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  1. tones_RS3

    Pricing for the C8 Z06 is out.

    So, pricing has finally come out. Big money as it will be over 106K for the Z06 car. The loaded up Z07 is 160k. I guessed 100K for the Z06 and 135K for the Z07 way back. I was way off. LOL
  2. tones_RS3

    2nd and 3rd gen Raptor owners,.....come on in

    How has your experience been with your 2nd or 3rd generation Raptors? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  3. tones_RS3

    Fear City

    Anyone watched it yet or thinking about watching it? Great little documentary. Too bad it's too short though. Only 3 episodes.
  4. tones_RS3

    2020 Shelby GT500 Goes [email protected]

    Man,......this car moves out!!!
  5. tones_RS3

    Kenne Bell 2020 GT500 coming soon

    Saw this last night. Should be pretty interesting.
  6. tones_RS3

    El Camino : A Breaking Bad Movie - The Trailer

    Hmmmmm,.......could be intersting!
  7. tones_RS3

    Brand new MGW for sale

    Up for sale is a brand new in box and still unopened MGW shifter for the 2011+ Mustangs. I paid 500 bucks for it brand new and am willing to take 300 bucks. Thanks!
  8. tones_RS3

    Posting photos

    So, since Tinypic is going to be down indefinitely really soon, what other photo posting sites are as easy to use as tinypic? I have a Flikr account, but sites like tinypic make it so much easier to use. Thanks!
  9. tones_RS3

    2019 Roush Nitemare

    Wow, very impressive. Both Super Crew and Regular Cab in 4X4 configuration are under 4.5 seconds 0-60. Regular Cab is about 3.9 seconds and the Super Crew is about 4.1 seconds. 2019 Roush F-150 Nitemare Jumps to 60 MPH in Under 4 Seconds - Watch it Perform at the Drag Strip! - The Fast Lane Truck
  10. tones_RS3

    Big Rig anyone??

    I watched this the other night. What a beast. I can only imagine how much this bad boy cost to produce. It must be a bitch to drive as well. She's a bigg'un.
  11. tones_RS3

    Gasket/washer size for oil drain plug

    Does anyone know the gasket/washer size for the oil drain plug? My friend seems to think it's either an M12, M14 or a 7/16"?? Asking for my friend. Thanks.
  12. tones_RS3

    Hellcat Durango coming???

  13. tones_RS3

    Boosted Mustang messes around with MCLAREN 570S & HELLCAT!

    Some good races here. Fast cars for sure.
  14. tones_RS3

    Too Good To Be true??

    I saw that he's on the stock block and making a pass in the 9's at almost 150MPH. I assume this block won't last long. Actually, I'm pretty sure it will not. Do you guys think those HP and TQ numbers are correct? Almost 890lbs of torque at the wheels?!?! Does this seem right to you guys? Pretty...
  15. tones_RS3

    Toxic Masculinity

    Do you guys suffer from, "Toxic Masculinity"? Figures it happened in Massachusetts. One of the wacky looney liberal cucktard states. His kindergarten son was bullied for wearing nail polish. So he painted his nails, too
  16. tones_RS3

    Ceramic Pro 9H

    Does anyone have any experience/knowledge with this ceramic coating? I'm highly considering it. I currently have Cquartz Finest on the truck and am thinking of getting the Ceramic Pr 9H applied, maybe later this year before winter or early next summer. Is it as good as it states? I was very...
  17. tones_RS3

    1,100HP Trans Am; Only $200,000.00

    Trans Am Worldwide is thinking this car will run an 8.70 quarter mile. There already is a 9 month wait time.|1
  18. tones_RS3

    Netflix Documentaries

    Anyone watching these shows? Really good. Finished watching Flint Town last week.
  19. tones_RS3

    Daycare Worker Of The Year?

  20. tones_RS3

    2018 Yenko Camaro Stage 2

  21. tones_RS3

    'Dark' on Netflix

    Anyone watching this show on Netflix? It's really good. Almost done with this season.