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    SOLD: Shelby Forged Alcoa’s

    These just got back from the polisher. The wheels no longer have the durabright finish on them. I bought them used as an extra set. The finish was gone and or worn when I picked them up locally from a young guy that had them on his GT Mustang. I sold my car and have these left. I have no use for...
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    SOLD: 2010 Shelby GT500

    For sale $27,000 50,000 miles Located in Tampa Florida 2010 Shelby GT500. I am the second owner of the car. I bought it in Sept 2010 with 9,000 miles on it from an older man that always wanted a Shelby Mustang. After his 9 months of ownership he missed his SUV and decided to sell the car. I...
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    Lower RPM hesitation and RPM fluctuation

    All, any help and or suggestions on where to go next with my car? Other than the new crank position sensor. Details below. Sorry for the long post. Typing everything out helps my troubleshooting thoughts as well. It has been on jack stands for almost 2 months now trying to figure out what the...
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    VMP case

    All, is the VMP TVS case the same across all kits? My question is can I use a Gen II VMP blower off of a coyote on my GT500? I assume the blower units are all the same and the lower intake manifold is different for each application. Thank you all
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    WTB PP springs

    I’m looking for a set off take off PP springs. I have a 2010 and would like a little bit of a drop. I got to replace ball joints so while it’s apart i’d Like to swap the springs out
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    2013-2014 clutch mater cylinder (new)

    Brand new. Some how I ended up with an extra one for my project. I just took it out of the box to take pictures of it. Upgraded steel housing vs plastic on the previous generations. $80 shipped to your door.
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    TVS2300 rebuild

    All I have found the rebuild kits online but haven’t found many people having issues with their TVS2300. I bought a take off blower and it sounds like a bad power steering pump at idle after I installed it. It’s got that grind/whine at idle. A few people that have heard it say that it’s not...