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    Non-Ford Issue - Durango R/T - Longish Read

    Hey Guys, Want some opinions on what you would do in this scenario. Maybe @13COBRA can chime in with some advice. Bought my R/T new in 16' with a bit under 300 miles on it. First year was great. No problems. Second year, I noticed that every time I come to a stop, there is a hard downshift...
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    Test # 3

    Oh hai SVTP xoxo
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    Test # 2

    SVTP rules. Boop Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Widebody Charger Test
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    Cat peeps - step in

    TGIF SVTP, So, after a solid year and a half after putting down our baby girl, we've decided to adopt two kittens. Both are seven months old and are brother and sister. We are trying to get some good cat names that are car related, one for a male and a female. Pics of each - Furry one is the...
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    Florida LEO's - Venice Area

    Evening All, Looking to get some feedback. My mom was involved in an accident on Friday, March 22nd. A truck carrying a large 3 foot metal sign got in front of her doing about 80 MPH and flew off and went through her car's front end. Long story short, she called the owner from the sign...
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    Married Life - What would you do - Advice

    Good afternoon SVTP, For those affected by the recent snow and extreme cold, be safe out there. Not really totally comfortable posting this, since I keep my married life extremely private. But, I'd like to see what others think, as I've already come to certain conclusions in my mind. Been...
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    FS: Zymol Concours Glaze Wax - used twice

    Hi SVTP, Cleaning up some space and this is something I don’t use anymore. I’ve used it twice and both times applied it bare handed to my 2014 5.0. I paid over $180 for this wax and it leaves an amazing shine and lasts about 6 months or so. Since settling down from detailing I want this to go...
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    FS: GoPro Hero 4 Black Bundle - Like New

    Hi SVTP, Up for sale is a GoPro Hero 4 Black edition I bought a couple of years ago and only used it 2-3 times for short videos. Decided I do not use it enough and hoping it can find a home to someone that will benefit. It includes two cases, one that is waterproof/impact resistant and a...
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    Spin-off - Gun advice thread - 1911 Talk

    Hey Guys, @Corbic 's thread sparked my interest on deciding on a 1911. Currently, I'm looking to spend at least $1,000, but, no more than say $1,300 or $1,400. I like the Springfield TRP and hear nothing but good things about the TRP series. I'm also considering a custom gun such as a Dan...
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    Gun Guys - California Questions

    Hey SVTP, Hopefully this is acceptable to be here as I just had a few questions about guns and the laws of ownership from private party sales in California and are hoping to find some people here that have experience with it. I sold a Shotgun to a guy in California and per his FFL, they are...
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    Vacation in May - Going to Texas. Ideas?

    Hey SVTP, Hoping to get some feedback on a vacation coming up in May with my Wife. We are driving down to TX, specifically going to be around Dallas, Argyle and then Austin for about 7-8 days. It will be our first time there and I'm trying to get some ideas on fun things to do. Any good...
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    Tax Filing Experts - Semi-venting thread

    Hey All, Is anyone here an accountant and understands Taxes? We are really blown away as this is the 2nd year now, where "we could be negative" When we filed last year, we owed over $2,500 in taxes. So, to avoid an issue, my wife changed her status on her W-9 to "0" and took out an extra $100+...
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    Advice needed - Gun Sale out of state

    Hey Everyone, First off, Mods/Admins, I'm only asking for advice from those that have sold firearms off the site as I'm in the process of doing so and need some advice. If this is inappropriate, by all means, remove it. So, I listed my Beretta on and someone bit right away. He...
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    FS: Movado Bold Chronograph Watch - Like New

    Hi Everyone, Looking to sell my Movado Bold Chronograph watch that I've literally worn one-time since I bought it. There are no scratches whatsoever and nothing wrong with the watch. The battery stopped working recently and needs to be replaced, that's it. Original box, warranty card, links...
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    FS: Kooks 1-3/4" LT Headers W/ O/R H-pipe 2011+ GT's

    Hey Guys, Selling a set of Kooks 1-3/4" LT Headers with a Kooks 3" O/R H-pipe off of my 2014 GT. These have less than 350 miles of use and were installed by Drew at DmarkPerformance a few months ago. They are like new, no dents, scratches, etc. All hardware EXCEPT the gaskets for the...
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    Stealership guys - inside

    Hey Everyone, Hoping to hear from guys at Dealerships and get some feedback to "ease my mind" if you will. Over the course of my life of buying cars through dealers, I've never really had a "good" experience if you will. No matter what, I have to haggle, nearly beg for better trade in...
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    Thread Issues

    Hey Guys, Been trying to see new posts in a thread and I keep receiving notifications that there are new posts, but, each time I check to see the newest post, it shows me one from 2 days ago as the last post...
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    2014 GT - Rear Tire Q - Drag Radials

    Hey Guys, Getting my car ready for the track for next spring/fall (plan on adding Driveshaft + Control Arms) and I bought some 18" Brembo replica's off of AM in 18X10". I've been looking at Drag Radials, and the one I am interested in getting are the Nitto NT05R in a 305/45/18. They are...
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    FS: iPhone 6 Plus - 128GB - AT&T

    Hi Guys, Figured I'd toss this up here to see if anyone was interested. I'm selling my 6 Plus as I upgraded to the 6S model recently. Phone is currently listed on eBay at a higher price than I will list it for sale here. What I'm selling: iPhone 6 Plus, 128GB, AT&T (Not Unlocked)...
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    Florida LEO's - Please Enter

    Hello LEO's, Wife and I are going on vacation to Florida in October and I had a few questions about certain laws. Are there laws against having pocket knives and such or mace/pepper spray in the car? If so, what is the legal limit on size of the knife and container size of the pepper...
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    FS: Lethal Performance O/R H-pipe Stainless Steel- Basically New

    Hi everyone, I am looking to sell my Lethal Performance O/R H-pipe in Stainless Steel. It was purchased a few months ago and was used for maybe 200 Miles. I decided to go with Kooks LT's and a Kooks O/R H-pipe instead and no longer need this. I paid $420.00. Asking $375 Shipped, Firm...
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    Photoshop request

    Hey Guys, I am trying to get an idea on what color to have my intake tube powder-coated and need some help making a decision. Can anyone here photoshop the intake tube on the below picture? I would like to see it in a few colors. Race Red (Gloss), Matte Black, Gloss Black and a Chrome as...
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    WTt iPhone 6 Plus 128GB for iPhone 6 128GB - AT&T

    Hi everyone, I'm interested in trading my 6 plus for a standard 6. I want something smaller. My phone is 4 months old. Always Ina Zagg glass screen protector and UAG case. Never, NEVER dropped, no scratches, flaws on the phone. I am willing to trade straight despite this phone being...
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    Diagnose 14' Noise

    Hi Guys, Hope I'm putting this in the correct section. I've had my 5.0 for 1 year almost exactly. It has less than 3K miles. I started noticing this sound after I had some work done to the car. The first mods were Borla S-type Axle Backs, Ported CJ Manifold, Cat-Deletes which were...