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  1. DD2000GT

    Bama Performance Tunes NOT Emission Friendly

    I requested an updated tune and had them verify I was running stock exhaust with just after-axle mufflers (do not affect anything) - the second tune also would not ready my cat, O2, and Heated O2 sensors. In Texas three sensors "Not Ready" or "Incomplete" will FAIL emissions testing (and did)...
  2. DD2000GT

    Bama Performance Tunes NOT Emission Friendly

    My exhaust is stock with the exception of after-axle mufflers. I have a K&N Aircharger and 90mm throttle body - no need to monkey with the O2 sensors for that.
  3. DD2000GT

    2013 5.0 GT will not reset O2/Catalyst Emission Monitors

    I just posted a thread about this. What I have discovered is with the stock tune all monitors go to "Ready" or "Complete" within 30 miles and mixed city, highway driving. I followed the Ford Drive Cycle process to a T and could not get my monitors to go ready after several hundred miles and many...
  4. DD2000GT

    Bama Performance Tunes NOT Emission Friendly

    Just a heads up to guys like me who like to research everything they want to put on their car. If you go with a Bama Performance tune and live in a state where they do emission testing during inspection - this tune will cause you to FAIL emissions tests as the O2 sensor, O2 Heater Sensor, and...
  5. DD2000GT

    2013 5.0 GT will not reset O2/Catalyst Emission Monitors

    Updating - because I like to research issues myself and when there is a resolution it is good to know what fixed it... What I know - the GT I bought used had a CAI and FRPP 90mm TB (along with FRPP lowering springs, a Flowmaster Outlaw after axle mufflers, JLT oil catch, BOSS valve covers, and...
  6. DD2000GT

    2013 5.0 GT will not reset O2/Catalyst Emission Monitors

    An update on my never ending saga on this car. I took it back to the dealer and requested the car to be re-flashed with the stock tune. Their head service guy asked why, and I told him I wanted to put a tune on it and need to ensure the base is the stock tune. He said to just let him look at it...
  7. DD2000GT

    Tune to fix bucking and rev hang

    A while back I took my new-to-me 2013 GT to the dealership to address why the emissions monitors would not ready after replacing the battery and several drive cycles done by the book. They gave it back to me that same day and said all they did was drive it 5 minutes or so (suspect). Anyway...
  8. DD2000GT

    2013 5.0 GT will not reset O2/Catalyst Emission Monitors

    I have researched this issue for days, and performed the Ford Drive Cycle a few times - I cannot get my Catalyst, O2, and O2 heater monitors to go to the Ready state. I got the car used, so I am not 100% sure what had been done to it, but I know bolt-on mods are on it. It has a K&N cold air...
  9. DD2000GT

    Need stock fluid help

    My differential pumpking is leaking again very slowly. the cover was replaced some time ago under warranty - but as is normal with these cars it is starting to leak again. My plan is to pull the cover and reseal - but later. For now, I just want to ensure I keep it topped off but I cannot find...
  10. DD2000GT

    Oil leak between motor and tranny

    Hey guys, been awhile since I was on - but have a quick question. I ran into the back of a truck quite some time ago, I was only going about 15 MPH but it crumpled my hood. The good part was I got a new hood and front bumper cover and got those pesky rock chips fixed :-p However, I discovered...
  11. DD2000GT

    Unhappy with Hawk Ceramic Pads - Review

    I wanted to give a shout out to anyone thinking of spending the $100 for new Hawk ceramic front pads for our 03/04 Cobras. The install went fine, put lots of goop on the back of the pads to help prevent squeeks, bedded them in per instructions, a couple of weeks later here is my opinion: The...
  12. DD2000GT

    Engine gurus - advice on compression results

    I decided to take a compression test on my Cobra today. The engine was cold, all plugs removed, was not pushing down on gas. Results were based on cylinders 1-4 from front to rear on passenger side and 5-8 from front to rear on the drivers side - this may not be the correct cylinder...
  13. DD2000GT

    Caster / Camber plate suggestions

    My alignment is off and of course the stock CC plate will not let the shop bring it into perfect alignment. I have been doing a bit of research and it appears the MM 4 bolt CC plates are the most popular. I will not lower the car, and I would like to try to install them myself - should I get the...
  14. DD2000GT

