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    Drag strip woes! Could use some help.

    I don't have a new GT500 but the frustration is always the fun part for me. The first time out in my car I didn't go faster than 14. Every time after that I kept getting better and better. That is fun and it keeps me going back to try to get better.
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    JR512 Questions

    On another popular forum for GT350s there is a thread that will decode your VIN for you. I say who cares what the "market" is. If you want it, can afford it, you are happy with the price go forth and be happy. Back in December I got the 2019 version of your car. I went from a 2010 modified...
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    Airbag codes even with Ford resistors installed. Ideas?

    I'm not sure about the 07 but I installed Recaro's in my 2010 from a 2014. I did like mentioned above just swapped the bladders. I would assume you could look up the bladder part number on Tasca for various years to see which ones are the same.
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    KR171 looks a lot like KR474. Pictures do not do the car justice. I bought mine in December with 600 miles on it.
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    SOLD: Shelby Forged Alcoa’s

    Sold thank you SVTP
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    SOLD: Shelby Forged Alcoa’s

    Username and date
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    SOLD: Shelby Forged Alcoa’s

    I’m sorry SVTPERFORMANCE I’ll add the picture tomorrow with the date and my username. I forgot when taking the pictures tonight
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    SOLD: Shelby Forged Alcoa’s

    These just got back from the polisher. The wheels no longer have the durabright finish on them. I bought them used as an extra set. The finish was gone and or worn when I picked them up locally from a young guy that had them on his GT Mustang. I sold my car and have these left. I have no use for...
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    Evolution of the 5.4 in the GT500

    I agree with Steve. I ran my 2010 with a basic pulley, tune and cold air for 6 or 7 years before swapping to a TVS and unleashing the ups and downs joys of a modified supercharged Mustang.
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    Lot's of Engine Failures - Does not seem like isolated issue

    I went through a similar issue when I bought my R model in December. I'm not sure how COVID makes banks and the DMV work slower but it took a bit over 30 days to get the title and the car registered. My credit union also had the same 10 days policy but there is nothing they could do but wait.
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    New GT350 or keep '14 RS5

    I would say drive a GT350 and that will help you make up your mind. A good friend of mine has a manual 4.2 S5not an RS5 I know. I'll say it is a much different car than the GT350. I recently sold my modified 2010 GT500 after I purchased my 2019 350R. My GT500 was a powerhouse that made you...
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    Lund may not be allowed to state he does tunes for long tube headers and especially headers with no cats after the recent visit of his business by the Feds. They released a video on YouTube the other day talking about it.
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    SOLD: 2010 Shelby GT500

    Car was picked up this morning. Thank you SVTP!
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    SOLD: 2010 Shelby GT500

    Thank you for the compliments! Yeah the wheels are totally subjective. I thought about changing them out before listing it and selling the Alcoa's on their own due to the prices those things go for, but it didn't go through with it. Plus what I may have liked may not be what some one else likes.
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    SOLD: 2010 Shelby GT500

    For sale $27,000 50,000 miles Located in Tampa Florida 2010 Shelby GT500. I am the second owner of the car. I bought it in Sept 2010 with 9,000 miles on it from an older man that always wanted a Shelby Mustang. After his 9 months of ownership he missed his SUV and decided to sell the car. I...
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    2020 CFTP - COPART - rebuild started after being totaled

    I'll say his purchase worked in grabbing my interest. I subscribed to his channel. I'll follow along on the build. Every weekend around the Tampa area there are a lot of car meetups I try to attend the ones I can. An interesting thing I notice is people under the age of 25 are very big "car"...
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    My 2020 GT350R Heritage (And I’m gonna mod it)

    How do you like the MGW compared to the stock shifter? Does it shorten up the shifts and tightening the pattern?
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    2011 gt 500 about to buy but saw transmission issues

    Also when cold the 1-2 shift can be no so smooth. When it warms up good to go. I also have an MGW
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    Rebuild & Port TVS 2.3 or Gen 4 Whipple 2.9?

    I'm late in the response here but I will say I had a similar dilemma with myself last year. I choose to have Jokerz rebuild my TVS. Brett is a great guy to work with. After all said and done hind sight is always 20/20. I should have bought the Whipple. I think you made a good decision.
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    WTB Black Staggered Shelby Venice wheels

    I remember last year they had a sale on their website for around $350 each. It was a super good deal. That may have been when they were selling off stock. I can't remember what finish those ones were.
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    Lot's of Engine Failures - Does not seem like isolated issue

    I picked up a 19R before Christmas. It had 600 miles on it. It now has 500 on it and it hasn't used any oil at all. I think I have checked before I drove it each time. I seen a bunch with engine replacements too. I was trying to buy one because I thought getting the car cheaper with a new...
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    Advance trac shuttin down

    Were you able to ever find the issue by chance?
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    Lower RPM hesitation and RPM fluctuation

    No I never got any codes. That is what made it challenging. The only time I could get it to throw a code is when I unplugged something while running which ultimately forced a code. I tried all kinds of stuff.
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    Lower RPM hesitation and RPM fluctuation

    Update for anyone following. I installed the new crank position sensor this weekend. I took it for a ride after that and the first 1/2 mile it stumbled a bit and smoothed out. Then both traction control lights came on for a 1/2 mile and went off. I drove the car for 20 minutes probably about 15...
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    Lower RPM hesitation and RPM fluctuation

    I haven't changed the coils. I did ohm test them and they all were identical. My thoughts were if it were a bad coil pak it would have misfires throughout the rpm range, but I never experienced a bad coil pak in any of my mod motors to know. I know what you mean about having a tuner look at...