought it brand new approx. 2 years ago. It is serial No. 4209, Mag...
  8. 08snake

    More confirmation?

    Yo Clemson, was that you I saw on I-85 Saturday..? I was in the Mag Met GT-350....BTW GO TIGERS!
  9. 08snake

    Back in the Saddle

    It's been 4 years since I lost my 08 Shelby to an accident but I finally put another Snake in the driveway! Love the corner-carving capability on the GT-350. It's been planting smiles on my face for almost 4 weeks now, just went over 1000 miles today. I do believe its time for some mods.......
  10. 08snake

    NOT a good day - Another SHELBY lost

    I was on my way to a friends house this morning, while sitting at a red light I was rearended by a man who never saw me until he was right on me, which tells me he also didnt see the red light. Approximate speed at impact was 54mph. Obviously, he was charged, I wasnt. Anyway, what you cant see...
  11. 08snake

    Since when is a Camaro a "sports car"

    Open Letter from Al Oppenhieser to the Camaro Nation and Ford. - Camaro5 Chevy Camaro Forum / Camaro ZL1, SS and V6 Forums - Catch up? Really? This guy is as delusional as they come. So tell me Mr. Camaro Sports car guy. Who took 7, thats right 7 Years to come back to the pony...
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    Two women walking home after a night out are caught short, needing to pee, slip into a graveyard. One wipes herself with her panties while the other uses a wreath, the next day their husbands are having a drink in the pub. One says i'd better watch my wife she came home last night with no...
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    YouTube - Johnny Mac Trick Shot Quarterback
  14. 08snake

    Gonna need some parts!!

    Car has been sitting for 5 months due to a couple of reasons but main one is completely torched CLUTCH!. I maybe looking for post-fix parts after I drop Tranny tomorrow. If you have any, Please let me know! Then we can move this to the right forum and get a deal done. Thanks..... PS: Also...
  15. 08snake

    Random thoughts and ideas (mostly middle aged)

    I don't remember seeing them posted here, but that's not to say they arent..... 1. I think part of a best friend's job should be to immediately clear your computer history if you die. 2. Nothing sucks more than that moment during an argument when you realize you're wrong. 3. I...
  16. 08snake

    Merry Christmas SVTP

    I sincerely hope that this morning and today finds you surrounded by family and close frinds, limitless laughter and wonderful food warmed by the hearts of those who dearly love you. And while we celebrate what has become the holiday of families let us not forget those who are in those far away...
  17. 08snake

    Human LCD, Impressive

  18. 08snake

    Not your typical Tomboy

    Teen Deer Hunter's Remarkable Feat - Fox News Video - Just WOW, the odds have got to be way up there.........
  19. 08snake

    Thanksgiving favorites

    Obviously Food Family and Football are among the favorites for next Thursday but there is one thing that I look forward to above all things food related at thanksgiving. NEXT DAY TURKEY SAMMICHS! Picking apart some of the dark meat left over, getting it slightly warm in the micro, then spreading...
  20. 08snake

    I can so see how this went down

    LMFAO, pull you F'n pants up PUNK!!!!! - Memphis Teen Shot in Behind Over Sagging Pants
  21. 08snake

    2008 GT500 OEM Wheels...NO TIRES INCLUDED, Local Sell only

    Not willing to Ship. So anyone in FL need GT500 wheels with about 600 miles on them, Ive got em for $300......
  22. 08snake

    Nexus Guages with sensor monitor and remote, SOS triple POD for dash

    Gauging interest in my set of Autometer NEXUS Guages (boost, oil press, fuel press) with sensor moduloe and remote. Allows you to record Gauge readings via a micro SD chip. Also includes Fuel rail adaptor and oils system adaptor. These have been in my car about a year. Im unloading the Shelby...
  23. 08snake

    FORD rejects Clutch Fix

    Tella me it falls under Wear and Tear at 12/12 warrenty. My 08 has 18K on odometer. Just doesnt seem like a clutch should only last 12 F'n months. Anyone got a copy of TSB?
  24. 08snake

    1968-1972 Sweet spot of Muscle Car history

    Does anyone else agree that this period bore the best of muscles cars throughout time? I can think of 10-15 cars easy throughout that period that i'd give pretty much anything to own, Whats your thoughts on this.....? Post your short list of your desired cars in that 4 year period. Thanks in...