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    diff oil: 80w90 or 75w140?

    I've seen folks state both 80w90 and 75w140. Which is the best choice? If it matters, I have 4.56s and this car is solely for backroads bashing with (hopefully) a few track days per year sprinkled in going forward. And past that, any reason to pick one or the other between RP, Amsoil, and Red...
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    front caliper bracket bolt torque spec?

    I'm getting ready to put the front suspension back together and I'm having trouble finding the torque specs for the front caliper bracket (to hub) bolts. I've seen a range of numbers posted, with 85 lb-ft being the most common. Seems like a lot for a bolt of that size, but what do I know. Can...
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    prothane bushing install issue

    As mentioned elsewhere I ended up buying new front lower control arms, but I still wanted poly bushings. After the fun of getting the rubber ones out and cleaning up the shells, I pressed in the smaller of the two bushings using a rubber mallet and then a c-clamp. However, with the bushing...
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    Concensus on X2 ball joints?

    Is there a consensus on the x2 ball joints at this point? I know historically MM isn't a fan and I've seem some other complaints, but also quite a few positive ones. I ask because I picked up a pair with a solid discount before Xmas with the intent of replacing my worn out ones, but it turned...
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    Front irs bolt length?

    Planning to go pick up some 9/16 grade 8 bolts for the IRS front. Does anyone know the length? Found a lot of threads on the topic of the bolt, but failed to find one that mentioned the length. And would this (in the correct length) be what I want? Thanks!
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    Firewall adjuster rule of thumb?

    Finally got around to installing my quick release quadrant and firewall adjuster. To start I just went to the first click that doesn't have any play. Is there any generally accepted rule of thumb on how many clicks after play is gone one could/should go?
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    What is causing play in front rotor?

    I was investigating what sounded like a metal on metal, loose clunking sound I'd get when going over bumps. Ended up being the pin in the front left caliper bracket. Seemed either slightly too small or didn't have whatever pressure on it that it should. I then noticed that moving the wheel...
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    brake fluid capacity?

    Hello all. Ignoring any extra solely used for flushing, how much brake fluid does this thing need? I'd be buying 1/2 liter bottles, not sure if I'd need 1 liter or 1.5. Thanks!
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    diff gear oil choice

    In preparation for getting the pinion leak fixed, I wanted to ask if there's any preferred diff fluids to use. I was looking at Amsoil Severe Gear, RP Max Gear, or possibly Redline Shockproof and leaning towards Amsoil. And then I'm unsure on 75w90 vs 75w140. Most of the Cobra's time will be...
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    Pinion seal leaking - what's the correct replacement

    Was under my car last night and noticed what looks to be a leak coming from the pinion flange. I'm looking to find the replacement flange (or can I do just the seal?), but all I can find is one for 03-04 cobras like this or ones that say they are for solid axles only and exclude 99-04 Cobra like...
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    Coolant Leak. What is this part?

    Hello all. Identified a coolant leak while doing an oil change today. The first piece of this is the thermostat housing (RH70, from what I can tell), but I'm not sure what the heck the piece it's connect to is called. Trying to find what I need on rockauto, but am failing. Any help is...
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    anyone sell front Cobra caliper brackets?

    I'm getting a "thunk" when using the brake while backing up*. After having someone inspect it, I'm being told I need to replace the caliper bracket on the passenger-side front brake. Problem is, I only see regular GT caliber brackets on american muscle and LMR. Does anyone know how I can get...
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    best way to address rust on lower, inner door

    I unfortunately have been slacking the last few years on keeping a watchful eye on the more hidden areas that develop rust and finally found this after seeing a slight orange stain on the passenger side rocker panel. It looks like (probably salty) water coming through the drain holes has sat on...
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    new tire suggestion for 275 & 295/35r18

    I need to get a new set of summer tires in 275/35r18 and 295/35r18. I had NT05s and the dry performance was great, but the treat just doesn't last long enough. I am, unfortunately, also finding that there doesn't seem to be as many options for 295/35r18s as there once was, likely due to cars...
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    Drivewise braking stats a crock?

    About two weeks ago I installed Allstate's Drivewise device. I figured, hey, I'm a good driver, my previous job of 7 years involved driving around patients with brain injuries from auto accidents, who you can imagine were quite sensitive to poor driving, and they never had anything but good...
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    different rotor brand/mdel in front vs back?

    Is there any reason I have to get the same brand/model rotors for front and back? I was thinking of picking up cheapo bosch quietcast for the rears and something a little nicer for the front. Is there any performance or wear reason I shouldn't do this?
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    best choice for new rotors to go with stock calipers?

    Heyo, I need to get new rotors. Any particular standouts? I think I want to stay away from crossdrilled but other than that, I don't know anything about rotors. I pretty much only drive this on the street but I'd like to get a nice set. Any help would be appreciated! Edit: how about...
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    Suggestion for new tires.

    Posted this in the Discount vendor forum but hoping to have better luck here... I need tires to replace my G-Force KDW NTs. i run 265/35/18 on the front and 295/35/18 on the rear. I had myself all set on the Sport Comp IIs and ordered 2 from local Discount to replace the fronts (rears aren't...
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    Suggestion on tires

    I need tires to replace my G-Force KDW NTs. i run 265/35/18 on the front and 295/35/18 on the rear. I had myself all set on the Sport Comp IIs and ordered 2 from local Discount to replace the fronts (rears aren't out yet) however today I found out they don't even make 295s in this tire. so...
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    new battery suggestions

    I need to get a new battery, not sure what to buy. I looked into Optimas, which from past memory were considered good, but people now seem to think they've gone down in quality since moving production to Mexico or whatever. Should I be looking at an Odyssey? Which one? Or are they not worth...
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    car won't start =(

    1:45pm I parked the car, 7:15pm I went to leave and it would not start. Engine would turn over just fine but wouldn't start. I then noticed even with the key on and the ignition on accessory it still did the intermittent flashing of THEFT like I had the car locked w/o keys in the ignition. I...
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    rust on subframes (sigh) can I get it off?

    Well, I had MM full lengths installed last fall. The guy that runs the shop is a big Mustang guy (has 2 strip mustangs, we talked about them for a while) and said he had done a lot of subs in the past. Because of this I naively thought they would handle spraypainting the little pieces once they...
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    subframes installed and damn

    They really do make a very noticeable difference. :rockon: The handling is so much more refined and responsive. So many less squeaks going over bumps, too. and I don't seem to lose traction on the inside rear wheel when taking right turns at intersections at above grandma speed. Makes me sad...
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    surface rust on inside of subframe bars, donezo or ok?

    I went to check out the subframes (bare steel still) I still have yet to install and it appears that when my place got flooded when a pipe burst on a toilet in the place above me they got some rust on the surface. I need to look more closely but I believe it also got some on the insides of the...
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    taking car in to shop w/o cats on?

    I realized the appt I made to take my car in to have the brakes done is the first time I'll be taking it in to a shop since I swapped out the stock H for a catless X. Should I be putting the stock H back in before I take this thing in, or am I going to be fine?