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    Quick question, factory 2015 rods

    I see them in some references being listed as sinter-forged, other as forged, which are they? I know the 11-14 GT uses powdered metal rods, and sintering being associated with powdered metal process, I'm having a brain block on whether or not the 15+ rods are an upgrade from the previous Gen...
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    Won't rev past 7500, engine speed limiter?

    Tuning the car in my sig, SCT PRP. It is an A6. In an effort to wring a bit more out of the car I've been creeping up on the revs. Things have been responding well up to this point (Previously was shifting around 7400 successfully) but seems as if I'm hitting some unaccounted for limiter at...
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    BEWARE!! Finish Line Denver Horsepower BEWARE!! Finish Line Denver Horsepower

    Roughly a year ago I had Finish Line / Denver Horsepower of Colorado install a Maximum Motorsports 4 point in my Mustang. This winter I had it completely apart to install the field retro-fit door bar kit, and SFI harness and harness mount bar, which I did myself. In order to do this, I had to...
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    BBK cat deletes vs. other options

    Long story short I have a set of BBK cat deletes new, not installed yet; I bought them when I first got the car, before I joined here or knew any better... After doing some research here it seems folks have poor luck getting these to seal to the stock H; should I.... double down and pickup the...
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    Flex Fuel Sensor quirks/issues

    Curious with all the talk of flex fuel tunes of late, what other tuners thought of this:
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    Lock cylinder located behind rear seat (drivers side) 2013 convertible??

    I'm blowing apart the interior to add door bars to my MM 4 point, weld in a harness mount bar, install a rear seat delete. While doing so I ran across a factory installed lock cylinder (keyed to the cars ignition key) behind the rear seat; seatback, drivers side,lower corner. Is this...
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    Aero Bird Rebuild, Version 2.0, Coyote Swap

    SO- I've decided to re-power my previously built T-Bird with a Coyote! Don't get too excited though, this project is going to be somewhat long-term... at the rate I'm going, 3-5 years, LOL!! The car was originally a 3.8L TBI injected Essex V-6 car with the C-5 trans. During my college years...