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  1. Illtaketwlight

    8- 1200CC/114LB injectors.

    I have 8 new Five-O motorsports flow matched EV-14 Bosch 1200CC or 114LB injectors. Direct fit for GT500 or 5.0 mustang. E85 compatible. They are new never installed. I bought them back on 7/12 and was going to install them but decided to go twin turbo. I payed 800 and will take 500 and you pay...
  2. Illtaketwlight

    Horse Power TV fuel system

    Horse power TV did a return fuel system install on a GT500 today. Looks like a killer system and very easy to install. Great show i record power block TV every week. Even the truck show has some killer shit. Check it out.
  3. Illtaketwlight

    Flowmasters and pypes axle back

    Have Flowmasters stainless steel axle back. Only used for less then 1K like new. Original price was 520 PN# 817460. Will sell for 300 plus shipping. Also have Pypes axle back new never used for 175 plus shipping. Originally cost 240. Going turbo and no longer need them.
  4. Illtaketwlight

    4L80E anyone.

    Has anyone installed a 4L80E ? I seen Hughes transmission has a new SFI bell housing to install a 4L80E behind 4.6 5.0 and 5.4 Ford. I think this is the way I'll go when its time for an auto trans. Probably go with trans brake and man shift. 4L80E Automatic Overdrive
  5. Illtaketwlight

    Engine support brackets ?

    Does anyone know if Ford made aluminum engine support brackets for the 5.4. I'm trying to trim as much fat as possible from the front end. Ones on my car are cast iron and very heavy. I know the 3 valve 4.6 are aluminum. Would the 4.6 work on the 5.4 ? Anyone know ?
  6. Illtaketwlight

    Borg waner s475 Turbo. New

    I bought this new. Still in the box. I payed 1150 I'll take 1000 OBO. I'll post a pic shortly.
  7. Illtaketwlight

    Custom built compound boosted.

    Ive decided to go ahead with a compound boost turbo and blower instead of turbo only. It's going to be ether a single or twin. Not sure on twins yet. I do have a turbo already and i might order another. Its a BW 75mm good for 1050 HP. They will be mounted in the back seat. Under the car of...
  8. Illtaketwlight

    Injector modifying

    Is any one running modified stock injectors ? If so how did it work out ?
  9. Illtaketwlight

    Dyno jet 248X dyno FS

    FS sale Dyno Jet 248X dyno with four post Rotary lift. 12K... Excellent cond. PM me for pics.
  10. Illtaketwlight

    Funny Stuff

    LMAO.... Hitler finds out about 2013 GT500 - YouTube
  11. Illtaketwlight

    Chromed fuel rails.

    Did some tig welding. Made my own fuel rails for my very hairy looking nitrous system. This is just one piece of the puzzle. Everything is ether Powder coated, chromed, or polished. All AN lines. Should look killer when its done. Also run good. I have many pics that i'll be posting soon. Oh all...
  12. Illtaketwlight

    Added a new car to the stable

    Its blazing yellow CS with auto trans. Mods so far, tinted windows, removed CS stripes from side and added 5.0 badges. Getting an off road X pipe and tune next week. Then its time to see how it does in the 1/4 mile. Couple of crappy pics. More to come. I'm happy its a very nice car. Just slow...
  13. Illtaketwlight

    Whats a fair price ?

    I'm ordering a new Boss. The dealer is asking 45.965. Comes with car cover and Recaro seats. They told me its the only options. I believe I'll take them up on it. What do you think ? They said it would take 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.....:shrug: Oh and any color i want.
  14. Illtaketwlight

    Wilwood front brakes

    Anybody running Wilwoods in front have a problem with brake noise and dust ?
  15. Illtaketwlight

    WTB stock fuel rails. Also Alternator cores.

    Looking to buy stock fuel rails for GT500's. Also Alternators cores. I'll pay more then its worth as a core when you buy your new one. Thanks Tim
  16. Illtaketwlight

    WTB alternator clutch pulley

    Anyone that has one because they switch to an 8 rib belt. I would like to buy it. Thanks Tim
  17. Illtaketwlight

    Raptor shift light ?

    Has anyone wired a Raptor shift light ? If so what color wire and where did you hook up. The VSS signal wire. Looks like from wiring diagram. It should be. Ether a green/red wire coming off of the OSS on the back of trans. Or dark blue/yellow. Anyone know ? Thanks
  18. Illtaketwlight

    Bought a new toy

    Your not going to believe this but........I'm a very proud owner of a dyno. Yes it was in a package deal i made with a shop owner that was going out of business. I bought a bunch of tools and a rack from him. Mostly i wanted the tools. The rest I'll probably sell. The dyno, no i'm keeping it to...
  19. Illtaketwlight

    Best way to do a hole shot

    Just was wondering if anybody has tried a hole shot lingenfelter style. Like he's been doing with the 6 speed Camaro. For those of you that don't know. He's runing 4.10's tall rear tires and a 2 step set a 2500 RPM's. Yes he launches @ 2500 RPM's. Then hits it hard with Nos @ 4000 RPM's or who...
  20. Illtaketwlight

    My first wheelie

    Yes, went to the track tonight drove the car off the street on to the track and pulled both front wheels. With a stock Eaton. It was a very fun night to say the least. Have real nice quality video of the runs. Once i edit them. I'll post it up. Pulled the fronts almost every run. Car is hook-en...
  21. Illtaketwlight

    Double shot bottle baby.

    Tomorrow i should receive a Black out Zex kit and 2nd stage kit from Zex. First stage I'll run 100 to 150. Second shot i'm not sure yet. Second shot I'll run in 2nd 3rd and 4th gears. Both shots will be progressive. I also bought a twin wideband warning system. So if it starts to get lean it'll...
  22. Illtaketwlight

    5 inch or 3 3/8's tach ??

    Hey, is anyone runing a 5 inch or 3 3/8's tach. Trying to figure out which one to buy. 3 3/8 or 5 inch. If you have any pics could you post them. Thanks.
  23. Illtaketwlight

    Zex Black out kit

    Has anyone installed the Zex black out kit, or any nitrous kit and how do you like it ? Looking for a kit and really like the looks of Zex. Before i buy it. I'd just like some feed back on your experience with it, or if you have another kit that you can recommend.
  24. Illtaketwlight

    Shift light ?

    Anybody using a shift light or tach ? If so what kind and how do you like it /
  25. Illtaketwlight

    Spoiler cam

    Took a drive today. Though go ahead and video it. I'm runing my fats and skinnies. 325/50/15 M&H rear and 28/4.5's M&H fronts. You can see it hooks well. I had to granny and short shift it because it would of went in failsafe if not. Sound inst the best because the Gopro was mounted backwards...