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    1997 Mustang GT (Street / Strip) 5.4 4v S475

    Stupid question- does it have ac?

    Regular viking double adjustable shocks vs crusaders?

    My timing is not aggressive at all on boost only. Just 17°. Most guys run 21-24° on e. So being that it's only 17°, I don't touch timing at all. Data logged nitrous hit, played around with fuel jet to change afr a bit, less lean. I think it's like .82-.85 labda which is more on a rich side. Car...

    Best 20" tire that hooks on 900rwhp car

    I do have a separate set of wheels for the track or just hooning around, 325/50/15 and front 17" runners, work well but I'm just trying to find a good tire for my 20s.... Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk

    2012 Slave Cylinder Question

    Sorry, not slave but master is what meant Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk

    2012 Slave Cylinder Question

    What did they replaced factory slave cylinder with? Another oem unit or aftermarket? Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk

    Best 20" tire that hooks on 900rwhp car

    Looking for a replacement to my old Mickey Thomson 305 drag radial tire. It worked good when it was fresh, but not even half through tread life and it started to spin bad off 40 mph and even 60mph.... So now I'm looking into new replacement tire, I've done some research and narrowed it down to...

    Regular viking double adjustable shocks vs crusaders?

    Lol I don't think it makes that much. Car made 740rwhp on blower, well, that was on a very conservative Mustang dyno with 17° of timing. I use NOS mini nitrous controller. Since most of my rolls are 60 mph, I don't delay and don't ramp up, just straight 100 shot right of the bet. With 3.27...

    Regular viking double adjustable shocks vs crusaders?

    Lca relocation brakets, adjustable lca, uca, panhard bar, bump stops shaved, adjustable anti roll bar....all poly bushings. Ford L springs I belive Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk

    Regular viking double adjustable shocks vs crusaders?

    3.27 Sent from my SM-N910T using Tapatalk

    Regular viking double adjustable shocks vs crusaders?

    Looking to upgrade my rear shocks to get more traction. I rarely bring my car to 1/4 so I'm not concern whole a lot about my 60' ft. All I want is for my car to hook from 40 on up. Car makes around 820 through 2.8 KB and I'm spraying a 100 shot on top of that. All rear suspension components were...

    Traction issues, need advice

    2011 gt500 at around 840-900 rwhp. Just changed gears to 3.27 from 3.73. I barely ever go to track so most of the time car ran on the streets. I don't dig it often, every now and then. Most issues I have is hooking up from 40 roll. Would love to make it work from 40 with power I have. So here is...

    Yet another oil thread....this time with e85

    I know I'm beating dead horse here, but I just want to see which oil will be best to use in my application. Read bunch of different oil threads and there is a lot of different "ifs" and variables. So here it goes: 2011 gt500 that makes north of 800rwhp on stock motor with e85. Car has all...

    Thinking about going down from 3.73 to 3.31, anyone have done that???

    Long story short: car makes around 830rwhp on blower and a bit over 900 on spray. Car is 2011 with factory 6 speed and 3.73 rear gear. Curently sits on 28x13.5 qtp hoosier tire. Don't care about the track, want this thing to work well on hwy, especially from 40 roll. Curently it will spin of 40...

    How much does 1000rwhp + auto build cost???

    Stupid question : I have 11 gt500 with full bolt ons, e85, kb 2.8 and spray, I did 90% of work on it, now I'm thinking about turning it into one of the shops to build motor and do auto swap....what should it cost me???? I'm going to keep my 2.8 kb and spray for now, but want to built motor...

    Ripped belt, new belt seems loose with thump r tensioner. Ideas?

    I had a ceased drive bearing on my 2.8 kb few month ago, KB replaced it under warranty and rebuilt blower. I decided to get new blue belt and step up to thump r tensioner. Got it installed and tensioner bolt felt like it wasn't getting tight enough, I backed it out and tightened it afain, some...

    Stripped bolt on thump rrr tensioner, any ideas for the fix?

    Replaced my stock tensioner with RRR tensioner and when I was tightening it, it felt like it stripped. Back it out and re tighten it. Seem to hold. Drove car for couple of weeks, made few wot pulls and it seemed to be all fine. Tonight did some data logging and went through 3rd, 4th and 5th...

    Need to get stronger replacement axles, any suggestions?

    I'm pretty sure I got a bent axle, we tried balancing wheels, different set of wheels, did pinion angle, and there is still wobble in the rear at slow speed and anything past 90. Might as well put sometging stronger in there. I'm looking for as straight forward swap as possible. Any place that...

    Any way to set Aeroforce gauge for lambda on e85???

    I have 2011 gt500 with a set of Aeroforce gauges. Years ago when my car was on 93 pump, afr worked well, ever since I changed to e85 I haven't used it. Aeroforce does have a option for lambda but it's not reading. What do I need to do to make it dunctional?

    Nitrous bottle bracket install locations help needed.

    Hey guys. Need your help with bottle bracket install. Just want to see if anyone have it mounted in a cabin and how did you mount it? I have a back seat delete and want to mount it right in the middle facing shifter. Two problems: 1. I don't want bracket to be tight down to thin plywood seat...

    Is liquid cooled 2.8 kenne bell worth it????

    Going to send out my 2.8 kb to get rebuild. Seems like drive bearing ceased and messed up my drive pretty bad. Would like to get the whole unit looked over and rebuild, while it going to be at kb facility, I was thinking maybe adding liquid cooled feature??? Does it really worth it? I'm going to...

    2 bobs billet catch cans with all hardware

    2 polished catch cans with hardware. One might need additional bracket and oem fitting. Came off 2011 gt500 with 2.8 kb. Asking $150 plus ride and paypal fees. You can text 631 383 3371

    Bob's autosports polished billet catch cans

    Two polished catch cans with all hardware fittings. Pass side has everything, just plug n play. Driver side will need new hoses and ford fittings. Work very well, just need to be cleaned up a bit. $200 shipped.


    Id1300 of 2011 gt500. Only injectors from injector dynamics that are recommended for ethanol. $1100 shipped. Had about 200-300 miles through them on e85. 0 issues. Reason for sale- need money to change my tob. I also got a set of e85 rated 1400cc injectors that I can sell for $500.


    Set of id1300 ($1100) that I got two month ago. Got some dyno time and maybe 200-300 miles of driving time on them. I ran e85 through them. 0 issues, just need money to replace my tob. I also have a set of 1400 cc e85 rated injectors that I was trying to sell for $500. What ever set sells first...

    1400cc e85 injectors

    Up for sale 8 injectors out of my 2011 gt500. Car made 805rwhp on mustang dyno. Idle was set at around 850rpm, perfect street characteristics. Bought them through local vendor. They are made by five0motorsports and it's there black top series ethanol rated injectors. Not very well known brand by...