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  1. swoosh_stang

    Interest in Black 2013 GT?

    I'm thinking about unloading my black 2013 GT M6, it's got 10,500 ish miles, it is a DD, so that goes up daily. It is a track pack car, and it has the tech package (I think that's what it's called) with the power drivers seat and sync. It has never had any of the common transmission issues...
  2. swoosh_stang

    First set of Mods for My 2013

    So I finally got my car back from the body shop, I've been waiting to get this stuff on for over a month. So here's the Mods: Pypes Super System Catback FRPP K Springs 2012 GT500 SVTPP Wheels and Tires Before: After: Exhaust Idle (Sorry all I've got for now is idle) Before: After...
  3. swoosh_stang

    First set of Mods for My 2013

    So I finally got my car back from the body shop, I've been waiting to get this stuff on for over a month. So here's the Mods: Pypes Super System Catback FRPP K Springs 2012 GT500 SVTPP Wheels and Tires Before: After: Exhaust Idle (Sorry all I've got for now is idle) Before: After...
  4. swoosh_stang

    Oil Change - 2013 Track Pack

    So I'm getting ready to change the oil in my 2013 Track Pack, and I'm trying to hunt down oil for it. So far, the cheapest I've been able to find oil locally is $9.00 a quart for Castrol Edge 5w-50 Motorcraft 5w-50 is $10.20 a quart from the dealerships I've been able to find the...
  5. swoosh_stang

    Paint question

    Okay, so here's a little background: I hit a truck tire tread on the highway three weeks ago, when it happened it cut two tires, damaged a wheel, scratched the front number, put three big scratches in the rocker, and put a decent sized dent and some scratches low in the quarter right in front of...
  6. swoosh_stang

    Ordered first mods

    Just ordered my first mods, pypes cat back and ford racing k springs, should show up in time for an install this weekend. I will post up before and after pics and maybe even video. Also it'll probably be getting GT500 SVTPP wheels over the Veterans Day holiday. Which brings me to my question...
  7. swoosh_stang

    2011 + O/R Midpipe using anti-foul?

    Ok, so I've been thinking about trying an O/R mid-pipe, I know we can turn the rear O2's off with a tuner, but I've been hearing this wont get me past the OBDII smog in NV. Ive been wondering if anyone with a coyote has tried this...
  8. swoosh_stang

    GT500 bumper on 2013 GT

    Does anyone know if the GT500 bumper will fit on a 2013 GT with the stock hood? I greatly prefer the location of the fog lights on the GT500.
  9. swoosh_stang

    Would like Advice buying a 2011 Roush

    I'm looking at a 2011 Roush Stage 1, it's got 16k miles on it, it's a premium with the shaker stereo. I'm not sure what it's really worth, they are asking $30,995. I know I'm not going to pay that, I figure it's worth about the same as a GT/CS. Which I would pay around $28k. What do you guys...
  10. swoosh_stang

    Good News!

    I got some great news yesterday afternoon. It looks like I'll be leaving the ranks of the unemployed soon. They still have to finalize some internal paperwork, but it looks like the Nevada DOT will be offering me a job next week. I'm very happy, it has been entirely too long since I earned a...
  11. swoosh_stang

    Law question (in the right forum this time)

    So this question is for Adam and/or any other guys around here that might know. The company my girlfriend works for (and Architectural company around 100 employees) just made everyone sign a salary agreement a couple of days ago. This agreement is based on Title 29 C.F.R. 778.114. Which...
  12. swoosh_stang

    Job in Calgary?

    Job in Calgary? Looking for input. So as some of you know, I've been out of work a long time, due to the economy in Vegas. I get almost not hits on my resume, haven't had an interview in a long time and that was for a part time job at Home Depot. So today I got a call from a recruiter in...
  13. swoosh_stang

    Las vegas Federal Courthouse Shooting

    Two shot at Las Vegas courthouse - YouTube- 2 federal agents shot in Las Vegas Courthouse YouTube- Las Vegas Courthouse Shootout
  14. swoosh_stang

    Anyone use

    So I figured, since I have all this free time on my hands (since I've been laid off), that I would try to do something productive. Supposedly this site is a good place to learn to speak foreign languages. I'm going to start with Spanish. If any of you have tried it, post up your opinions...
  15. swoosh_stang

    Just a little rash.

    Well, yesterday I took the ride for a little spin. Took the boys to lunch (spring break) and stopped at the bank, unfortunately the turn out of the drive up atm at the bank is extremely sharp. I thought I could make it, I didn't. Which is odd because the Armada makes that turn just fine. So...
  16. swoosh_stang

    Should Ford make a......

    "SVO" mustang using the Ecoboost V6 with 365 hp, and a six speed tranny? To me this would be perfect, the GT keeps the 3V V8, the GT500 gets the bosted 4v, and the SVO get's the ECOboost. I would love to see ford come out with something like this.
  17. swoosh_stang

    2003 Cobra Convertible, 10th Anniversary

    2003 Mustang Cobra Convertible, 10th Anniversary. 47,100 Miles Asking $23,000 (Car does have a loan on it) Mild Mods: Borla Catback K&N Intake MGW Shifter Fiore Firwall Adjuster 3-hook Quandrant 30mm MM Wheel Spacers in back Dyno Tune with SCT XCAL, by Dyno Dan Car made 432/399 on...
  18. swoosh_stang

    Using Different Eaton Superchargers

    So I was wondering, has anyone tried using the GT500 supercharger or the new Eaton TVS Supercharger on a terminator? I was thinking that the Larger GT500 Supercharger should be good for a small boost and if you could get one as a take off from a GT500 and then get it ported, it might be a...
  19. swoosh_stang

    Tree Sap

    Went to a wedding last Sunday, parked in the shade and when I came out my car looks like it's got metal flake because the pine trees next to it dripped like a fine mist of sap on it. What's the best way to get this crap off of it? Will the typical car wash soap work?
  20. swoosh_stang

    Painting Badges

    I want to paint my badges. I want them black with red highlights. I was thinking of using black spraypaint and red model paint. Does anyone have suggestions on the best way to do this. I want to do all of the Badges. The snakes, 10th and SVT badges.
  21. swoosh_stang

    Cheap mods

    I'm looking for cheap ways to gain power/performance on my Cobra. I already have an SCT tuner. I know I can throw a 2.80 pulley on it and get a tune and gain probably 50 whp. I was thinking about other stuff. Can I gut the stock cats and pick up any power? Are there any other...
  22. swoosh_stang

    Yet another one bit by the economy.

    Well, yesterday I was pulled into a meeting with my supervisor and our OPL (office leader basically) and they told me they need to do another round of staff reductions and that my position is being cut. They can't justify my position based on the amount of work coming in the door. Not sure...
  23. swoosh_stang

    So I was thinking....

    I have had this idea floating around in my head. It started a few months ago when Iowa, Missouri and outher states were getting flooded so badly. I have an idea for a massive public works project. It would help our country in several ways I think. So we seem to have massive flooding in the...
  24. swoosh_stang

    So I lowered the 10th

    1 ful coil cut, MM ISolators, Rear has just lower, Front has both. Also added 30mm spacers in the rear. How's it look? Before: After:
  25. swoosh_stang

    Gun Question

    Okay, so I don't own a piece, but have been thinking alot lately about buying one. I'm looking for a good resource to research various guns against each other. I have seen alot of this gun is better than this gun stuff, and I want to start looking at different brands. I know I want a 9mm...