    New chrome wheel info needed fast

    I just got new Nitto 315 DRs installed at lunch, and the guy showed me where the replacement chrome rim I got a few years ago is peeling chrome on the inside bad and making the tire hard to seat. I wanted to replace the wheel, so I called Ford, but they told me $600+ for one chrome 03 Cobra...
  15. DD2000GT

    Engine whine

    Anyone have problems with a whine in the front of the engine bay? It sounds just like a power steering whine when the fluid is low, but the fluid is fine and the pitch does not change when I turn the steering wheel. Is not clutch related, and changes pitch with increased RPMS. I tried to track...
  16. DD2000GT

    03 Cobra gets smoked by Hemi Durango

    Or at least that is what the guy in the Durango in front of me is probably posting today on the Dodge Forums :bored: Going to work this morning I was getting on the highway which has a very long entrance ramp. The Hemi Durango floored it (I saw black smoke puff out the exhaust) and I...
  17. DD2000GT

    Problems with RWTD Predator Tunes?

    I have been lurking for a few days and I have noticed an unusual coincidence. Quite a few Predator tunes made by James at RWTD seem to have an repeating problem stumbling on WOT around 4500 RPMs - and no real response from RWTD to correct it. I haven't seen this much with other tuners, but may...
  18. DD2000GT

    Spark Plug musing

    I am currently running TR6 plugs with the mods listed in my sig. I had to reduce the gap to .033 to keep the spark blowout to a minimum. My car runs alright, idles very smoothly, and I no longer have the annoying 2k "surge" while maintaining speed. The one thing I cannot eliminate is the huge...
  19. DD2000GT

    I LOVE the cold weather and smaller pulleys

    Today in DFW it was a balmy 28 degrees or so (we don't get that much around here). On my way to work late, I was getting on 190 speedway and because it was after rush hour traffic there weren't many cars on the road. I enter and make my customary swing all the way to the left hand lane only to...
  20. DD2000GT

    New Dyno numbers w/ 2.93 & predator

    FINALLY got a true dyno run in today at the Dallas Mustang dyno day. My numbers were 458 rwhp and 459 torque SAE. I was running 11.5:1 A/F through a tailpipe sniffer, and the guy wouldn't let me adjust my MAFterburner because of "insurance reasons". So... I am running rich IMO to what I like to...
  21. DD2000GT

    Danm! My Mom got a 04 Mystichrome

    Just when I thought I one-upped her sweet Black 99 Cobra convertable - she goes and gets a Mystichrome 04 Cobra convertable. Now THAT is one sweet car! :thumbsup: She already has me getting her a K&N FIPK to install it for her, and she is swapping out the Bassani X and MagnaFlow catback from...
  22. DD2000GT

    Supercooler for the 03/04 Cobra's?

    This is the system that uses a seperate intercooler reservior filled with antifreeze that is cooled to 30 degrees or so by your stock A/C unit. It is activated on WOT to cool the incoming air from 140 degrees to around 70 degrees or so for about 45 seconds. It boosts your HP, reduces detonation...
  23. DD2000GT

    Will a stock 03 exhaust fit a 99+ Cobra?

    I am going to try to sell my stock exhaust from my 03 Cobra - they are just taking up space in my garage. Will it fit a 99/01 model? Also, is there any other selling points I should list like a freer flowing catback or cats? Thanks, Dan
  24. DD2000GT

    Back from the track with new pulley times

    I can finally update my sig from 12.74 @ 113 mph pre-pulley to 12.28 @ 117 with the new 2.93 pulley. The car pulled like a beast all the way up to redline. Track prep was not the greatest because it was street car night, so I had to launch at 2k RPMs - anything more would just spin. Because of...
  25. DD2000GT

    Pull battery after Predator Tune?

    From the search I did on past posts, everyone says it is not needed. But, when I loaded my Predator tune my car did not ping, now it is pinging down low in the RPMs. I pulled some timing (5%) in the 2k-4k RPM range with no affect. The only thing I can think of for showing up a few weeks after...